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Outside of our LinkedIn blog at Link Business Marketing we offer some of the finest independent LinkedIn merchandise available to help business owners grow a profitable business. Some of our written LinkedIn publications are related to LinkedIn consultancy, how to hire a LinkedIn expert or a professional LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn training and LinkedIn case studies many of which have been authored by Dr Mark D Yates who is recognised as the LinkedIn Expert’s expert.

Given we wrote and produced the world’s first independent academically accredited LinkedIn training programme it should come as no surprise to realise that Link Business Marketing are recognised as the most professional independent LinkedIn consultancy and LinkedIn speaker consultancy agency in the world.

If you require further evidence of this, or you want to hire a LinkedIn expert prior to making a decision to buy any of our independent  LinkedIn merchandise, then simply view our LinkedIn blog,  or take a few moments to read some of our LinkedIn case studies listed by Dr Mark D Yates on this web site.

If you have a requirement to hire a LinkedIn expert from Link Business Marketing and you need any of our LinkedIn merchandise to supplement your LinkedIn training business event then it’s just a case of identifying the products or services you require. Contact us and we can help advise you.

LinkedIn Merchandise & LinkedIn Consultancy

Ask any linkedin expert, LinkedIn speaker or LinkedIn blog author why he or she is successful at gaining new business on LinkedIn, and they will probably tell you it’s because of the exponential growth of LinkedIn consultancy. Also the sheer rise in the number of LinkedIn connections created an increased  demand for LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn training and LinkedIn merchandise.

Much of this LinkedIn training and LinkedIn merchandise helped facilitate an increase of LinkedIn sales and overall business on LinkedIn. Clearly no professional can ever claim to become a true LinkedIn consultancy expert from reading a LinkedIn merchandise book, or even from reading several LinkedIn books.

But the very fact that LinkedIn merchandise is now available, especially LinkedIn books in the increasingly popular E- LinkedIn book format does provide added value information required to help LinkedIn connections increase their business on LinkedIn.

Every LinkedIn consultancy specialist and LinkedIn expert attributes much of their success of achieving increased LinkedIn sales to the fact that they purchased and read one at least one LinkedIn book and most admitted to me they actually read several LinkedIn books before attending some variant of LinkedIn training.

I firmly believe that LinkedIn training and informative LinkedIn merchandise are intrinsically linked when a business owner seeks new business on LinkedIn.

Frequently many LinkedIn connections make the grave mistake of trying to source LinkedIn sales and new business on LinkedIn before they really understand the dynamics of how LinkedIn the world’s most professional business networking organisation really works.

Many a business owner considers LinkedIn books and LinkedIn training to be an expensive endeavour, when in reality it’s not. Many a LinkedIn expert has written and published their own LinkedIn book and offered it for free as an E-book within the LinkedIn merchandise category.

In fact once most LinkedIn connections decide to hire a LinkedIn expert or have retained a LinkedIn consultancy specialist or a LinkedIn speaker, they are pleasantly surprised at how much free LinkedIn merchandise is available to them.

LinkedIn Merchandise & LinkedIn Consultancy Advice For Growing Your LinkedIn Connections

After reading my first LinkedIn merchandise book, many LinkedIn consultancy members develop an appetite for expanding their business on LinkedIn. One of the first things most want help and support with, is LinkedIn training and LinkedIn case studies to inform them how to grow their LinkedIn connections and increase their LinkedIn sales.

After speaking to many other LinkedIn consultancy and LinkedIn training specialists I know that increasing their LinkedIn connections is often considered to be a number one priority. However any LinkedIn speaker will inform you that this is not always the primary strategy to lead business owners to new business on LinkedIn,.

LinkedIn offers several different routes to more LinkedIn sales and increased business on LinkedIn and many of them can be found in the contents of several of the LinkedIn speaker and LinkedIn training books available from the LinkedIn merchandise category.

That said I was, and still am receiving an unbelievable amount of LinkedIn consultancy enquiries about how I grew my LinkedIn profile to get to the maximum 30,000 connections. I wrote the following response to one of my LinkedIn connections who made such an enquiry in late 2011.

