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There’s one thing you can’t do, no matter how hard you try.

You cannot not communicate.

Whether you’re feeling alive, half dead or are actually dead, your body is talking long before you open your mouth.

Research by The Dale Carnegie Foundation suggests that roughly 85% of our social and financial success in life is determined by our communication skills.

Yet so many people who want access to our wallets don’t know how to communicate effectively.

The key to capturing your audience’s attention is to first pay attention to them and remember that two monologues don’t make a dialogue.

If you’ve got a great attitude towards other people, then they’ll want to hear what you have to say and spend time with you.

A bad attitude on the other hand is like bad breath: if you have one, people will avoid you and they probably won’t tell you why.

Just like a flowering plant, we humans get the most attention when we’re in full bloom.

Our level of energy inspires the people around us. If you want to move others, first you have to be moved yourself. If you want others to be enthused by what you say, you first need to be enthused yourself. It’s our level of energy that most often determines whether we succeed or fail.

Just like chow mein, curry and coffee, we humans are best when served hot.

As the following 90 second video so beautifully demonstrates,

Change your words, change your world

The following 2 minute video from the inimitable Paul Whitehouse demonstrates how to communicate in a style which is most appropriate for your audience, albeit in a somewhat more irreverent manner!

Better communication by Paul Whitehouse


A man walks into the bedroom to find his wife jumping up and down on the bed.

Smiling broadly his wife looks at him and says: “I’ve just had my annual check-up and the doctor says I may be 45, but I’ve got the breasts of an 18 year old!”

“But what did the doctor say about your 45 year old ar5e?” says the man.

“Oh he didn’t mention you, dear.”

Sunil Bali

As well as being a recognised authority on personal branding and peak performance, Sunil is a critically acclaimed author and blogger. His corporate experience includes roles as Head of Talent on behalf of Vodafone Group, Santander (UK) and Cable & Wireless Europe. Sunil has also run a multi-million pound recruitment business, and is a Non Executive Director. Sunil’s first degree in Sports Science and Psychology fuelled his passion for the psychology of human achievement and well-being. As well as possessing an MBA, he is a qualified Psychotherapist and Executive Coach.

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