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Linkedin is the perfect platform for businesses to connect and communicate with each other. Gone are the days where you can bump into someone attending a networking event and spark up a successful profitable business connection. Many Linkedin consultancy firms around the world sing the praises of the business social media platform and just what it can achieve for companies.

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No matter where your business is globally positioned or its industry through Linkedin it is possible to connect with local business or those the other side of the world. However, some professionals believe that simply connecting with key members of potential business partners or clients is enough.

It’s not.

Linkedin sign and Dr. Mark D. Yates connect with professionals and businesses daily. From power networkers to potential clients but what makes this connections profitable and successful is contacting those connections. You cannot expect business deals and partnerships to be constructed or even become successful profitable aspects of your business without initiating and continuing contact.

Linkedin offers various ways to find and contact potential business professionals and with the right Linkedin training it is possible to exploit every one of them. After all you should try every possible way to communicate with someone on Linkedin, you never know what they can do for your business.

But how do you go about contacting them? Well of course you can outsource this dilemma by choosing to hire a Linkedin expert, let them take the hassle out of finding and contacting the people your business needs. However, any good Linkedin consultancy group with their own Linkedin speaker would promote doing this yourself.  There is some easy and useful advice that any Linkedin consultancy professional would offer their clients.

Linkedin advice for contacting #1 Know who you are contacting

With over 350 million members, anyone and everyone could be on Linkedin. While this can be good to find a vast amount of different professionals all around the world in different industries with different levels and sets of skills. However, when looking for that one perfect person that can lead your business in the right direction can be difficult to find the right person.

Think about it, how many men with the name John do you know?

It is never simple to find that person when there is the entire world to search through. Linkedin training can help any business professional learn and develop their knowledge of the platform and its various search functions.

The very last thing you want to be doing is contacting someone you never meant to.

Linkedin advice for contacting #2 Do your research

Before you even think about sending a message or contacting anyone on Linkedin personally any good Linkedin consultancy expert would advise having at least some research under your belt. You need to know that the professional that you are connecting will want to hear what you have to say, otherwise it is a wasted effort.

There is no point talking to a Linkedin member about something that they do not deal with and do not wish to deal with. A Linkedin speaker know this fact well, publicising and promoting the usefulness and resources that Linkedin can provide. However, their words would fall on deaf ears if those attending were simply not interested in business social media.

Know about the professional and their company before you jump into connecting and trying to charm up a successful business relationship with them.

Linkedin advice for contacting #3 Know what to say

You have found the perfect person, you have done your research so don’t fall short now. When you hire a Linkedin expert or undertake Linkedin training they can highlight just how to make sure your first point of contact is perfect. No one wants to jumble their messages or forget some important details and have to backtrack.

It is simple, take a breath and think about what you want to say. Just as you would any business email, construct something structured and formal but that is still fluid. Any good Linkedin consultancy firm would highlight for their clients were they are going wrong with contacting members of the platform. Often these mistakes are created out of rushing through what you are wanting to say and hitting send without a thought or a re-read.

Linkedin advice for contacting #4 Know when and where

As previously stated there are various ways that you can contact professionals and businesses on Linkedin, but just where and when do you contact them? Most people will be advised when they hire a Linkedin expert to take a proactive approach to the platform. This means posting out content and interacting with those that comment.

The content that can be posted comes in different forms, from simple profile updates to pulse posts and group discussions. This means you are never limited on a way to contact a professional, even without delving into their IM’s or inbox. If they have had the right Linkedin training whoever you are trying to contact will reply back to you. Even if it is just a friendly greeting, it is the first step in communication.

When commenting on their activity such as the updates and discussions it is always best to discuss the information offered first. Showing an interest in what they are publishing can be a productive and successful start to a business relationship.

With so many ways to communicate and connect with business professionals on Linkedin it is possible to create that perfect successful and profitable business relationship. The four simple steps above can help you on your way, but there is so much more to learn and utilise for your business on the platform that can be opened through Linkedin consultancy professionals and their training programs.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email:, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at:

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