Why your invitations may be getting lost

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You can only send 10 “Invite by individual email” emails per day!

For some years there have been LION email lists circulating.

These are the emails of people keen to grow their network on Linked In, who will accept invitations from strangers without reporting “I don’t know” back to LI admin.

There are also many posts giving the basic instructions on how to past those emails into “Invite by individual email”.

Some people are getting the feeling that they have sent a lot of emails out, but not getting many new connections as a result.

Obviously the origins of many of these are several years old. In fact, there are some post / comment conversations running on Linked In, that were first posted several years ago and have now accumulated many thousands of comments, likes etc.

So it would expected that some emails are no longer current, and bear in mind you do not get any “bounce” messages back through LI.

Also, some users less active on LI, so there may be a lag between the invitation going and connection appearing on your profile.

What many people do not realize is that this feature has a limit of 10 invitations per day.

While the feature allows users to paste a massive list into the box, that will not achieve anything!

LI will process, and move onto the next screen, where it will process some more. Eventually it will be done processing and refreshing to a new “add contacts” page.

Then, one of two things with happen.

1. Good outcome – green confirmation banner!

After some random time, a green banner will VERY briefly appear on the refreshed “add connections” screen, confirming how many invitations have been sent.

2. Nothing…..(bad outcome)

If the banner does not appear, it means those invitations have not been sent.

So are the emails you collected and entered are effectively wasted, unless you happened to notice there was no confirmation and take the time to resend them another day.

Note, there is no error message and nothing coming back from LI chastising you for doing the wrong thing, as some

The key then is to send 10 or less per day, and never send more than 10 at onceusing the “Invite by individual email” feature.

For information and clear instruction on how to copy and paste into “Invite by individual email” see How to Copy and Paste “LION” Emails to grow your Linked In network FAST

If you are looking for LION emails to send invitations to, there is growing list of emails of LION’s who would like to grown their network on China Open Networking

Note, if you are looking for new connections, make sure you include a “welcome to connect” message in your title. It will allow people to connect with you, using the easiest connection portal in Linked In. You can read more about that in The easiest way to achieve passive growth of connections.

Finally, it goes without saying that I am growing my network, so happy to accept invitations to connect on Linked In.

All LION’s and business professionals, are welcome to connect. Here is my link for your convenience:


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Originally from Sydney, Australia, Helmut has been based mainly in China for over a decade. His work focuses on Quality Control and Procurement, providing a safer way for third party clients to source product from Asia. Appreciating the value of Linked In as a business tool, Helmut has been a member since its formative years. A significant feature is that Linked In is accessible in China. (All other major western online platforms, such as Twitter, FB, You Tube, etc are blocked, leaving only Linked In, and a proliferation of local Chinese platforms).Helmut recognizes the value of a greater reach within LinkedIn and welcomes new connections. He is also happy to help less experienced members, leading to a number of blogs and posts here and in "Power Users – Tricks, Tips and Wish List"

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