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Let me cut to the quick. Despite Linkedin continuing its growth with wildfire proportions and having 187 million business members world-wide, with over 10 million in the UK.

And despite several thousand independent self appointed fee chasing Linkedin gurus, advisors and trainers all proclaiming hundreds of different ways to financially leverage Linkedin, it’s a false marketing claim dressed up in a smoke and mirrors concept.

In reality, when you really master Linkedin and you drill down through the platform, you will quickly realise there are only two ways to leverage Linkedin for profitable business growth.

  1. The right way.
  2. The wrong way.

Unfortunately from the tens of thousands of Linkedin connections I know and interact with a very, very high percentage of Linkedin members fall into the latter category.


But before you can take up residence in the ‘right way’ camp you should visit our hire us page to help you understand what you really want from Linkedin before you can attack the business growth market.

I ask all of my business clients the following opening question in my very first consultation with them.

1: “What would it do for your business if you could quickly quadruple your business decision making connections, significantly increase your leads, warm referrals, sales and business opportunities?”

Figuratively if I see the positive light bulb going off in my client’s head, then we are half way there.

A negative response to this question simply means I’ve cut to the quick and identified that www.linkedin.com is not the best marketing strategy for this particular client. Generally we move more towards a conventional business marketing strategy, as opposed to a business social media marketing strategy.

Once the client understands the power of proactive sales and marketing from a huge business related target audience of business decision makers, then we move into the first stages of our business growth marketing plan.

I’m always looking to deliver clients a significant profitable return on their business marketing investment, so my primary focus is always on implementing the following four marketing strategies.

1: Ensure the client’s Linkedin profile oozes credibility and exudes buyers confidence. I want business connections to seek out my clients to connect with them and not vice versa.


Because there is infinitely more value in promoting sales of your products or services to business decision-making people of influence who have proactively head hunted you as a business connection.

2: Significantly increase the client’s business decision making connections.


Because more business decision-making connections equals more business opportunities, and business opportunities multiple when you have mastered how to leverage Linkedin for exponential business growth.

3: Ensure the client places in the top ten Linkedin ‘Advanced Search’ results.


Because this is how serious business decision makers and people of influence find the people they want to conduct business with, or to buy products or services from on Linkedin.

4: Deliver a professional Linkedin marketing& business owner mentoring service carefully crafted and delivered over a 12 month period.


Because there is no magical short cut to achieving profitable long term sustainable business growth via Linkedin. Your marketing strategy is considerably more effective when it is mapped out over a 12 to 36 month period.

If you nail these four points then you will be swiftly evicted from the over crowded ‘wrong way’ camp and you can take up residence in the sparsely populated ‘right way’ camp, from where you can seriously achieve profitable business growth from linkedin.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email: drmarkdyates@aol.com, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at: linkedinswat.co.uk.

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