Where to find LIONS! Groups to grow your Linked In network FASTER

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If you want to grow your Linked In network you need to know where to find LIONS.

You can grow your network of connections quickly and safely (without getting restricted from Linked In) by connecting with other Open Networkers, often called LION’s.

Open Networkers, welcome new connection requests. They will not “I do not know” (IDK). That is to say they will not raise an objection to LI about unsolicited request from strangers.


There are some websites such as Truelads where you can add your email and then download Lion emails.

There are many open networking groups on LI. Some are “private groups” where you need to join the group to participate. Others allow visitors to participate at various levels.

Some examples of reasonably large groups that are visitor friendly (allow comment & / or posts) include:

# Members Group Name
11,043 Black Belt POWER Networkers
6,028 TRUE Open Networking – ONA
6,422 LION – Dedicated To Networking
0 – 100 China Open Networking

Note: China Open Networking includes a list of LION emails and Dr. Mark D. Yateswho is active on some of the groups, has a significant list and of course is open to connections.

Some groups that allow visitors to view, but not comment or post, include:

# Members Group Name
8,170 Business Leads and Global Networking (LION)
9,679 500+ ★Connections Group★ LION (LI Open Networkers)

Some of the larger groups that you need to join to view properly and or comment, include:

# Members Group Name
140,593 TopLinked.com (Open Networkers)
34,486 Leading International Open Networkers (LION)
26,431 LION™ Worn with Pride! [Choose wisely … ] < BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS >
17,910 InvitesWelcome.com (Open Networking)
10,837 Professionals Open to Networking
9,597 FastTrack Business Network (LION / Q&A)
8,909 Business and Corporate Networking (LION)
8,666 LION Network
9,565 FastTrack Business Network (LION / Q&A)

For more information on how to more quickly send invitations to connect, you will find a post on Power Users – Tricks, Tips and Wish List

Please comment with your favorite networking or LION group/s.

Obviously all LION’s and business professionals, are welcome to connect, using “We have done business before”.

Here is my link for your convenience: http://www.linkedin.com/in/qpiltd

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Originally from Sydney, Australia, Helmut has been based mainly in China for over a decade. His work focuses on Quality Control and Procurement, providing a safer way for third party clients to source product from Asia. Appreciating the value of Linked In as a business tool, Helmut has been a member since its formative years. A significant feature is that Linked In is accessible in China. (All other major western online platforms, such as Twitter, FB, You Tube, etc are blocked, leaving only Linked In, and a proliferation of local Chinese platforms).Helmut recognizes the value of a greater reach within LinkedIn and welcomes new connections. He is also happy to help less experienced members, leading to a number of blogs and posts here and in "Power Users – Tricks, Tips and Wish List"

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