The Zen of Popeye …..

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As a kid I used to enjoy watching Popeye cartoons.

His catchphrase was “I am what I am and that’s all I am, I’m Popeye the sailor man.”

The inference being that Popeye is just being himself. Equal to everyone, but superior to no one.

There is a Zen maxim which states, “All things exist to express what they are.”

On Old MacDonald’s Farm, the ducks go quack, the dogs go woof and the cows go moo.

The dogs don’t moo, the ducks don’t woof and the cows don’t quack.

When it comes to humans we all have:

– A spiritual nature which includes the expression of love, joy, compassion and creativity which makes us happy.

– An animal nature which includes the basic human need for food, shelter and sleep.

– A personality with a blend of desires, talents and traits which is unique to us.

Expressing your true voice and uniqueness is liberating and invigorating.

In short, be what you are.

Because, the more you do who you are the happier and more successful you will be.



Have you heard about the dyslexic Mexican? His favourite chat up line is: “Get your taco Senorita, you’ve pulled.”

As they are waiting at the Pearly Gates, John and David strike up a conversation.

“How did you die?” John asks.

“I froze to death,” replies David.

“That’s awful,” says John,

“How about you, how did you die?” asks David.

“I had a heart attack,” says John.

“You see, I knew my wife was cheating on me, so one day I showed up at home unexpectedly. I ran up to the bedroom and found her alone, reading. I rushed down to the basement, but no one was hiding there. I then ran up to the second floor, but found no one there either. So I went as fast as I could to the attic, and just as I got there, I had a massive heart attack and died.”

Upon hearing this David shakes his head and says, “That’s such a shame. If you had stopped to look in the freezer, we’d both be alive now.”


Live big & love deep.


Sunil Bali

As well as being a recognised authority on personal branding and peak performance, Sunil is a critically acclaimed author and blogger. His corporate experience includes roles as Head of Talent on behalf of Vodafone Group, Santander (UK) and Cable & Wireless Europe. Sunil has also run a multi-million pound recruitment business, and is a Non Executive Director. Sunil’s first degree in Sports Science and Psychology fuelled his passion for the psychology of human achievement and well-being. As well as possessing an MBA, he is a qualified Psychotherapist and Executive Coach.

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