Warren Buffett (the best advice he’s ever received – 2 min video) became the world’s most successful investor by focusing. When asked about his power of focus, he replied, “I can’t be involved in 50 or 75 things. That’s a Noah’s Ark way of investing – you end up with a zoo that way. I like to put meaningful amounts of money in a few things.”

Successful people don’t dabble, they concentrate their energies and are quite often only great at one thing.

To be able to concentrate you need to eliminate.

Eliminate all distractions, trust the vision that inspires you and follow it.

When the bullseye in your mind becomes as clear and big as an elephant standing next to you, you won’t be able to miss it.

While you may think you’re pursuing your dream, you’re not. Your dream is actually pursuing you. Its part of the evolutionary process. Its Maslow’s self-actualization in action.


A priest and a cab driver arrive at the gates of heaven.

The cab driver is let in immediately, whilst the priest is told to wait outside.

After several hours of waiting the now irate priest demands an explanation, “I’ve preached the word of the Lord for over 50 years and have been kept waiting for hours, but the cab driver is let in immediately, with no questions asked. What’s going on?”

The gatekeeper looks at his notes and replies, “When you preached the people slept, but when he drove, the people prayed.”