 LinkedIn Merchandise & LinkedIn Consultancy Response Communication

“Hi Barry

As one of my Link Business Marketing LinkedIn consultancy connections I’m glad to help you out if I can. All I ask is if you find my following LinkedIn case studies advice useful to helping you grow your business on LinkedIn & for expanding your LinkedIn sales network, that you refer me, Dr Mark D Yates and my LinkedIn training, LinkedIn speaker and LinkedIn blog services whenever an appropriate LinkedIn opportunity presents itself to you or one of your associates who is looking to hire a LinkedIn expert. Here goes…

At the risk of sounding egotistical, which I’m not, as you have previously stated I’m a professional independent LinkedIn consultancy business networker and a LinkedIn training service provider.

I took a long hard look at social & business networking & decided that providing LinkedIn consultancy and developing independent LinkedIn merchandise was the way forward given LinkedIn is the world’s most professional network.

As a LinkedIn training provider In April 2011 I mapped out an ambitious ‘business on LinkedIn action plan’ for getting to 20,000 LinkedIn connections by the end of December 2011. (I’m about 120 away from my target. Yesterday 265 people connected with me so I should achieve this target soon.)

30,000 is the maximum number of LinkedIn connections anyone can have. I aim to achieve this by July 2012.

I knew I could serve my LinkedIn consultancy clients and customers in a much more effective manner if I had over 20,000 LinkedIn connections in various geographical regions around the world. My Link Business Marketing clients and customers are mostly concerned with finding new business on LinkedIn and increasing their LinkedIn sales at this stage.

 LinkedIn Merchandise & LinkedIn Consultancy Action Plan

My LinkedIn action plan included short, medium & long term Key Performance Indicators. The most crucial aspects for me were…

1: I only wanted to connect with people I thought would bring added value to my network. I also had to feel I could add value to their network.

(Anyone can smash targets by just connecting with anyone on LinkedIn & there are many ‘number collectors’ who keep appearing. You can recognise them by the way they post their invitation requests, i.e. I want to achieve 1,000 or 5,000 LI connections in the next week.)

2: I wanted LinkedIn connections in specific business sectors where my strengths lie. I target members from these sectors accordingly.

3: I’m an International LinkedIn consultancy specialist who has worked in 44 countries so I wanted to build a global network of LinkedIn connections and I specifically wanted to connect with every LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn sales specialist and LinkedIn training Instructor I could.

4: I wanted a percentage formula of 50% of LinkedIn consultancy and LinkedIn training connections who each have more than 500 LinkedIn connections in their LinkedIn network. 35% who have between 100 to 500 LinkedIn connections in their LinkedIn network & 15% of LinkedIn connections who have less than 100 LinkedIn connections in their LinkedIn network*.

This is important because whatever business on LinkedIn marketing or LinkedIn sales messages you intend to send out via your LinkedIn connections is likely to be different for each of these 3 categories. (*I’m on track for these percentages.)

5: My business on LinkedIn action plan stated I wanted to grab the number one positions on the LinkedIn Advance Search facility for 4 specific business on LinkedIn and LinkedIn sales key phrases relevant to my LinkedIn merchandise, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn consultancy, hire a LinkedIn expert and LinkedIn training business. I achieved this about 2 to 3 months ago. Now every LinkedIn expert, LinkedIn speaker and business owner can find me much easier than before.

Publishing my Dr Mark D Yates LinkedIn book in an E-Book format via LinkedIn merchandise was a useful marketing strategy to increase my LinkedIn connections and my business on LinkedIn. My first LinkedIn book is called ‘Killer LinkedIn Power Networking’ and is the first of my 2 LinkedIn hire a LinkedIn expert  books available from my LinkedIn merchandise range.

LinkedIn Merchandise & LinkedIn Consultancy Book

My second LinkedIn book: LinkedIn – The Art Of Business Networking War is a much more in-depth LinkedIn book specifically designed for LinkedIn connections who are looking for LinkedIn sales and more business on LinkedIn. It covers a lot of added value LinkedIn training that you would typically have to pay a LinkedIn expert lots of LinkedIn consultancy fees for.

Both of my Hire a LinkedIn expert books fall within the LinkedIn merchandise range.

