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Most of my new consultancy work comes from LinkedIn and a very high percentage of it comes from people I do not know, and have never personally met face to face, but who have viewed my linkedin profile. One of the many added value benefits of this consultancy work is that I do not have any sales and marketing expenses to pay. That’s right, my account with LinkedIn is a free account so I don’t have to pay to advertise and I don’t have to pay referral fees, or pay for business leads.

I categorise my LinkedIn presence under the title of ‘Stealth Marketing.’ Once a business owner masters how to use linkedin Stealth Marketing they really begin to understand how to leverage the phenomenal business opportunities available to proactive business hunters and linkedin experts.

In the eye of the global economic downturn storm, LinkedIn has to be one of the most productive and cost effective marketing strategies open to every business consultant and their business owner clients.


Do You & Your Client’s Want More Business Opportunities From Linkedin?

LinkedIn is undeniably the world’s most professional business networking group which now has over 160 million members, and it’s still growing with wild-fire proportions. You can love it or hate it, but ignore talent linkedin at your peril, because this professional business network is growing from strength to strength and your proactive competitors are eating up all the lucrative business opportunities.


LI Added Value Benefits

  • A global marketing reach delivering warm business referrals.
  • Prospective new clients feel they already know you after studying your linkedin profile.
  • Fast business interaction with prospective clients and customers.
  • Your recommendations or references are posted on your linkedin profile for clients to view and check.
  • If you have a fantastic linkedin profile, lots of talent linkedin members promote you to their customers and clients.


LinkedIn Mistakes

Many linkedin experts consider having no linkedin profile is a thousand times better than having a poor or incomplete linkedin profile.

Why? Because many linkedin articles suggest you do far more damage to your professional business image by having a linkedin profile online which is less than 100% complete. Try what your prospective business clients and your competitors do, by Googling your own name. Chances are one of the first returned online search results will be your linkedin profile.

If it’s incomplete, or it clearly shows you didn’t know what you were doing, or even worse if it looks like you were fed up and gave up on your linkedin profile, then guess what? That might just be the first impression your prospective clients get of you before they dump you and move on to someone with a more impressive profile.

You wouldn’t dream of sending out a Resume, Curriculum Vitae, marketing brochure or your linkedin blog to prospective new clients and customers which was incomplete, or riddled with inaccuracies, would you? The same ‘first impressions’ mind-set should be applied to producing your linkedin profile.


Playing In The Business Playground With Linkedin’s Big Kids

Many linkedin news reports published in many of the linkedin blogs correctly state that linkedin has an upper limit of 30,000 business linkedin profile connections for each individual linkedin member. However from 160 million plus business members very, very few get to reach the upper echelons and play in the linkedin Big Kids playground.

Linkedin reports that many of the tiny minority of linkedin Big Kids members have taken up to 8 years to get to 30,000 linkedin profile connections.


More Business Connections = More Business Opportunities

One thing is consistent among the linkedin Big Kids and most linkedin experts and that is the strong belief that More Business Connections = More Business Opportunities.

I have 30,000 first level linkedin profile business connections and 250+ client recommendations and I have to admit I am receiving far more business enquiries now than I have ever received in my life before. Being connected to so many global connections from multiple business sectors opens up completely new sources of revenue generation streams for you and your business clients.

However, business consultants and business owners do not necessarily have to have tens of thousands of linkedin business connections. Many linkedin articles and linkedin reports suggest you just need to be connected to some of the linkedin power networkers who really know how to leverage linkedin.

Imagine your business as a brand new shop and you are selling products and/or professional business services from it. You would undoubtedly want to advertise your shop opening to prospective new customers and clients.

Ask yourself if it would be better to pay for a costly advertising campaign aimed at a small number of prospects some of whom might show up at your shop, or to promote it to tens of thousands of new warm business prospects at no real cost to you.

From the perspective of business brand building I know which option all of my client’s choose, and they hire me because I have access to these tens of thousands of business connections.
Professional Business Networking Is A Science

Typically it’s only professional business networkers, linkedin experts and power networkers who really know how to gain maximum leverage from linkedin. The main reason for this is that professional networking, with the emphasis on ‘professional,’ is a science. However it’s not a conventional science, and it’s certainly not rocket science.

linkedin offers even the most die hard technophobes an easy to follow system for presenting yourself as a world-class professional business executive or business owner.


