You Learnt More From School Than Just Qualifications

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Academic qualifications are impressive achievements. Many people spend years at college and university studying for their degree, which is the making of their career path. After school, I spent three years studying for a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and another two years studying for a Masters. But there is more to learn from school than just qualifications: social skills, self-control, motivation, focus and resilience, to name but a few.

My qualifications were some of my proudest life-achievements. But I know that they, alone, weren’t wholly responsible for moLBM Logoulding me as a person. Through school I learnt essential social skills, having an understanding of various types of people, knowing that everyone is different. I developed a sense of empathy, which gave me powerful communication skills, allowing me to communicate on different levels, as I know everyone is different. Facilitating interaction with excellent interpersonal skills is very valuable and very powerful – you can gain a lot from someone from an initial interaction, talking to someone on a personal, friendly level. To me, this also acts as respect. When you communicate effectively and you respect someone, you receive respect back – and that is a strong key to success.

In business, it is key to have good self-control. To be able to regulate your own thoughts, emotions and behaviour. I think that, when dealing with a variety of people: clients, customers, colleagues, high-end businesspeople, it is important to stay level-headed and in control of, not only the situation, but your own thoughts too. This is something that doesn’t come from a qualification. You learn this essentially from school, in interacting with different people in different classes. You would have felt under pressure for the first time in your life, which would have helped develop you to handle yourself, a maturity you can transfer to a professional level. An admirable attribute that will help you keep your cool, concentration and control your emotions in high-pressure situations.

As someone who works with words, writing content for LBM and our clients, I must keep my creativity going all the time. I could say I developed my creativity from studying English, but to be creative, you must also be focused. I had some good teachers in school and college, and they taught me to keep my focus while working on things. Put pen to paper, don’t get distracted, and using a kind of self-discipline to make sure the work gets done. This skill in focus is essential in the workplace, as businesses and even your own career (whatever that may be) will require a certain level of focus. Keep your eye on the goal and achieve what you set out to achieve. My qualifications didn’t set me up for that. I learnt that from my experience in the education environment, from my teachers, from working hard and paying attention from the beginning.

Other than qualifications, school gives you a certain resilience. It makes you tough. Gives you a thick skin. School isn’t always the happiest place for young people, it’s a time when you’d be uncomfortable and maybe a bit awkward, but it’s what came from that which matters the most. You would have learnt to be tougher, braver, confident and strong-minded than ever. That kind of ability can’t really be taught, but learnt and developed. It’s one of the best characteristics to have, to be strong in the face of adversity, unflinching in failure. This is why you learnt more from school than just qualifications, so you should always remember there are different experiences that make a successful person.

Michael Holloway

Lead Writer

LBM Info

About the author

Michael Holloway is the Lead Writer at LBM and is an author and content writer from Liverpool. He studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Central Lancashire in 2008 and gained his Masters in Writing from Liverpool John Moores University in 2012. In February 2017, his novel was longlisted for the Penguin Random House WriteNow event in Manchester.

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