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There are various ways to market your business on the internet, some successful others fall short. However, when it comes to successful business marketing and networking, there is nowhere better than Linkedin. Linkedin have over 350 million business decision making members that can help your business but how do you make yourself and your business stand out? Here are a few Linkedin profile tips to make your profile sexy to businesses.


  1. Linkedin Profiles – How To Sex Them Up: Complete your profile

It only makes good sense that before you can make your profile look appealing to businesses, connections and clients that is should be completed 100%. You cannot make something look appealing or market something that just isn’t there. Your profile is prime real estate in order to market your business brand online. Your Linkedin profile will normally appear within the main 5 Google search result when searching for your name or even when researching your business. Therefore from a Linkedin consultancy point of view it does make clear logical business sense to have a fully completed Linkedin profile that promote not only yourself but also your business.

  1. Linkedin Profiles – How To Sex Them Up: Interact with everyone

Often business owners live in the delusion that once they have set up their Linkedin profiles that the platform will do all the hard networking for them. You cannot expect businesses, connections and clients to constantly seek you out for your services/products. A Linkedin consultancy firm always advise their clients to be proactive on the platform, in order to gain what they want to achieve.

If you were to hire a Linkedin expert they would instruct yourself to start with the professionals you already have a business relationship with first, also known as your first connections. However there will come a time with all businesses that in order to gain successful profitable business growth that they will need to expand their networking circles into the unknown.

With some Linkedin training, knowing just who to interact with and how to gain those important client or business connections becomes easy. 30,000 connections, can you imagine how impressive you’re and successful your Linkedin profile will appear when you have gained the maximum amount of business connections and clients possible.

  1. Linkedin Profiles – How To Sex Them Up: Modify your outgoing appearance

Appearance means everything in the business world, you have to make yourself, your company and your products/services stand out against the competition. It is possible to make your Linkedin profile both visually appealing and content appealing to those business connections and clients you are seeking out.

On your Linkedin profile you can set a cover image of your choosing, which can be used to publicize your business and services/products or just setting an overall theme to your profile. When clients or customers are searching for you and your business via Linkedin it is mostly likely that all they will be able to see is your name and profile cover image. Of course this can be changed within your privacy settings, or by gaining expansive networking connections.

Just as a Linkedin speaker would promote the platform and their services, you and your business have to be promoted on Linkedin. Your business will have its own website that can be promoted through the use of Linkedin, in groups, by creating a Linkedin business page, through updates or even simply on your profile. Every Linkedin consultancy firm will advise their clients to be proactive in promoting their business on the platform, even gaining backlinks to their actual company website.

  1. Linkedin Profiles – How To Sex Them Up: Be convincing

When you are surrounded by business professional on Linkedin each trying to outdo each other it becomes a minefield in finding who has the true information. Linkedin Sign has been created to signpost business to the way that will perfect their profitable business growth so why not undertake the same tactic? Signpost your potential connections, clients and customers to relevant, convincing and truthful information about you, your business and your services/products.

If you are truthful in your marketing of your business and services/products you are most likely to attract those clients and business connections that will support your long term profitable business growth. Nothing is sexier to business professionals and customers than relevant up to date truthful information. So don’t turn sales and connections away with flashy deals you just cannot follow through with.

  1. Linkedin Profiles – How To Sex Them Up: Join focused on gatherings

Myself, Dr. Mark D. Yates, and my Linkedin consultancy team understand the importance of Linkedin groups. It doesn’t make a difference what industry or business you are in, this is the piece of LinkedIn you ought to be focusing the most. There is practically a group for every industry even just for business networking and these should be utilise.

If you were to hire a Linkedin expert they would join that maximum of 50 groups that could benefit your business even some groups that you would not expect to utilise. Groups can be a great way to promote your business, yourself and even your products/services to a wider audience. By having a proactive approach to the groups and Linkedin as a whole you are more likely to gain more productive and successful business connections and clients.

There are various ways to make your Linkedin profiles appealing to connections, customers and clients for your business. Five simple steps and you will have the sexiest Linkedin profile on the platform, standing out and supporting your long term successful profitable business growth.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email:, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at:

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