Stalking The Newest Most Fashionable Crime

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Stalking The Newest Most Fashionable Crime

Stalking Part 1:

Stalking has been described as “the newest most fashionable crime”.

Stalking is primarily based on obsession and control and so many people going through the divorce process and many divorced people find themselves victims of stalkers.

Part of the reason this affect so many divorced people is that many prior matrimonial partners have problems letting go of their relationship and their partners.

From a security perspective stalking has many elements and stages which can be identified in the security threat assessments section of these 3 stalking articles.

One thing is certain and that is that stalking and threat assessments are two major growth areas within the VIP Protection and Security industries.

This three part series of stalking articles have been written to help anyone considering divorce or for people who are actually divorced and feel they may be at some form of security risk from their former partner.

Alternatively you may be the victim of stalking or you may know someone who is being stalked.

What is Stalking?

Stalking is all about OBSESSION

  • It may be motivated by an intense affection for, or an extreme dislike toward a person.
  • Stalking usually takes the form of annoying, threatening or obscene telephone calls or letters.
  • The calls or letters may start with one or two a day, but can quickly escalate.
  • Stalkers will spy on their victims & follow every move they make.
  • Victims homes may even be staked out.

Who Can Be Stalked?

  • Stalking can happen to anyone.
  • Stalkers don’t just target their victims, but also their victim’s families, friends and others who know them.
  • Victims can be stalked for several days, weeks or even years.
  • A statistically small but visible number of stalking victims are celebrities.
  • Amongst the most documented are John Lennon, Jodie Foster, Rebecca Shaffer & a many others.

Based in L.A. a recognised expert on stalking who deals with celebrity cases, has a collection of over 300,000 letters or gifts given to stalking victims.

  • These gifts range from half-eaten chocolate bars to various body parts.
  • Stalking victims can be casual acquaintances or random targets.
  • Through constant harassment, stalkers have succeeded in making themselves the focal point of their victim’s lives.
  • Stalking victim’s lives can become a nightmare, with the victims often becoming virtual prisoners in their own homes.

The majority of stalking takes place between people who have known each other intimately.

Domestic violence stalkers, as a category, constitute the most dangerous and potentially lethal group of stalkers.

These types of stalkers often delude themselves in to believing that their victims belong to them and are theirs to control.

They may feel justified in punishing their stalking victims if they try to escape.

These abusers often rationalise their inappropriate behaviour by blaming the victim. This is especially so in the case of a divorce.

Leaving any abusive relationship requires care in planning and execution so a good basic knowledge of security and threat assessments would be extremely beneficial to anyone contemplating a divorce or for people recently divorced.

Personnel at domestic violence shelters and victims assistance groups can be of tremendous help in working out the details and providing basic security and threat assessments advice and support.

If you or your client is a victim then remember that nobody deserves to be stalked or abused in any relationship.

So whether victims may be stalked by former lovers, co-workers or strangers, they need to play it safe and protect themselves, their families, friends and co-workers.

If you are a business owner faced with some aspect of Stalking then visit:

The 5 Types of Stalking

1. Erotomania
2. Simple Obsessional
3. Love Obsessional
4. False Victimisation
5. Serial Stalker

The 5 Types of Stalking


  • Delusional belief that one is passionately loved by another, usually somebody rich & famous.
  • Simple Obsessional
  • Totally infatuated with another person.

Love Obsessional.

  • Stranger to stranger. Obsessed with somebody they have never met.
  • False Victimisation.
  • Unconscious desire to be placed in the role of a victim.
  • Serial Stalkers.
  • Stalks more than one victim.

Stalker Percentages

  • Erotomania =9%
  • Simple Obsessional = 49%
  • Love Obsessional = 40%
  • False Victimisation = 2%
  • Serial Stalkers = No recorded data

End of Stalking article Part 1.

If you are considering a divorce, or you are recently divorced and you have security concerns relating to stalking or stalkers, then you need to read Part 2 which contains further useful security advice and threat assessments training information.

Contact if you require personal security or witness protection.

Taken from the syllabus of the Law Enforcement &Bodyguard Association International LEBAI

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