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In order to advance on LinkedIn to achieve profitable business growth you need to research LinkedIn connections who you can pre-identify as business decision making contacts. Then you need to foster business relationships with those people once you have established a first level connection with them.

Your business growth journey really begins with your invitation to connect. Any Linkedin consultancy will advise you to understand the relevance of creating a great first impression about you and your business. In contemporary networking you do this by ensuring your Linkedin profile, and your Linkedin business page are 100% business attractive.


So think – ‘dress to impress.’

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a positive first impression. Like in new face to face meetings, most people form their first impression of someone new in the first few seconds of meeting them. It’s exactly the same with your new prospective Linkedin connections.

I recently listened to a Linkedin speaker who stated this is one of the most common mistakes that new Linkedin connections make. They blow their chance to get connected to people. Therefore to make the best positive impression and to ensure the person you invited to connect with you will accept the connection request you sent, here are some Linkedin Sign tips from a reputable Linkedin consultancy group that can help you.


Linkedin Sign – Linkedin Connections Tip # 01 – Complete Your Profile


Completing your LinkedIn profile is a key step to get more LinkedIn connections. A lot of people choose to connect with people they are already acquainted with on LinkedIn.   So make it simple for people to find and read your LinkedIn profile. Add a recognizable and latest professionally taken photo of yourself and list your full real name.

If you are seeking local business then ensure you add your location, as this is a persuasive element for people in the same region as you to connect with you. For your headline, summarize all the positions you are working under at the moment.  Aside from education background, if you have special achievements, skills and publications that are worth adding, you can add them.

Every Linkedin speaker I know advise their clients to add your contact details too. This may include your social media accounts, email account and website address. After filling out all fields in your LinkedIn profile, rearrange them all until you get your desired layout appearance.

Linkedin training advises that developing a complete Linkedin connections profile can help you attract people who already know you, or people who have the same skills or interests as you, attended the same school where you graduated and anyone else who finds your Linkedin profile business attractive enough to connect with you.


Linkedin Sign – Linkedin Connections Tip # 02 – Write And Post A Daily Update Of Your Status


Our Linkedin consultancy advises our clients that their daily status update can include posting about your web site or your blog, or about an article that provides valuable information to business owners in your specific industry sector. Alternatively you can share a business sector informative slideshow presentation.


Linkedin Sign – Linkedin Connections Tip # 03 – Start Or Participate In Weekly Group Discussions


If you were to hire a Linkedin expert to advise you he or she would probably suggest you participate in Linkedin group discussions for about 15 minute every day. This is a great help you generate leads and build your Linkedin connections. Every Linkedin training session I’ve ever attended suggested members take full advantage of group discussions as an opportunity to share your expertise and the content of your organization. 


Linkedin Sign – Linkedin Connections Tip # 04 – Follow Influences & Answer Or Ask Questions About Their Posts 

Many Linkedin connections who are designated as Influencers on the Linkedin platform are by definition egotistical. Following some of the best known global business influencers is a strategy advised by many a  Linkedin consultancy group.  Take it as a Linkedin sign from Linkedin speaker Dr Mark D Yates that you should answer and ask questions to generate a proactive discussion thread/s. 


Linkedin Sign – Linkedin Connections Tip # 05 – Every Day, Send One Latest Invite And Personalize It 

If you were to hire a Linkedin expert to mentor you, he or she would counsel you against using the standard Linkedin default invitation to connect. If you want to align yourself with top quality business decision makers then always write your own persuasive invitation request and send it to them.   

Dr Mark D Yates Advisory Point: Always remember your goal should be to attract quality Linkedin connections as opposed to quantity Linkedin connections. You will only get quality if you invest the time to personalize your invitations to connect with you.


Linkedin Sign – Linkedin Connections Tip # 06 – Showcase Your Contact Details So That People Can Easily Contact You


At a recent Linkedin training session I ran, most of the attending Linkedin connections had failed to showcase their contact details on their Linkedin profile page. 

Dr Mark D Yates Advisory Point: Think about this example and then try to relate it back to you and your business. Take this as a Linkedin sign. If you wanted to hire a Linkedin expert or a Linkedin speaker and you couldn’t easily find their contact details, chances are you would give up and seek out someone else. If someone else has their contact details listed you are more likely to contact them.

If your business competitors have their contact details listed and you don’t, guess what?


Linkedin Sign – Linkedin Connections Tip # 07 – Be Altruistic & Promote The Skills Of People You Know In Linkedin


Linkedin consultancy advises the more activity you engage on in the Linkedin platform the more the Linkedin search engine will promote you. Promoting the skills and expertise of the Linkedin connections you know or who you have worked with or for is a great way of increasing your Linkedin weekly activity.


Linkedin Sign – Linkedin Connections Tip # 08 – Proactively Promote Your Linkedin Profile Everywhere


Think of it as your own personal Linkedin sign. You can include it on your email signature, calling card or on your blog/ website. You don’t need professional Linkedin training to advise you of the powers of proactively promoting your brand everywhere you can.


Linkedin Sign – Linkedin Connections Tip # 09 – Make Use Of Twitter To Tweet Your Linkedin Updates.


As a proactive Linkedin consultancy group we advise all of our clients to utilize Twitter and Facebook to force feed your Linkedin updates. This provides a much wider spread to a much wider audience which can result in your receiving some extra top quality Linkedin connections.


Linkedin Sign – Linkedin Connections Tip # 10 – Include Your Website & Blog Links In Your Linkedin Profile


Once again most Linkedin training covers the fact that doing this can help build credibility through the promotion of your online presence.


Dr Mark D Yates Advisory Point: You don’t need to hire a Linkedin expert or a Linkedin speaker to help you implement my 10 tips to find better Linkedin connections. Follow my tips and you will be rewarded with top quality connection who can help accelerate your profitable business growth.


In case, you still need Linkedin consultancy in order to maximize your chance to improve your LinkedIn connections, you can always ask the LinkedIn expertise of Dr. Mark D. Yates. He is a Linkedin expert in all aspects of the LinkedIn platform and he is always willing to help fellow Linked Sign members and business owners.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email:, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at:

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