My Top 5 Linkedin Networking Growth Tips For 2013

April 16, 2013 |  by  |  Linkedin Blog

1: Stop What You Have Been Doing & Take Two Paces Backwards In Order To Take One Huge Step Forward

If you are looking for lots of new connections & what you are currently doing on Linkedin is not providing you with 1,000 new business connections every month, then it’s time to stop & rethink your networking growth strategy.

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Because there is a much smarter way.

You are probably currently providing 80% effort & seeing 20% results. The top 30,000 Linkedin Power Networkers I personally know flip this concept around, so they only provide 20% effort and they receive 80% results.

They do this by understanding the concept of: ‘fail to plan…plan to fail, and to ensure they minimise the risk of failure they work to a clearly defined business networking growth plan.

2: Write Out Your 1 Page Business Networking Growth Plan

You need to ‘change’ from working hard, to working smart. This can be intimidating. Creating new habits and rewiring your brain in itself is hard work. Some academics believe it can take thousands of hours of practice.

First you need to sit back with a nice tall Latte and invest 60 minutes identifying the 20% of the effort that generates 80% of the results. Then invest a further 60 minutes & try to figure out how you can apply this to a multitude of business networking growth actions.

Write down these actions into your 1 page business networking growth plan. This should take no more than 2 hours.

Include realistic goals and measurable key performance indicators which you must regularly monitor.

I find Saturday’s or Sunday’s are the best non business distracting days to do this.

I’m talking about investing 4 hours into a project that can deliver infinite added value benefits to your professional business networking endeavours.

Don’t worry if your plan is less than perfect as it will only ever be seen by you.

The most important thing to remember is: “A poorly designed plan executed now, is better than a perfect plan executed next month.”

3: Join Linkedin’s Black Belt POWER Networkers Group

Whether you realise it or not, Linkedin give most members 3,000 Invitations to connect with other members. These first 3,000 connections are the foundation blocks for building your successful & productive online business network.

It’s critical that you ensure you convert a very high percentage of these 3,000 invitations into your 1st level Linkedin connections.


Two reasons.

First because if you don’t, Linkedin will not provide you with any further Invitations to connect. In reality this means your proactive business networking growth campaign grinds to a soul-destroying halt.

If you blindly invite everyone you can to connect with you then its likely some of them will notify Linkedin with a IDK. This stands for ‘I Don’t Know’ this person. If Linkedin receive a few IDK’s linked to your activity, they will restrict your Linkedin account. This first restriction dictates you will only be able to invite people you know and whose personal e-mail address you already have.

Once again this slams the brakes on your business networking growth activities.

Second because it is in these first 3,000 invitations where you have the best opportunity to get an ‘early connection’ to some of the top Linkedin business Power Networkers.

One of the best ways for Open or LION networkers to achieve this is to join selective Open Networking groups on Linkedin. One such group is Linkedin’s Black Belt POER Networkers Group at:

One option open to you is to invite Open networkers, i.e. those who publically state they are Open Networkers who do not IDK anyone. ( A word of caution: Not everyone who promotes themselves as Open Non IDK Networkers are genuine, so be careful.)

4: Visit And Book Mark This Website or Add It to Your Favourites


The goals are simple:

Identify & meet professional independent Linkedin experts & mentors who are at the top of their game. I advise this as one of my best business networking tactics and something I still do regularly myself.


To identify commonalities & to super glue yourself on to the Linkedin Expert’s networking radar screens.

Where are they?

The best place to find them with a view to connecting with them is NOT on Linkedin.

It’s best to join them at their ‘Watering Holes’, where they come together with their peers to brain storm, strategise and implement new ‘Ahead Of The Curve Strategies’  for leveraging Linked for business growth.

Most of the world’s top Linkedin 30,000 specialists cannot accept any new connections through their Linkedin profile because Linkedin has a very strict 30,000 connections maximum limit.

However this does not mean they do not want to connect with you, because they do. They just have to provide or offer alternative options to you. One such option is it was specifically developed as an Independent Linkedin Expert advisory, support and network marketing option.

You will find lots of valuable business network growth tips, advice, support, videos, and blogs all free of charge.

5: Embrace Change, Especially When Change Is A Positive Attribute is the world’s most powerful online business networking organisation. With over 200 million members world-wide it’s still growing with wildfire proportions.

Fortunately it is constantly re-investing in its platform and service offerings to keep pace with its organic growth and the subsequent changes this growth brings.

From December 11th 2012 Linkedin began rolling out their changes. The most significant one is the change to member’s profiles. Although it’s going to take several months to change everyone’s profiles, many people have already witnessed a loss of some of their profile information.

All business change is frustrating and invariably leads to complaints. Most people don’t like change; it takes us out of our comfort zone and presents us with further work. Sometimes we have to negotiate new technologies which support the business change.

If you are looking to develop a productive business network, then in relation to change, I advise you follow the IOA concept. i.e. improvise, adapt and overcome.

Embrace this Linkedin change, especially when change is a positive attribute. If you do, you will find you can be super successful at developing a business network to be proud of.

But the most beneficial aspect of developing a large productive business network for me, is that over 90% of all my new business leads, referrals and opportunities now come from my Linkedin network.

Finally, there’s stakes. Stakes keep you motivated. In a business networking growth context, the stakes are integral. If you don’t stay ahead of the curve, your network and your business growth will flatline.

Here’s a secret shared around the watering hole that few outside networkers realise: More business connections = more business opportunities and these opportunities multiply as they are seized on Linkedin.

I hope this helps?

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email:, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at:

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