Moo, Bark, Quack or Tweet

April 10, 2013 |  by  |  Linkedin Blog

Do You Moo To Ducks?…

This blog is about creative content and moving away from one message fits all, to communicating to a target audience with a message that they are interested in and understand.

So if you moo and your audience consists of cows, dogs, ducks and chicks, only the cows will understand you and may show interest if your communication is compelling.

The lesson is Moo to cows, bark at dogs, quack at ducks and tweet to chicks.

Action Points

1. Build lists of target audience groups – Its best if you use a CRM system such as SalesForce or the like

2. Write creative copy to each audience – Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and write about things they are interested in. Cows eat grass, tell them about grass.

3. Transmit your message through your communication channels – This can be e-mail, twitter, linked in, facebook, articles, website, word of mouth.

4. Measure the results – Use you web site and CRM stats. (CRM Customer Relationship Management System) – SalesForce, ACT or similar.


I use SalesForce as my primary tool as it includes all the processes you need to execute this strategy and it’s cloud based so I can access it any where. The other resource you need is a brain to write the creative copy, some people can, some people can’t, if you are the latter get help, it’s quicker and more effective. A good writer is worth his/her weight in gold and in todays market essential.

What to do next…

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Thanks – Bob Evans

About the author

Bob started his own construction business in 1990 and grew it from the original idea into a multi-million pound business, invested in a property portfolio and now helps others to do the same. Business is his hobby as well as a career. Bob has coached and mentored over 100 clients through Your Ideal Business Partners (YIBP), who provide business consultants, business mentors and coaches supporting businesses. You can contact him on O7896-246-224 or at or via

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