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On LinkedIn, your profile is the foundation you’ll need for everything else you do on LinkedIn, regardless of the reason you’re using it. Getting connections is going to be a whole lot harder if your profile is incomplete. Our independent LinkedIn consultancy team allows you to hire a LinkedIn expert who will build a high-quality profile for you and maintain it for a period of 12 months, ensuring that it gains as much profile traffic as possible and is as high as possible on the LinkedIn rankings.

What should your LinkedIn profile look like according to the LinkedIn Expert's Expert? What should your LinkedIn profile look like according to the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert?

Your profile is split up into however many sections you fill in, and although it is highly recommended that you fill in as many as you possibly can, some of them are optional or just don’t apply to you. Below are some of the sections in more detail:

Summary section:

This section is there to allow you to showcase yourself and what you do. You’ll find it useful to write a few paragraphs, and you have a 2,000 character limit in which to do so. Write a brief overview of your role and what you do in this role, and you can also hire a LinkedIn expert to help write it (and your profile in general) and make sure it is search engine optimised so that your profile gains many more views.

Experience section:

Here you can detail your current and previous work experience, again with a character limit of 2,000. It’s important that you not only detail the things you do or did in your roles, but that you explain exactly how this experience has helped you in building up your current skills. You can get LinkedIn training from our independent LinkedIn consultancy team to teach you the best ways of fleshing out your experience section along with all of the other sections.

Education section:

In this section, you can showcase your formal education. Now, your work experience section might contain more than your formal education section, but it’s still important to have something there. When searching on LinkedIn, people might look for your place of education, and your profile would appear on that search. You can also add any activities and societies that you were a part of during school or university as well.

Projects section:

This section allows you to give examples of your experience. So, you can write about case studies of things you’ve worked on and improve your credibility. LinkedIn gives you the option to enter where you worked at the time of the project, the date it occurred, any team members involved with it, and a summary of what was achieved. You can even detail ongoing projects, and enter the finish date later down the line. Our LinkedIn training can aid you with knowing exactly what sorts of things to include in projects.

Skills & Endorsements section:

An important section, this is to allow you to put in up to 50 skills you have, such as interpersonal skills or IT skills. Try to fill in as many as possible, since skills are also searched on LinkedIn and your profile can be found this way as well. If people visiting your profile know that you’ve got a particular skill they can choose to endorse it, and the higher the number of endorsements you have on a skill, the higher you rank on a search for that particular skill. LinkedIn sign contains a lot of information on ranking higher in searches, so take a look if you want to increase your LinkedIn profile exposure.

Volunteer/causes section:

You can detail any previous or current voluntary work you might’ve done here, to further show people the type of person you are. Also, you can use this section to express interest in possible voluntary work, and there’s also a ‘causes I’m interested in’ section so you can let people know what charities you might support. Filling in this section might present unexpected opportunities to you; you never know who might find your profile on LinkedIn and what they might have to offer.

Advice for contacting section:

Exactly what it says on the tin, this section allows you to detail your availability, types of opportunities to contact you with, and anything else you think is relevant with regards to contacting you. You can include your contact details here, but be aware that they would be visible to anyone who views your profile.

Use of Images in General:

As a professional LinkedIn speaker, I believe that making your profile unique is an extremely important part of catching people’s attention. Uploading a profile picture will be necessary, since profiles without pictures are much, much less likely to be viewed. You can put your company logo on the side or bottom of the profile image, and making sure it all looks professional is important. A professional looking profile picture lets people know that you mean business on LinkedIn, and makes a good impression on profile visitors. You’ve also got the option to upload a banner picture to your profile, making it stand out as even more visually appealing. Also, you can upload photos and videos to other sections of your profile, making it stand out even further.screenshot

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