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asdasdasdasdasdasdasdAbout a month ago if someone mentioned LinkedIn I would have looked at them & asked what that was. As a jobseeker I completely ignored the possibility that businesses had a social media site & that jobs were advertised off the grid.

Businesses use LinkedIn to advertise products & recruit employees by connecting to each other & I was missing out on the many opportunities.

After a few weeks my employment advisor suddenly told me that I should make a LinkedIn profile & my Facebook contacts sent LinkedIn invites so I decided I should give it a try.

The process was easy to set up. I entered my details into the profile, took a photo & was ready to get started.

This may sound like I knew what I was doing but after joining Link Business Marketing I realised that I had just scratched the surface.

The photo wasn’t professional, there was no keywords that LinkedIn could index & the most important thing; no connections.

LinkedIn is like being a link in a chain of connections, each link makes the chain strong.

So after tidying up my profile I joined groups like Black Belt Power Networks & LION (leading international open networks) & now I have a professional profile with contacts that are constantly growing as more people search for the business.

It’s all good thinking that you’ll join every group that you can see but that defeats the purpose, join groups that help you get a foot in the door & allow people to take notice of you.


I know it is hard getting the best LinkedIn profile especially if you are new to the process so here is my advice:

  • Use a professional photo, not one of you lounging around or in your pyjamas but a sensible one that contains a headshot or shoulder length, as this is the first thing everyone sees. You get judged by what they can see & if it is bad or lazy then you will get ignored.


  • Write as much information about your projects & education as possible as this allows contacts to see that you are taking this seriously. Short sentences make it look like you are lazy & are just copying your c.v. This won’t attract anybody to your profile.


  • Gather contacts that help you get noticed, whether you’re in a business or a jobseeker, the more connections you make the more opportunities you create to promote yourself.


  • If this seems like too much to handle then Link Business Marketing can help. We provide a full management service and create professional profiles tailored to your industry that generate business growth, or can provide many products so that you can help yourself. These range from informational eBooks to the LinkedIn SWAT training program. Visit www.elinked.eu for more details.


About the author

Peter Carpenter is a LinkedIn Apprentice to the #1 LinkedIn Expert & Global operations director Dr. Mark D. Yates at Link Business Marketing Ltd. He is working with other LinkedIn Expert’s to leverage LinkedIn for profitable business growth. You can contact him at Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 or at pete@elinked.eu

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