Part 3: Stalking The Newest Most Fashionable Crime

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Part 3 of 3 Articles By Dr. Mark D. Yates

Stalking Part 3:

Stalking has been described as “the newest most fashionable crime”.

Although this article can be read as a stand alone stalking advice article, it will offer greater benefit if read in conjunction with Stalking Part 1 & Stalking Part 2 articles previously published for business owners on this web site blog.

If You, Or One Of Your Clients Has Been Stalked Is A Stalking Victim

  • Try to avoid all personal contact.
  • Treat all stalkers as if they are extremely dangerous and stay away from them.
  • Should they confront you, take care to avoid any actions or words, which might anger them.
  • Don’t get drawn into any discussions.
  • Get away from them as soon as you can safely do so and contact the police.
  • Don’t let personal security information be released.
  • Inform all personal friends, family members, co-workers and children not to release personal security information about you, your address and phone numbers to others.
  • Remove identification.
  • Remove home address on personal cheques & business cards.
  • Get a PO box and limit access to your address.
  • Inform people.
  • Let everyone around you know what’s going on.
  • Describe the threatening person – stalker/s to them, however photographs work better.
  • Describe the stalkers vehicle and give the licence plate number to family members, neighbours, co-workers, school officials, secretaries, receptionists, and police.
  • Inform people at work.
  • Notify your supervisors, security staff if you have any, and your office receptionist.
  • Let them know about your security stalking situation.
  • Give them information on the stalking suspect.
  • If you have a temporary restraining order against the stalker leave a copy of it at work with either your security staff or receptionist.
  • Get identification.
  • Use the caller ID and call trace systems to record all calls, which lets you know the telephone number of the person calling you.
  • Keep tapes of calls from the stalkers recorded on your answer phone machine.
  • Contact your local Telephone Company and local police about this situation.
  • Maintain meticulous threat assessments and security logs.

What To Do….

  • Keep records of all stalking / harassing behaviour.
  • Keep a diary and chronologically list all activities as they occur. This is especially useful if you are going through the divorce process or if you have been divorced.
  • Remember that not only you but also your local Law Enforcement agency must look at the totality of the circumstances and not just one single stalking incident.
  • Keep accurate dates, times and locations of where events took place, items received and names of any witnesses.
  • Keep all copies of letters, and all packaging.
  • Touch only the extreme edges since fingerprints, saliva, and other evidence may be present.
  • Enclose all letters, gifts, envelopes and packaging materials in a large brown paper bag,
  • Contact police and hand over this evidence to them.
  • Remember that a threat doesn’t require words.
  • A hand that is pointed at you in the shape of a gun conveys a message that is loud and clear.
  • A bouquet of black roses delivered to your office, a dead animal received in the mail, or a photograph with your image crossed out, can also send the same message.

Stalking Incident Types

These activities have been associated with stalking / harassment. Their presence should lead to specialised security, threat assessments & actions.

The Following List Is Just A Sample Of The Possible Types Of Stalking Or Harassment Incidents…

  • Watching or following.
  • Approaching a victim.
  • Drive-bys.
  • Threatening phone calls or hang-ups.
  • Sending or delivering hate mail.
  • Sending or delivering love notes.
  • Electronic stalking using a modem, fax etc. to deliver a message.
  • Vandalising a vehicle or home, generally something a victim uses every day

These types of stalking or harassment are fairly common in divorce proceeding cases and after people have been divorced. Particularly for people who exited a violent marriage or partnership.

Stalking Critical Incident Diary

If you are going through the divorce process or have been divorced and you suspect your former partner is stalking you. Or if you suspect you are a victim being stalked by an unknown offender, then the following is the ‘basic’ critical information you need to record in you critical incident diary.

  • Date
  • Time
  • Incident type.
  • Law or police agency, include tel. number.
  • Officer name, ID or shield number
  • Report number
  • Incident location home, work, school, car, other
  • Witness information i.e. Name address & tel. Number


Anti-Stalking measures work and help to reduce the danger of being stalked.

One of the very best pieces of security threat assessment advice I can offer any divorced person who is, or who considers they might be stalked is that avoidance reigns over confrontation every time.

The key to successful Anti-Stalking measures is a professional threat assessment.

End of Stalking article Part 1.

If you are considering a divorce, or you are recently divorced and you have security concerns relating to stalking or stalkers, then you need to read Part 2 which contains further useful security advice and threat assessments training information.

Contact if you require personal security or witness protection.

Taken from the syllabus of the Law Enforcement & Bodyguard Association International LEBAI

Dr. Mark D. Yates

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