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100% GuarateedThis LinkedIn training is NEW… It’s very NEW… and we want YOU to be among the first to know about it…

Our accredited LinkedIn training programme is called


And it costs just £10 or $15 per week inclusive VAT or Tax.

This price also includes your training certification Diploma. It’s a fantastic source of CPD

   Pearson Diploma Dr Mark D Yates


The very first thing to know, is that from January 2015 our LinkedIn consultancy is proud to announce that professional academically certified Independent Linkedin training is available to you and your staff.

We can’t explain how excited we are to have developed in conjunction with Dr Mark D Yates the world’s only independent Linkedin training programme that carries academic diploma accreditation.

Link Business Marketing are the only business or training organisation in the world who can offer you this professional Linkedin training. So make sure if you retain any LinkedIn consultancy or a LinkedIn speaker, or if you are thinking about how to hire a LinkedIn expert, speak to Dr Mark D Yates at Link Business Marketing, the most professional LinkedIn consultancy group first.

And it doesn’t matter where you are geographically located, as this Linkedin training accreditation is recognised globally. You can use this LinkedIn training to supplement any LinkedIn consultancy being delivered to your business.

And here’s another fantastic credibility point in our LinkedIn consultancy favour. The independent Linkedin training accreditation diploma is offered by one of the world’s largest and most professional accreditation awarding organisations. Every LinkedIn speaker will want to get their hands on Dr Mark D Yates LinkedIn training programme.

If you are looking to invest in your staff’s continuous professional development, then you need to speak to a Link Business qualified Linkedin training specialist, or a business growth Linkedin speaker today.

One of the greatest business growth investment mistakes made by many business owners is to enrol their staff on any training programme that carries no form of academic, or continuous professional development accreditation.

Don’t let any Linkedin training provider, Linkedin Instructor, LinkedIn speaker or Linkedin mentor tell you that accredited Linkedin training doesn’t exist, because it does. If your Linkedin training advisor tells you anything to the contrary, then is probably because they aren’t as current or up to speed as they may have led you to believe.

It doesn’t matter why you need LinkedIn & social media Linkedin training.

If you need it, then when conducting your due diligence to identify a professional Linkedin training provider, or a Linkedin speaker trainer, there should only be one primary decision for you and your business growth strategy,…

You must ensure your Linkedin Instructor and his or her Linkedin training programme are academically accredited and supported by a globally recognised training provider who issue a recognised professional diploma aligned to your Linkedin training.

LinkedIn Training

Only by investing in academically accredited Linkedin training delivered by a professional LinkedIn consultancy will your business growth accelerate enough to turbo-charge your profitable business growth.

If you consider that your staff are most likely to be your businesses greatest tangible asset, then what should matter most when looking to hire a LinkedIn expert or if you are considering Linkedin training, is that you receive the most professional Independent LinkedIn training and continuous professional development available.

Don’t be fobbed off when pressing any new prospective Linkedin training provider, Linkedin Instructor, LinkedIn speaker or Linkedin mentor for proven information about their business growth Linkedin training accreditation.

If you or your business are considering investing to hire a LinkedIn expert for any form of residential, or online delivered LinkedIn training, or LinkedIn consultancy then it’s crucial to ensure the Linkedin training you and your staff receive, is accredited by one of the world’s largest academic accreditation bodies.

To our knowledge we are the only independent business growth LinkedIn consultancy agency in the world that delivers a diploma accredited LinkedIn training programme which has been approved by the global Pearson Group, who also run the UK’s training accreditation body EDEXEL-BTEC.

At Link Business Marketing our LinkedIn consultancy division have developed our independent ‘accredited’ LinkedIn training programme to help business owners and their staff understand how to leverage profitable business growth from the LinkedIn business platform.

Our Pearson accredited LinkedIn training programme consists of 6 different LinkedIn training modules.

Linkedin training programme participants will receive their Pearson diploma after successfully completing 4 of our 6 LinkedIn training programme modules.

There are no extra fees for your Linkedin training diploma as our low cost LinkedIn consultancy training programme price includes your professional accreditation diploma.

Here’s what our research identified prior to writing and developing our LinkedIn training programme…

LinkedIn Training

Link Business Marketing have developed our independent Pearson accredited Linkedin training program to help business owners and their staff understand how to successfully leverage profitable business growth from the internet’s largest business platform.

Are you a training provider, assessor, tutor, verifier or college university lecturer looking

for an additional revenue generation stream, from promoting and/or delivering

a dynamic new LinkedIn business growth training programme?

We are looking to appoint licenced Independent Linkedin training provider partners around the world to help us deliver our accredited LinkedIn training programme to business owners and academic students.

If you are a Linkedin training provider, Linkedin Instructor, LinkedIn speaker, Linkedin mentor or a business growth consultant or advisor, then you should join us as one of our licenced Linkedin training providers.

To find out precisely how much additional revenue you can generate as one of our licenced Linkedin training providers contact us today.

Dr. Mark D. Yates not only wrote the world’s only Pearson Group accredited Linkedin training business growth programme, he is also a Pearson Group qualified Train the Trainer which qualifies him as an Independent Linkedin training Instructor, LinkedIn speaker and Linkedin trainer to deliver this business growth Linkedin training programme to business corporations world-wide.

Just complete the data capture message box on our Contact Us Page and Dr Mark D Yates, or one of his LinkedIn consultancy business growth team will contact you. Don’t worry it’s a no pressure approach as Mark’s Linkedin training and business growth team manage more than 1.25 million Linkedin related email addresses we are very mindful of never spamming our contacts.


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