Linkedin Tips, More Linkedin Tips And Even More Linkedin Tips

5 Great Reasons To Promote You & Your Business Via Linkedin

1: It’s FREE to promote you, your business, your products & services and your linkedin profile

2: LinkedIn is a current, and of the moment business marketing platform which is Ranked as the 13th Most Visited Site Globally as of August 16th 2011. *

3: LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional business network with over 160 million business interested linkedin profile people registered.

4: Most new LinkedIn members get an opening allocation of 3,000 linkedin profile invitations to connect with other business interested people. That’s an incredible 3,000 new business client prospects if you use linkedin properly.

5: You can send multiple Internal LinkedIn marketing e-mails to 50 linkedin profile members at a time at no cost.


My Best linkedin blog Networking Tip

Use linkedin to connect with as many linkedin power networkers and linkedin experts as possible – as soon as possible. Join the linkedin Black Belt POWER Networkers Group. Don’t be afraid of asking Power Networkers and linkedin experts to connect with you, as most of them are screaming out for new linkedin profile connections.


The Unspoken Secret To Gaining Maximum Benefit From Your linkedin blog Networking

To really maximize your online linkedin business and linkedin blogs networking you should aim to show up in the top 10 returned searches for the key words and key phrases in the LI Advanced Search facility. Search for words your prospective clients and customers might type into a search engine to find you, or someone like you in your specific business sector. Ideally you want to be placed in the top 5 returned searches on linkedin. Better still if you show up as number 1.


The Best Way For Business Consultants And Their Business Owner Clients To Achieve This

Engage professional cost effective linkedin experts who also really understand business consultancy. There are a great many talent linkedin secrets and linkedin tips for growing your network productively and he/she can provide this service for you in order to turbo-charge your online business networking presence.


Linkedin News My Professional LinkedIn Business Service

I provide a full business service for you and you clients to ensure you are best placed to really leverage business opportunities from other linkedin profile members. My basic 2-day linkedin experts service is usually enough for you to significantly increase your exposure ready to exploit business opportunities.

I offer fantastic referral and commission payments to all my linkedin profile connections for successful introductions to fee-paying clients.

I’ll say nothing more, other than to provide you with a reference posted by my most recent LinkedIn client.

Details of the LinkedIn Recommendation For Dr. Mark D. Yates Posted May 17th 2012
“Dr. Mark D. Yates is one of the most highly sophisticated ‘Master Craftsman’ skilled in writing & building dynamic LinkedIn profiles for business owners. As a social media specialist he took my non-productive 18 month old LinkedIn profile and applied his marketing magic and produced a flood of new enquiries for my business in just one day of his business consultancy service.

He also drove me way above all of my business competitors to the very top of LinkedIn’s 160 million rankings for 5 of my industry sector search engine key phrases, in just one more day. I’ve already received a flood of business enquiries and can’t recommend Mark enough to business owners.

As LinkedIn’s number 1 business growth specialist and business development director Mark is definitely the Heavyweight Champion of The Business Networking World.”

Rob Roberts Talent Linkedin Graphic Designer


Linkedin News – What’s In It For You?

In the vein of allowing all of my linkedin profile associates to really use linkedin effectively I am offering all my linkedin and linkedin blog associates a substantial discount and I will gladly pay referral or commission payments for successful introductions to new fee paying clients.

My initial linkedin profile evaluation service costs just £150 UK or $225 USA. You can offer this to current and past clients as well as to client’s you failed to close, as a very productive ‘foot back in the door’ service.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world contact me, details below. You and your client’s will thank me for my professional linkedin service.

*According to Alexa web ranking

Taken from The Art Of Business Networking War E-book by Dr. Mark D. Yates. You have the author’s permission to reprint this article for your marketing and networking campaigns, blogs, forums and newsletters providing you include his contact details wherever possible.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email:, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at:

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