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Linkedin; by now you know the importance of this business social media platform and what it can mean for your company and your business growth plan. However, not all business have the right Linkedin training to fully leverage Linkedin. This fact can hinder their overall aspirations for the business as a whole.

The business world is one big battle, fighting to close that one deal, create that one important connection could mean everything to your business. This is where Linkedin can take some of the hassle away from your competitive position. However, like with anything professional Linkedin training is needed. Though I hear those sales personals crying out that Linkedin just is not for them, they don’t see how it can benefit them to use it.


Discard this thought and look to the positive side of Linkedin, rather than seeing what it does for other aspects of the business, imagine what it can achieve for your sales team. Being a leading professional in Linkedin myself, Dr Mark D. Yates, there is no stone that the platform cannot turn over to a new prosperous successful side.

As the platform continues to grow there are many Linkedin consultancy firms out there claiming to be experts in what they do, offering their advice to many businesses. Yet not all of the advice given is good advice. Not all the advice given will provide successful profitable advice to sales teams around the world.

Don’t try to run in to using Linkedin blind. Simply signing up and making account then leaving it, will not support your sales and business aspirations in any way. By finding the right Linkedin consultancy profession that can offer you Linkedin training they should outline just what aspects of Linkedin that can work for you.

So just what can Linkedin training do for your business sales?

Linkedin training for Sales #1 knowing what you show matters

Of course whether you seek aide from a Linkedin consultancy team or in fact do take the step to hire a Linkedin expert, they will all give the same first piece of advice. Ensure your profile is 100% completed to All-star level. It is not possible to attract the right people to connect and sell your products/services if your profile is not completed to the highest of standards.

To show and unfinished profile, with only half of the information that you could provide is simply not professional. If you cannot finish and advertise yourself and your products/services then how are customers/clients supposed to trust your sales?

Linkedin training for Sales #2 choosing premium or not

Normally if you were to hire a Linkedin expert they would not update your Linkedin profile to become a premium account. This is simply to save you some money, as you are already having to pay out for their services. However, a Linkedin consultancy firm that houses their own Linkedin training and Linkedin speaker professional would outline the benefits of a premium account for your sales needs.

A Linkedin premium account for sales is known as the Linkedin Sales Navigator for various obvious reasons. It can help your sales team focus on the right prospects, stay informed with insights and even build trusted relationships while you navigate your way through your selling strategies. As good as your newly upgraded account is, you may not know how to leverage it to improve your sales in the best way possible. This is where Linkedin training can help you greatly.

Step by step, the trainer should go through all the aspects of the Linkedin premium account for you, showing you just what can be achieved and how to achieve it with your upgraded account.


Linkedin training for Sales #3 Expand and grow

Every business needs to advertise and market what they wish to sell be it products or services to their target audience. However, not all sales professionals know where on Linkedin they can leverage their sales marketing strategies in order to bring in new revenue.

Linkedin have groups that members can join up to 50 of in order to find those needed business connects that will drive their sales through the roof. Most businesses will tend to join groups that are similar to their own industry or profession. However, any good Linkedin consultancy professional would instruct their client to expand their sales network to newer places.

There is only so many times that a person can hear the same sales pitch about the same sales items before they simply do not listen any more. With some Linkedin training it is possible to break through this brick wall and find new clients/customers that are open to your sales pitches. A Linkedin speaker is known to advertise themselves and the platform to many different groups of professionals, over various different industries. This is what Linkedin training can teach each sales professional to do, to expand their network to ventures that they had not thought of before.


Linkedin training for Sales #4 promote your services/products with your business

Linkedin offer businesses to create their own Linkedin business page, which are simple enough to create in the first instance. However, further work is needed to maintain and make it a successful element to any sales strategy. It is advised and outlined in any good Linkedin training that your business page should be updated with fresh content about your business and the services/products that you can provide to your clients.

With the right training any business can master their Linkedin business page, even creating several showcase pages for each product/services. Just imagine having everything that your business sells in one place, for any industry professional to find and enquire about. So long as Linkedin consultancy advice of maintaining a proactive approach is adhered to then the only way is up for your sales.


Linkedin sign is full of advice for businesses regardless of their size, geographical location or business industry. So before you hire a Linkedin expert gain some Linkedin training for you and your business.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email:, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at:

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