Secrets to Making Money from Business Contact Networks

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How many business cards do you have? 50, 100, 1,000 or more?

If a business contact manager told you that every business card you own was a little gold nugget, you’d begin mining them straight away.

When one considers a contact network, small business networking, corporate network or business social networking, then every business contact is a piece of 22 carat gold.

The most critical issue to come to terms with is that when properly utilised business contacts & contact networks are not ‘Fool’s Gold’.

SecretsContact networks are for contemporary business owners what the Klondike gold rush was to the gold prospectors in North America. However unlike the old gold hunting pioneers, modern business contacts don’t have to take a six month wagon train across harsh and perilous terrain to find their gold mine.

The online cyber space revolution provides instant access for every new business contact to make money from small business and/or business social networking from the comfort of their home computer or smart phone. For further free information click here.

The key to successfully making money from contact networks has been a more closely guarded secret than Freemasonry. Historically the only people who knew how to exploit money making streams from a contact network was the founding members of the business or corporate network.

But things are changing at such a turbo charged pace that it’s now possible for every new business contact to build long term sustainable income generation streams from their contact networks. is a fine example of a business networking and social media platform which by its very existence allows savvy business members to generate revenue from their substantial global business member network.

Secrets To Making Money From Contact Networks

#1 Organise Your Business Contacts

If I use the panning for gold analogy, in relation to a contact network, then I guess I’m telling you that you should treat every business card, from every new business contact you have ever come into contact with, like a dirty unpolished gold nugget.

Old school gold miners would store their nuggets up until it was time to ride into town to commercialise their assets. Your business contacts are also valuable assets, and like the prospector there comes a time when you need to take a long hard look at every business card you own and decide when you are going to commercialise those assets.

You need to organise every business contact and every business card in your possession so that you can lay the foundations for making money from your contact networks.

It’s far easier than it sounds, providing you can type a few business names and contact details into a computer document or data base. If you can’t, then pay someone to collate all your business cards into an e-mail data base. Once you’ve done this then you’ve constructed solid contact network foundations.

Secrets to Making Money From Contact Networks

#2 Meet A New Business Contact Every Day

It can be quite daunting for any new business contact to consider how to make money from small business networking, a corporate network or business social networking. However most business contacts already proactively involved in a contact network recognise the unbelievable low cost added value benefits from a direct connection to another business contact.

The key to success lies in a proactive network contact so it is wise to check out any contact network you may be considering joining. In particular if it’s a corporate network or a small business networking group then ensure they have the facility for introducing you to at least one new business contact per day.

If you are unaware of any business social networking that offers this facility then check out

If you join Linkedin then you will be given an initial 3,000 business invitations which you can use to connect with business owners, entrepreneurs and decision makers.

This means that with very little effort Linkedin allow you an amazing minimum of one new business contact per day joining your contact network.

Guess what?

Linkedin will even provide you with lots of individual business owner suggestions of who you might know on Linkedin and who you might want to connect with.

Secrets To Making Money From Contact Networks

#3 Join A Corporate Network

Many a new business contact has informed me they feel a little bit intimidated by the prospect of joining a corporate network. In reality, and in my experience, this is actually a perceived concern, and not a concern rooted in reality.

When joining any conventional ‘face to face’ contact network all business contacts have to overcome their personal anxieties which could include a fear of speaking in public. In most cases small business networking and business social networking groups have come a long way in the last ten years and many have addressed the perceived and actual anxieties a business contact has to contend with when looking to establish network contact.

I always recommend every new business contact joins at least one corporate network because the business contacts and members seem to have a sense of shared values. For sure there is always an expectation in a corporate network that a business contact is there to grow their business by selling themselves or their products and services through the contact network.

Secrets to Making Money From Contact Networks

#4 Attend Small Business Networking Events

Unless you have spent the last twenty years living in isolation in a remote Island monastery you will be aware of the number of small business networking and business social networking groups that have exploded on the network contact scene. It’s rare for a day to go by without one or more of these business contact groups e-mailing me with information for business contacts to attend one of their small business networking events.

Some of them offer a great opportunity for increasing your new business contact data base but few if any really offer a contact network opportunity to make money from selling your products and services.

If you are notified of any local small business networking events then I suggest you pack up your business cards and attend. Think of it as a research operation prior to you investing in a small business networking group membership.

Some of the more proactive contact networks offer an online opportunity to see before you visit.

Secrets To Making Money From Contact Networks

#5 Embrace Business Social Networking

What do we know about the lottery? Well it’s simple, ‘if you are not in it, you can never win it.’ It’s exactly the same for business social networking, if you don’t embrace the concept you can never make money from a contact network.

Many business contacts have a negative opinion about contact networks and business social networking groups. However love them or hate them, it’s foolish for any business contact, especially a new business contact to ignore or dismiss business social networking out of hand.

Every other Linkedin business growth specialist I know will inform you that the key to making money and establishing long term sustainable income streams from a corporate network, is to embrace business social networking. Small business networking is an organic monster which is demand driven. If the demand wasn’t there, then we would never have seen the explosion of contact networks that we’ve seen in the last 10 years.

Trust me proactive network contact holds the key to unlocking your contact network potential. Visit today and join their easy to use, fast and free contact network.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

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