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For those of you seeking a little bit of Linkedin training to learn about how to design, develop and manage your Linkedin business pages, here’s a little tip from Linkedin Sign.

Every Linkedin consultancy or Linkedin speaker I know advises their clients to research which companies are in the top ten when it comes to their LinkedIn business pages. Doing this provides you with fantastic business intelligence and a road map for how to develop your own Linkedin business pages.


It’s well worth bookmarking or saving this article for future reference. No doubt, these larger well known corporations made it to the top of the Linkedin business pages from having a strong company presence on Linkedin. As household names they are known as industry sector leaders and this is reinforced in their Linkedin business pages where they reference their top quality products and/or services.

 Linkedin Training – Top 10 Linkedin Business Pages – # 01 Link Business Marketing

Business Marketing was designed and developed for one specific reason. To help business owners and LinkedIn business connections really capitalize on the huge business growth opportunities offered by having a dynamic presence on LinkedIn. Their business page shows and highlights just what they can do for their clients.

Linkedin Sign Tip: With the right Linkedin training from the best Linkedin consultancy firm your business page can look and provide as much profitable business growth as Link Business Marketing.


Linkedin Training – Top 10 Linkedin Business Pages-  # 02 Dell

Dell, the company known to develop state-of the art, accessible and affordable computing solutions and technology, has made it to the top one on LinkedIn business pages. Do you want to know how they made it? Well, they have made their targeting capabilities more robust and they have leveraged their sponsored updates. Hence, sponsor your greatest content now in order to reach world professionals directly in the LinkedIn feed. Now, Dell continues to transform the computing industry.


Linkedin Sign Tip: A great way to produce the same professional look of Dell’s Linkedin business pages is to hire a Linkedin consultancy specialist to help map out the entire ‘big Picture’ process for you.


Linkedin Training – Top 10 Linkedin Business Pages – # 03 Evernote

Known as the company which offers apps and modern products, Evernote never forgets to post an update and pin it, every time they have a new feature. Through pinning this new updates, they ensure visitors will see this exciting news.


Linkedin Sign Tip: With just a little Linkedin training you and your business can mirror the success of Evernote’s Linkedin business pages.


Linkedin Training – Top 10 Linkedin Business Pages – # 04 Hootsuite

Hootsuite has always been familiar to their audience.  They post updates along with valuable insights and tips across social media, making their followers always willing to support them. They are always available to solve problems and to answer questions of people in terms of their video marketing.


Linkedin Sign Tip: Take it as a Linkedin sign from Linkedin speaker Dr Mark D Yates that you will gain significant commercial advantage if you can replicate the success of Hootsuite’s Linkedin business pages. 


Linkedin Training – Top 10 Linkedin Business Pages – # 05 L’Oreal

As the world leader in beauty, the company never ceases to humanize their brand and build conversations through celebrating milestones and asking questions to their followers.  They always treat their followers as an important and invaluable part of their company.

Linkedin Sign Tip: You won’t need to hire a Linkedin expert understand most of the elements that makes L’Oreal’s  Linkedin business pages so dynamic.



Linkedin Training – Top 10 Linkedin Business Pages – # 06 Luxottica Group

The focus of Luxottica is to build an incredible Career Page with job openings. However, they do not only post job openings. They upload and share emphasizes of their company culture.

Linkedin Sign Tip: Luxottica’s Linkedin business pages have really embraced the demand presented by the Linkedin platform and they are keen to service that demand.


Linkedin Training – Top 10 Linkedin Business Pages – # 07 Marketo

Marketo never forgets to add extra value whenever sharing content.  They always include thumbnails or images which are directly related to their update.

Linkedin Sign Tip: Marketo’s Linkedin business pages might have tapped into some form of initial Linkedin consultancy which would have strongly recommended adding lots of visual imagery to their pages. 


Linkedin Training – Top 10 Linkedin Business Pages – # 08 The Nature Conservancy

The goal of The Nature Conservancy is to drive engagement and make certain their contents always stand out through posting compelling thumbnails or rich media.

Linkedin Sign Tip: Every Linkedin speaker and Linkedin training specialist I know is a firm advocate of adding rich media to your Linkedin business pages in precisely the same way as The Nature Company have done.


Linkedin Training – Top 10 Linkedin Business Pages – # 09 Proctor & and Gamble

Known as the company that produces various products for human race, this company created a Showcase Page for their deodorant brand – which is Secret. With this page, they were able to share and engage relevant content to their target audience.

Linkedin Sign Tip: There is no requirement to hire a Linkedin expert to follow Proctor and Gambles secret formula for producing their vibrant Linkedin business pages. 


Linkedin Training – Top 10 Linkedin Business Pages – # 10 Tesla Motors

To get the most out of their followers and their LinkedIn business page, Tesla Motors shares their newest announcements and provides sneak peeks on the upcoming innovations about their brand through their company page.

Linkedin Sign Tip: Dr Mark D Yates suggests it is a fantastic business growth strategy to use your Linkedin business pages as a communications facilitation tool like Telsa Motors. I follow this strategy myself for my business page.


Linkedin Training – Top 10 Linkedin Business Pages – # 11 Wells Fargo

Rather than sharing each update with their followers, what Wells Fargo do is to target updates through location to deliver a more localized and relevant experience. They target updates through company industry, size, function, language preference, seniority and geography.

Linkedin Sign Tip: Wells Fargo’s Linkedin business pages clearly demonstrate the sheer flexibility of the Linkedin platform for helping all types of businesses from different sectors. I suspect they sought the advice of a Linkedin consultancy specialist prior to developing their pages.


Linkedin Training – Top 10 Linkedin Business Pages – # 12 Lego Group

Bringing a creative and traditional Lego theme to their business page in which they outline their ethics and their brand. Giving customers, clients and connections an in-depth look at the company and what they can provide. Lego Group also utilize their Linkedin business page to advertise possible careers within their organization. 

Linkedin Sign Tip: Lego group are seen to fully utilize every aspect of their business page, and your business should do the same. It is a perfect way to increase your business growth by attracting new connections and employees.


If you aim to undergo a LinkedIn training in order to make your business one of the top ten in LinkedIn business pages, Dr. Mark D. Yates is a LinkedIn expert who can help you attain that goal. Connect with him now to see how he can expertly help you.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email:, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at:

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