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You can go to any shopping website, be it Amazon or eBay, and find that the most popular products are the ones that have had a large number of reviews.


Nobody wants to spend their hard earned cash on something that might break straight out of the box. When a product has a large number of good reviews, you can feel secure that you’ll fit into the happy customer majority too.


The same goes for businesses on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn however, has two obvious types of ‘reviews’, Recommendations & Endorsements.



Endorsements work like so: You set up a list of up to 50 “Skills and Expertise” that you reckon you have, and then people can click to put their name down as an endorser. As to say “Yep, I can vouch that Joe Blogs is a great ‘Blogger’.” If you have less than 50 skills listed, people can also give you new skills, you then have the choice to add the new skill to your profile.



Recommendations are a little different: There is a big “Do you want to recommend Joe Blogs” button on his profile. Clicking that moves you onto a screen where you need to decide who you are to recommend him, i.e. a colleague or business partner. Next is another section where you choose your relationship with the recommendee and which job you were both at. Then you write a little message, “I have worked on blogs with Joe Blogs a number of times. Our blogs blog about blogs, and they’re great.” Once you hit send it arrives in Joe’s inbox and waits for his approval.


Both can give buyer confidence. But which is ‘superior’.

Some would claim that endorsements have no weight, as they are ‘bought’. Somebody will endorse you, and you endorse them back, regardless of whether you actually know or have witnessed them excelling at the skill.


Say you have 99+ endorsements in blogging, that doesn’t necessarily mean 99+ people love and appreciate your blogs. It just means 99 people have clicked the button, probably because you clicked theirs. With or without evidence.


Even though reciprocal recommendations can be bought, I still consider recommendations to be far more professional then endorsements. Recommendations take a lot more effort to put in place. It should usually be obvious if someone is blabbering about how “Brilliant, Joe is at that thing he does.” Unless you have some sort of relationship with them it’s difficult to write cohesively. On a side note, at least in my experience, recommendations really aren’t just handed out, sometimes you’ll get a message asking for one with promise of a return favour, but it just seems sensible to ignore those completely. Having a profile that has received a number of well written recommendations, but hasn’t given many out is the perfect ratio for developing strong buyer confidence.


It should be apparent by now that I’m a big fan of recommendations, and not so big on endorsements. But tell me what you think, maybe you can even persuade me to live and love with endorsements again.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

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