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A wise man once stated that it takes just one person to change your life and your business. With access to well over 30 million linkedIn business connections we are best placed to find that person for you, and introduce you to mission specific strategies to fast track your business growth.


At www.elinked.eu our linkedin experts provide professional linkedin support & linkedin advice about how to use linkedin. Our primary emphasis is on implementing effective linkedin marketing strategies specifically designed for business owners seeking exponential business growth.


We provide linkedin expert consultation support to over 200 linkedIn business owners every week. Most of who want to know more about linkedin, how to rectify linkedin problems & many want to receive our business growth linkedin tips.


We are frequently asked to provide immediate out of hours specialist linkedin support & linkedin advice centring around linkedin problems relating to linkedIn profile and account restrictions and suspensions imposed by linkedIn. Many people new to linkedIn struggle to understand how to use linkedin and subsequently find themselves inadvertently breaching the linkedIn User Agreement, Privacy & Copyright policies only to find their account has been restricted or suspended.


From a business growth through a linkedin marketing perspective these restrictions and/or suspensions of your profile and account can have a devastating knock on effect on your business.


Rest assured our linkedin experts offer rapid response, support and linkedin tips about linkedin. Every www.elinked.eu linkedin expert will provide full linkedin support and linkedin advice about how to use linkedin to resolve all of your linkedin problems.


Our linkedin experts aim is two fold


1: To provide the lowest cost independent linkedin social media & linkedin marketing networking service world-wide. You can register with us for professional online linkedin support & linkedin advice at www.elinked.eu for just £1 UK per week or $1.50 per week providing you sign up for 52 weeks of the year.


2: To provide our fantastic independent linkedin support & linkedin advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. You will receive information relevant to your enquiry about linkedin or for information about our linkedin tips from an independent linkedin expert.


Imagine just how much added value our low cost linkedin support & linkedin advice service can deliver to you as a business owner seeking growth. Our linkedin experts cover how to use linkedin, linkedin problems, about linkedin, linkedin marketing and valuable linkedin tips for less than the price of a cup of coffee per week.


We realise how important linkedin support & linkedin advice is when you are trying to implement new linkedin marketing strategies and every www.elinked.eu linkedin expert understands the sheer frustration of linkedin problems because we have all personally experienced them ourselves.


We offer proven linkedin tips about linkedIn and how to use linkedin effectively. We know all about linkedin and we offer you the benefit of our wisdom and prior linkedIn experience so you can minimise most of the ‘business stoppage’ linkedin problems experienced by many linkedIn users.


As independent linkedin experts we recognise this is the ‘lowest cost – best value’ independent linkedin social media & linkedin marketing networking service www.elinked.eu offers to its world-wide linkedIn clients.


Five Great ‘How To Use Linkedin’ Reasons To Promote You & Your Business Via Linkedin


1: LinkedIn is Ranked 13th Most Visited Site Globally as of August 16th 2011. *


2: LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional business network with over 175 million business interested people registered with them.


3: When you first join LinkedIn, most new members get an opening allocation of 3,000 invitations to connect with other business interested people.


4: You can send multiple LinkedIn e-mails internally to 50 members at a time at no cost.


5: It’s FREE to promote you, your business, your products & services.



Tough Talk. How are YOU going to get what you want from LinkedIn & your LI connections?


LinkedIn had an average of 118 million registered members in 2011 and user base expanding to 160 million at the end of Q1 2012. They are on track  to hit over 200 million members sometime early in 2013.


Are you and your business really leveraging this huge business network asset?


How are YOU going to get what you want from LinkedIn & your LI connections?



10 Interesting Snippets About Linkedin



1. It took 494 days for LinkedIn to reach its first 1 million users.


2. It currently takes LinkedIn 12 days to gain 1 million new users.


3. 50.8% are male members & 49.2% are female members.


4. 68% of LinkedIn users are 35 or older.


5. 74% have a college degree or better.


6. 39% make more than $100,000 a year.


7. In 2010 LinkedIn had more than 2 billion people searches.


8. Over 50% of LinkedIn’s 120 million members live outside the USA.


9. In 2011 Executives from every Fortune 500 company could be found on LinkedIn.


10. 1% of users are responsible for 34% of Linkedin’s web site traffic.











If like us you believe that this fantastic www.elinked.eu online linkedin support, linkedin advice & how to use linkedin support package provides a truly remarkable professional service, at a very affordable price then contact one of our linkedin experts not NOW, but RIGHT NOW.


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