LinkedIn Networking… Reality Is a Thing Of The Past

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Whether you hate networking events or not, it’s a good idea to network online using LinkedIn, since you can reach people you may never have been able to otherwise. You’ll need to build up your number of connections and interact with them as much as possible. Many people who use LinkedIn for business don’t necessarily take advantage of everything it has to offer. Through our independent LinkedIn consultancy team, you can take LinkedIn training courses to help you learn the best techniques to use LinkedIn as a networking tool.


In order to get more profile traffic, you’re going to need to keep your profile up to date and also up to standard. This will help with both getting more profile visits and making people more likely to be interested. Complete as many of the different sections as you can, since you never know what aspect of your profile will catch someone’s eye (or be searched for by a potential business connection). You’ll need to write a summary about yourself and what you do, and detail your experience (current and previous roles) as well. This is a good opportunity to showcase your business and your role within it. You can hire a LinkedIn expert such as Dr Mark D Yates to help write your profile and make sure it gets as much traffic as possible with techniques like SEO.

Create a company page as well, and gather a following on that by promoting it to your connections, and getting everyone else associated with the business who is on LinkedIn to promote it to their connections as well. This is another opportunity to showcase your business, since you’re given the opportunity to write a summary about it, along with its specialties and what makes it unique. Gathering a following on this page allows you to engage with people, both your target audience and potential business connections, and gain more followers of your website, blog or anything else you want to engage people with.

You’ll find the advanced search feature of LinkedIn to be extremely useful, since it gives you the ability to hone in on specific people. You can search by name, company name, job title, location, education and more. You can also enter in your own keyword to find particular people. Another thing you can hire a LinkedIn expert for is to generate a list of specific leads for you to follow, with any search term of your choice. This is certain to make networking on LinkedIn much easier, since having as many connections as possible in the area of your choice has a domino effect, allowing you to connect to your mutual connections using the ‘get introduced’ feature.

Another way to gain connections and network at the same time is to create and/or join groups. There’s a very large amount of groups on LinkedIn, over a million, and you can join up to 50 and create up to 10 of your own. Groups can have subgroups and moderators to keep track of things. You can join a group specifically for networking, and ones that have people in specific areas of work or specific types of people, too. Expect group discussions, and participate in as many as possible to get interactions going, as well as starting them yourself. This is to establish yourself as an active, well-known member of the group. LinkedIn speaker Dr Mark D Yates says that you should take the lead and try to catch people’s attention via interactions so that your contact requests will increase.

An important method of maintaining your connections’ attention is through interaction. This can be done by sharing updates with them, and these updates can be advertisements, similar to with your business page, or attempts to start discussions. Starting discussions can be achieved by posting out relevant or trending articles and asking for people’s opinion on them. This is useful because getting people’s interest in your posts will help increase their interest in you. Dr Mark D Yates recommends that you look into sponsored updates as well. Though this feature, you can pay to have your updates appear in particular people’s newsfeeds, regardless of whether they’re your connection or not. LinkedIn gives you the ability to hone in on specific people with this feature as well, including people’s location, job title, gender, job function, seniority, industry and even specific companies.

So, with LinkedIn, there’s no need for networking events, and you can cut right to the chase when making business connections. Check out LinkedIn sign for more information on LinkedIn’s many features.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

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