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The provision of conventional legal services in the UK is scheduled for change. For the first time in hundreds of years local solicitors will be forced to become savvy business owners in order to manage this change and successfully eek out the lucrative additional revenue streams offered internet trade.

Local solicitors need to be ready to step up to the plate as conventional business directors and owners as imminent new regulations look set to open up business frontiers with the UK legal industry. New forms of Solicitor training like marketing for solicitors & sales training for solicitors are being offered by a specialist UK company who are assisting hundreds of Solicitors & Lawyers embrace the expected growth in business.

Out with the Industrial revolution, and in with the new digital technology revolution. Long live the Internet! The industrial revolution was fuelled by steam and during its 200 year existence business owners have had to spend a high proportion of their marketing budgets trying to find and entice fee paying clients and customers into their business.

The digital technology revolution is turning conventional marketing wisdom on its head .It is fuelled by information. Now clients and customers have to find you and your business. If your solicitors online presence is not supported by a mission specific marketing for law firms campaign then you are by definition pre-programmed for failure.

The online Law Guru suggests that marketing for solicitors and marketing for law firms is set to explode as a new generation of Internet savvy clients and customers seek out solicitors online. Solicitor training & sales marketing is the key to grabbing a healthy share of the online legal growth industry. Therein lies the problem as most conventional solicitor training tends to focus on law and not on attaining growth in business.

The Internet Gold Rush is less than 20 years old and e-commerce is its younger brother at 16 years old. A full generation of people who are the next age group of new clients for local solicitors have no concept of any other method of purchasing professional services other than via the internet.

The very fact that the fastest growing sector of internet users are what’s referred to as Silver Surfers should provide all solicitors and lawyers with a red warning flag that the battle for the provision of legal services will be won in cyber space and not in the stuffy conventional High Street law offices.

A growth industry is only any good if the business owner/s or partners have received professional business training in how to fully exploit the market. For lawyers and legal firms the need for sales training for solicitors has never been greater.

Solicitor training in sales marketing should never be considered when offered to the legal firm as some form of generic sales and marketing programme utilised by other business sectors. The professional services provided by solicitors online requires a bespoke package of sales training for solicitors and marketing for solicitors. The Law Guru suggests this type of solicitor training should never be confused with conventional legal training undertaken by trainee lawyers and local solicitors prior to their graduation from law school.

Online marketing for law firms and local solicitors has one primary goal which is to achieve exponential growth in business from a huge growth industry.

Marketing For Solicitors Online Tips #1 Build A Dynamic Web Site

When considering marketing for solicitors and marketing for law firms, the Law Guru strongly recommends that every solicitors co contemplating increasing revenue and profits by trading as solicitors online have to invest in a new dynamic web site.

Long gone are the days when a web site designed to be an online brochure was considered a marketing success, or when promoting local solicitors and legal firms was considered adequate for today’s online clients. All solicitors legal customers and clients have an expectation of buying from solicitors online who have clearly invested in the new online technology required to instil buying confidence from an information hungry audience.

To gain a competitive edge in the solicitors legal growth industry online the Law Guru advises that to build a dynamic web site for solicitors online should cost approximately £10,000 UK. Any less than this and I would seriously question the ability of the web design company to pre-programme local solicitors to increase their online brand awareness, generate traffic to the web site or generate any additional revenue streams from the web site.

The actual fee may be more than £10k depending on the complexity of the web site required by the solicitors co, however a £10k marketing for law firms web site is a fantastic investment for the future.

Marketing For Solicitors Online Tips #2 Search Engine Optimisation

It is a complete waste of time, effort and finance to produce the Rolls Royce of a solicitors online web site if you don’t allocate an annual budget for search engine optimisation. No sales training for solicitors programme would be complete without a search engine optimisation SEO session on SEO marketing for law firms.

I’ve witnessed many a solicitors co web site that aesthetically looked like a Rolls Royce of web site. But when analysed the web site offered nothing more than an eye pleasing brochure. Without search engine optimisation and online marketing your web site is like owning a top of the range Rolls Royce but not having the money to fill up with fuel. Like the can analogy your web site is nothing more than a stationary brochure.

Marketing For Solicitors Online Tips #3 Online Article Submission

The Law Guru advises that in relation to solicitors online one of the most immediate and cost effective online marketing strategies for a local solicitors web site is to write unique informative online articles. Every managing director or business owner I have ever consulted with views a first page listing on Google and other major search engines as the Holy Grail of marketing and increased sales.

Although after many years of disciplined legal training, which included long hours of writing court documents and briefs few solicitors and lawyers are able to benefit from the internet growth industry by writing their own articles online.

Every sales training for solicitors programme should include a session on online article submission. This is not your conventional article writing system. In fact it is light years away from conventional article writing. The primary aim is to grab a first page listing on the natural or organic first page listing of Google and the other major search engines. This is marketing for law firms service which many solicitors legal outsource.

Marketing For Solicitors Online Tips #4 Google & Search Engine Domination.

Conventional online marketing wisdom dictates that if you or your business which provides products or services to an online audience features on the left hand side of Google’s natural listings, then customers or clients are 4 to 6 times more likely to buy from you, than from a competitor paying to advertise on a search engines pay per click campaign.

Every business owner I have ever consulted all expressed a burning desire to have their business featured on the left hand side of Google’s first page natural listings.

Again online marketing wisdom indicates that potential clients or customers will read the number one listing, then the number two listing, followed by the third listing. If business number three offers the same services or products and they are cheaper than business 1 or 2 then they will buy from business number 3.

Fee paying customers associate a natural first page listing as belonging to a company or business that is credible and reputable because you cannot pay to receive a natural or organic Google listing.
It therefore should come as no surprise to learn that having the first three Google listings for your company can lead to a significant increase in marketing for law firms and for solicitors online. This ultimately translates into growth in business.

In internet technical parlance this is called Google Domination. Unfortunately this powerful marketing technique has only been perfected by one solicitor training company who specialise in marketing for solicitors. That said it is a very inexpensive sales and marketing strategy which has a battery life of 3 to 4 years online.

The Law Guru states the following. “Just imagine prospective clients searching for one of their local solicitors and the entire first page of Google and other search engines throw up the full 10 natural listings all belonging to you or your business.” You will be deemed ultra credible by your prospective clients and customers.

The most natural consecutive Google listings I have ever achieved for a client was to grab the first 37 listings. This can only be described as Google Domination at its finest. What legal business could fail to achieve business growth on this basis?


Local solicitors need to be ready to step up to the plate as conventional business directors and owners as imminent new regulations look set to open up business frontiers with the UK legal industry. New forms of Solicitor training, like marketing for solicitors & sales training for solicitors are being offered by a specialist UK company who are assisting hundreds of Solicitors & Lawyers embrace the expected growth in business.

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