Stalking the Newest Most Fashionable Crime

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Stalking Part 2:

Stalking has been described as “the newest most fashionable crime”…

Given that many divorced people and lots of business people about to enter into their own divorce process have personal security concerns relating to being stalked; its worthwhile taking the time to read security and information listed in threat assessments to help alleviate issues from stalkers.

The security information contained in this stalking part 2 article is laid out in an easy to follow lesson format.

Blonde Lady

If you are seeking a divorce because of domestic violence or other personal security issues then you should know following three questions about stalking…

Stalking The First 3 Questions

1. Unwanted
2. Unwelcome
3. Unwarranted

Jailed Statistics About Stalkers

  • 80% of stalkers jailed for the first time are cured.
  • 10% of stalkers end up in a mental home.
  • 10% of stalkers you can do nothing for.
  • It takes approx’ 60 days to break most stalkers delusions

Stalker Statistics

  • 100% child abuse in recorded stalkers.
  • 70% of stalkers are mentally ill.
  • Love Obsessional stalkers are predominantly male with female victims.
  • Erotomania usually consists of female suspects with male victims.

What is a Threat Definition?

Professional security and threat assessments stipulate it is a statement of intention to cause harm

What Are Stalking Threat Assessments?

The collection of security information to determine the level & type of threat posed to an actual or perceived victim of stalking.

Threat Assessments – Threat Level Procedures

1. Identify
2. Assess
3. Manage

5 Main Types of Security Stalking Threat

  • Direct stalking threat: I.e. Chapman/Lennon
  • Conditional stalking threat: I.e. if you don’t drop the divorce proceedings…..
  • Veiled stalking threat: I.e. someone leaves a cross or wreath on your door. Common in divorce proceeding cases and post divorced cases.
  • 3rd Party stalking threat: Someone believes the Mafia will kill his wife.
  • Multi-media threat: I.e. Tel. Fax, e-mail, letter writing.(The closer he gets to you the more the security threat.)

Stalkers Obsessions

  • Reconciliation
  • Revenge
  • Loss of Hope
  • If it gets to the loss of hope stage, murder-suicide’s are inevitable.

Stalkers Biggest Fears

  • Rejection
  • Whether perceived or actual is the worst possible thing that can happen to a stalker. ( common in the case of divorced partners who are being stalked.)
  • Denial
  • I.e. this cannot be happening to me. (Lots of cases present early in the divorce process.)

Stalking Warnings

  • Take it Serious.
  • Hallmark of domestic violence, I.e. “if I can’t have you then nobody will.”
  • Victims have to be assertive to the stalker, I.e. NO, NO, NO.

Security and threat assessments have recently identified a new category of stalker, I.e. the Religious Stalker.

Stalking Red Flag Live Case File Warning

My colleague was the protection officer for a very high profile singer who featured in a famous movie about a Bodyguard. A male American stalker was arrested outside her property in a blacked out van. Inside was enough ordinances to start a low-intensity war as well as 2 pit bull terrier dogs.
Fortunately he was arrested before he attacked her and was incarcerated, but prisoners get released…

Stalking Warnings

  • Stalking is the crime of the future so take time out to learn as much as you can.
  • Start compiling your own stalking intelligence & research file from press cuttings.

Stalking, ‘is The Newest Most Fashionable Crime’

End of Stalking article Part 2. If you are considering a divorce, or you are recently divorced and you have security concerns relating to stalking or stalkers, then you need to read Part 3. which contains further useful security advice and threat assessments training information.

Contact if you require personal security or witness protection.

Taken from the syllabus of the Law Enforcement &Bodyguard Association International LEBAI

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