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Every individual LinkedIn profile consists of a number of sections, more commonly referred to as Scripts. Think of your full LinkedIn profile a book, and the various scripts as the chapters in the book.

Virtually every LinkedIn script is different and virtually every LinkedIn script has a maximum amount of available ‘character real estate’. The size of your Linkedin profile real estate, is determined by the number of characters you have written for your scripts.

Whenever you type text into any Linkedin profile script, the script is restricted by a maximum number of characters you type including spaces. Every letter, number, space, line space, symbol, grammatical and punctuality aids are classified as characters. ( For example the word and character count for this sentence including the brackets is 22 words and 131 characters without spaces.)

It’s very easy for you to write your Linkedin profile script/s and then highlight them in your Microsoft Office Word programme. Then click on your ‘Review’ hyperlink near the top of the page, then click on the ABC 123 box to the top left of your toolbar. This will then give you a word and a character count.

Your Linkedin profile character count needs to be the one without spaces.

Be advised any Linkedin expert or Linkedin trainer will recommend that it’s never wise to run to the absolute maximum number of characters without spaces in your Word document, as sometimes this does not provide an accurate count, and you may find yourself running over the maximum number of characters allowed for your Linkedin profile script/s.

Whenever a real estate broker talks about land ownership one of their priorities is to gain maximum benefit from every inch of it. LinkedIn profile scripts are no different. Follow the advice of a practicing Linkedin trainer and the lead Link Business Marketing script writer. You need to utilise all the available real estate LinkedIn allows you to use.

Linkedin Expert Advice About Search Engine Optimisation

You will gain maximum advantage from optimising your Linkedin profile for search engine optimisation, especially when it comes to including relevant key words and key phrases specifically researched to identify what people are searching online for, to identify you and/or your service or products.

It’s well worth trying a free trial on Google’s AdWords service just to learn the basics of how to identify these specific key words and phrases. Then you just have to act like a Linkedin expert and incorporate them into your Linkedin profile script/s in what’s known a search engine optimisation writing, more commonly referred to as SEO.

For example the six primary key words and phrases I have included in this LinkedIn article are… Linkedin profile, Dr. Mark D. Yates, Link Business Marketing, Linkedin Expert, Linkedin trainer and LinkedIn.

Linkedin Profile Script Character Count/s Synopsis

Linkedin Profile Script # 01: Company Name:                                     100 maximum characters.
Linkedin Profile Script # 02: Professional Headline:                          120 character limit.
Linkedin Profile Script # 03: Summary:                                                  2,000 character limit.
Linkedin Profile Script # 04: LinkedIn Publisher Post Headline:     100 maximum characters
Linkedin Profile Script # 05: LinkedIn Publisher Post Text:            40,000 characters
Linkedin Profile Script # 06: Website Anchor Text:                           30 maximum characters.
Linkedin Profile Script # 07: Website URL:                                            256 maximum characters.
Linkedin Profile Script # 08: Position Title:                                            100 character limit.
Linkedin Profile Script # 09: Position Description:                             200 min’ & 2000 max’ characters.
Linkedin Profile Script # 10: Interests:                                                   1,000 character limit.
Linkedin Profile Script # 11: Phone number:                                       25 character limit
Linkedin Profile Script # 12: In Mail:                                                        225 character limit

Linkedin Profile Script # 13: Address:                                                     1000 character limit
Linkedin Profile Script # 14: Skills:                                                            61 characters per Skill.
Linkedin Profile Script # 15: LinkedIn Status Update:                         Up to 700 characters.


First Draft Of Your LinkedIn Profile Scripts

I don’t know of any professional fee earning writer who submits their first draft for publication. It’s more common to write a first draft that’s not very good, but includes everything you think needs to be included.

A Linkedin expert and Linkedin trainer I know refers to his first draft as a brain dump.


Second Draft Of Your LinkedIn Profile Scripts

Your second Linkedin profile draft should be completed with the intention of cutting the dead wood away to enable you to get below the allowed LinkedIn word or character count. During this process you also need to be tidying up your work from a readability, flow and grammatical perspective.

Hollywood screenplay writers call this stage ‘killing your babies,’ although I realise from a politically correct perspective every Linkedin trainer and every Linkedin Expert I personally know would probably cringe at that particular politically incorrect phrase.

My best advice is to save your LinkedIn second draft and then leave it for a week before revisiting it to write your third and final draft. This allows you the benefit of two things.

1: Fresh eyes

2: Fresh perspective


Third And Final Draft Of Your LinkedIn Profile Scripts

Your third Linkedin profile draft should focus on ensuring your LinkedIn scripts are concise, your spelling and punctuation is perfect, your character count is within the maximum limit/s and that your SEO key words and key phrases are included in the scripts at the correct key word/phrase density.

This is especially relevant if you are a Linkedin Expert or a Linkedin trainer as the old saying of practice what you preach is relevant here.

Most search engines seem to still prefer the 2% to 3% key word/phrase maximum density ratio. If your LinkedIn key words and phrases run to over a 3% density ratio count, then Google and the other search engines will penalise your scripts for what they refer to as ‘Key Word Stuffing.’

The following short paragraph is a good example of including Key Word/Key Phrase stuffing into your scripts. NOTE: Scripts should not be written like the following paragraph.

You can view the Linkedin profile of Dr. Mark D. Yates the Linkedin Expert, Linkedin trainer, CEO of Link Business Marketing and a LinkedIn specialist. In his role at Link Business Marketing Dr. Mark D. Yates acts as the in-house Linkedin Expert quality controlling every Linkedin trainer to ensure the reputation of Dr. Mark D. Yates the Linkedin Expert and Link Business Marketing remains 100% professional. Dr. Mark D. Yates.

Once this happens then your scripts may never see the benefit of being search engine optimised, which in plain speak means no one gets to know of you, or read your work.

If you would like to read any other LinkedIn related business growth articles written by Dr. Mark D. Yates the CEO and lead script writer at Link Business Marketing then just visit the Blog section of: Dr. Yates has published more than 250 LinkedIn articles on this official Link Business Marketing website.


Dr. Mark D. Yates the CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd is a global business growth specialist & #1 Linkedin Expert from over 330+ Linkedin business million members’ world-wide. As a world-class Linkedin trainer, consultant & motivational speaker he would like to help you grow your business. Contact him at: Tel: UK (0) 203 390 2013 or at:

You can view his Linkedin profile at:

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email:, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at:

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