LinkedIn Merchandise & LinkedIn Consultancy Tips For Successfully Growing Your Linkedin Connections

1: Your LinkedIn profile has to have mass generic appeal to a wide audience of LinkedIn connections across multiple business sectors. Most LinkedIn connections who connected with me stated they did so because I have a fantastic LinkedIn profile which oozes business on LinkedIn credibility & kudos. (Their words not mine. But there must be something in this statement as many people voice it.)

2: Everyone gets 3,000 LinkedIn invites when they join. You have to ensure in the early stages that the percentage of LinkedIn connections who actually connect with you, from the number of invitations you’ve sent out, is extremely high. If you achieve this then LinkedIn may give you an increase in membership invitations after you’ve used your initial 3,000 LinkedIn connections invites. If your LinkedIn conversion rate is poor they won’t give you additional LinkedIn connections invites.

3: I post out invitations on 5 LinkedIn training open networking groups like The Black Belt POWER Networkers group every day. Once in the morning, & once in the evening. Every day 7 days a week. It’s a pain in the ass & you get a lot of spam, but ask any LinkedIn speaker  at Link Business Marketing and they will tell you, it’s the price you have to pay for chasing LinkedIn sales and more business on LinkedIn.

4: I invest several hours every day studying LinkedIn case studies and reading every  LinkedIn blog I can find. I’m fishing for business on LinkedIn and hunting for more LinkedIn sales on LinkedIn. I fish and hunt mornings & evenings to take account of the LinkedIn connections operating in different time zones around the world.

I am a member of 45 relevant LinkedIn training related groups & I post a generic LinkedIn expert, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn consultancy or LinkedIn training posting once a week on each LinkedIn groups discussion boards. My LinkedIn case studies and LinkedIn blog posts are usually informative networking or business growth tips that many LinkedIn consultancy connections like. If they like it, they’ll typically want to connect with me, or they might decide to hire a LinkedIn expert from Link Business Marketing.

5: As a LinkedIn speaker and LinkedIn training provider I help LinkedIn connections increase their LinkedIn networking skills whenever I can, even though it can be time consuming.

6: I reckon I give about 90% & expect about 10% in return to my LinkedIn connections & networking people.

7: It seemed like an impossible task to get so many LinkedIn connections and at the start of my LinkedIn networking journey I looked in awe at people who had 5,000 LinkedIn consultancy connections and wondered if I could really get to 5,000 LinkedIn connections myself.

But I wasn’t afraid to ask every other LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Power Networkers & LinkedIn customer services for initial advice and support. Three LinkedIn expert networking people did for me, what I’m now doing for you. They offered me some very basic tips from their LinkedIn case studies, LinkedIn blog and their  hire a LinkedIn expert LinkedIn books and LinkedIn merchandise which helped. (Incidentally I’ve smashed past each of these 3 LinkedIn expert networkers for the number of connections we each have, so my original fears were unfounded.)

8: I also picked out several other LinkedIn expert ‘power networkers’ and every LinkedIn speaker at different levels of LinkedIn connections, i.e. 5 who had 5k LinkedIn connections, 5 who had 10k LinkedIn connections, 5 who had 15k LinkedIn connections, 5 who had 20k LinkedIn connections and I used them as ‘Chasers’.

My goal was to chase & overtake each of these for my number of LinkedIn connections. I also had my eye on one very proactive LinkedIn networker who has over 25k LinkedIn connections and he’s growing fast. I’ve kept one eye firmly on his progress and he’s my next ‘Chaser’.

9: I constantly change/modify the info in my LinkedIn profile and change my LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn merchandise, LinkedIn training and my hire a LinkedIn expert updates every couple of weeks.

10: Under my full title of Dr Mark D Yates I formed a ‘HIT LIST’ of my top 200 hire a LinkedIn expert ‘Open Networkers’ who are interested in increased LinkedIn sales & in generating more business on LinkedIn. Many of these first level LinkedIn connections are involved in some aspect of LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn training and sales of LinkedIn books and other LinkedIn merchandise.

I frequently email this LinkedIn merchandise and LinkedIn case studies list out wherever I can. All of the people on my LinkedIn consultancy Hit List report that as a business on LinkedIn strategy, it works, as their LinkedIn connections increase from me posting out the list.

Linkedin Merchandise & Linkedin Consultancy Problems With Growing A Linkedin Power Network

Every LinkedIn speaker or LinkedIn consultancy specialist at Link Business Marketing will inform you that LinkedIn do not like fast growth networkers, as it goes against their original business model.

