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Early one December, Wednesday morning while it was still dark, I met my colleague, Chris, outside 4748 Hamilton Square before Dr. Mark D. Yates’ talk on how leveraging LinkedIn can help with business growth. It was one of those mild mornings – dark, wet – five minutes from the LBM office, and I was conscious of first being too early, then too late, after the parking meter swallowed up £2 without a ticket, but we walked in at exactly 8:00am as the clock tower gonged.

We met Mark as we walked in and there were already people standing around, talking, drinking coffee. I collected my name badge. MICHAEL HOLLOWAY – LINK BUSINESS MARKETING. There was a definite atmosphere in the room: professionals, business people, IT, Accountants, etc. It was interesting to meet so many people, handshake here, handshake there, and showing my own knowledge of LinkedIn to the old adage: ‘No one really uses LinkedIn. I use Facebook though.’

I said, ‘Well, LinkedIn is the best form of social media for business owners. One of the best social media for individuals is Twitter because it’s personal and direct, but Facebook is mainly for small social groups, which makes it hard to expand outwards. LinkedIn is the best form of social media for businesses because it’s mainly for people looking to do business.’

Chris, Mark and I meandered through the crowd and walked outside, across a patio, and into a detached building where about 50 – 60 chairs were set up with a screen projecting LBM and Quay Business Forum’s logos and a long, white table-clothed table at the back (where the coffee and bacon sandwiches would later go).

Ten seconds into the talk everyone was on the edge of theirs seats and holding their breath. That’s because Mark told everyone to do that – edged forward and holding their breath for ten seconds – there was laughter and the atmosphere eased. A good ice-breaker. I could see from the back everyone was still slightly edged forward, listening to Mark speak. Who, he asked, has actually made money from utilising LinkedIn? Six hands went up. But, he then pointed out, that’s 6 out of 40 people in the room. It shows that 85% of people in the room can benefit from LBM’s services, and that it can definitely be done. He stated that 61% of business users utilise LinkedIn for leverage. LinkedIn is the largest B2B & B2C platform.

Several questions popped up on the PowerPoint projected on the screen in front. Some of them were…

Q.1 Why haven’t I made money from using LinkedIn?

  1. You must have an understanding of what you do. Which is an obvious statement, but necessary. If you get right down to the specifics of what it is you do to be able to talk about it on an individual profile and direct it towards people who would be directly interested, changes will begin to happen.


Q.2 Why should I embrace LinkedIn?

  1. It’s an investment. You need to allocate some time and money into something to gain it. LBM make LinkedIn work for businesses and we make it work really well. But you have to invest in it first to see the potential. To see your business grow.


Q.3 How can I achieve long-term, sustainable growth?

  1. Focus. That’s one of the main keys to this. If you focus on who you’re targeting, you’ll achieve much more. Which is why LBM exists – to help businesses achieve this. Mark then made an analogy: if you chase two rabbits, they’ll escape. If you focus your time and energy on one, you’ll get it and succeed.


After the talk, we all headed to the back where the coffee and bacon was. I met several people and promoted LBM on a more personal level. I’m the Lead Writer, I told them, and talked about how I write the profiles and the creative process I enter whilst writing these profiles for our clients.

Once the morning was over, we headed back to the LBM office, five minutes away, around the corner.

We strongly recommend any businesses in the Merseyside area contact us on 0151 647 1716.


Michael Holloway

Lead Writer & Social Media Executive

About the author

Michael Holloway is the Lead Writer at LBM and is an author and content writer from Liverpool. He studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Central Lancashire in 2008 and gained his Masters in Writing from Liverpool John Moores University in 2012. In February 2017, his novel was longlisted for the Penguin Random House WriteNow event in Manchester.

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