You should be very careful not to inadvertently spam or Phish anyone on your network, as the LinkedIn Privacy team will immediately withdraw your profile and leave you with no LinkedIn access whatsoever. This includes  no access to your LinkedIn consultancy,  LinkedIn merchandise or , LinkedIn training connections while they conduct an investigation.

Ultimately they can ban you from LinkedIn, irrespective of how long you’ve invested in your LinkedIn consultancy, or how many LinkedIn connections you may have.

The same goes for LinkedIn – I Don’t Know’s or IDK’s, so you need to be careful around this. Many a free LinkedIn case studies book from the LinkedIn merchandise covers the issues of IDK’s in detail. This is another reason where I find added value in the many LinkedIn blog books available online.

Given that many free LinkedIn books are published in an online E-format it makes it very easy to get hold of and read an informative, LinkedIn speaker or a hire a LinkedIn expert book. Frequently these free Link Business Marketing LinkedIn case studies books also provide LinkedIn sales and LinkedIn training tips and advice. This in itself dictates the LinkedIn book is worthy of a read.

Although it’s very frustrating, especially if you have an impatient mind-set like most proactive LinkedIn consultancy connections and networkers, it’s far better to adopt the principle of ‘Slowly Slowly – Catchy Monkey’ in relation to starting to target high numbers of LinkedIn connections.

Question: The $6 million dollar question many people ask is: Why do you have so many LinkedIn merchandise, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn speaker and LinkedIn blog connections, it must be impossible to stay in touch with them all at Link Business Marketing?

Answer: For me it’s simple. More Business Connections = More Business Opportunities. And yes I do keep in touch with everyone of my 30,000 LinkedIn connections at least once every month. I might contact them about my LinkedIn consultancy service, my LinkedIn training or my LinkedIn speaker service and my LinkedIn merchandise.

Alternatively I might contact my 30,000 LinkedIn connections at least once every month with information about how to find more LinkedIn sales or how to leverage more business on LinkedIn.

A lot to take in I know, but I hope its useful information. Don’t forget to contact me if you want a free copy of my LinkedIn book or you have a need to hire a LinkedIn expert.

Good Luck With Your Linkedin Networking. END OF E-MAIL RESPONSE:

 LinkedIn Merchandise & LinkedIn Consultancy Business Promotion

5 Great ‘How To Use Linkedin’ Reasons To Promote You & Your Business Via Linkedin From Dr Mark D Yates At Link Business Marketing

1: LinkedIn is Ranked 13th Most Visited Site Globally as of August 16th 2011. *

2: LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional business network with over 175 million business interested people registered with them. Tip from a Link Business Marketing LinkedIn consultancy specialist. This number has risen to approximately 340 million members January 1st 2015.

3: When you first join LinkedIn, most new members get an opening allocation of 3,000 invitations to connect with other business interested people.

4: You can send multiple LinkedIn e-mails internally to 50 members at a time at no cost.

5: It’s FREE to promote you, your business, your products & services.

LinkedIn Merchandise & LinkedIn Consultancy Tough Talk

 Tough Talk. How are YOU going to get what you want from LinkedIn & your LI connections?

LinkedIn had an average of 118 million registered members in 2011 and user base expanding to 160 million at the end of Q1 2012. They expect to hit 200 million members sometime in early 2013.

Are you and your business really leveraging this huge business network asset?

How are YOU going to get what you want from LinkedIn & your LI connections?

LinkedIn Merchandise & LinkedIn Consultancy Info Snippets

10 Interesting Snippets About LinkedIn

  1. It took 494 days for LinkedIn to reach its first 1 million users.
  2. Currently LinkedIn attracts 2 new members every second.
  3. 8% are male members & 49.2% are female members.
  4. 68% of LinkedIn users are 35 or older.
  5. 74% have a college degree or better.
  6. 39% make more than $100,000 a year.
  7. In 2010 LinkedIn had more than 2 billion people searches.
  8. Over 50% of LinkedIn’s members live outside the USA.
  9. In 2011 Executives from every Fortune 500 company could be found on LinkedIn.
  10. 1% of users are responsible for 34% of LinkedIn’s web site traffic.

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