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LinkedIn has many different purposes, and you might not be using it to its full potential. You can use it to advertise your brand or vacancies, to get a job in a specific area, to reach out to your target audience and, importantly, to network. Making business connections might be the main reason you’re on LinkedIn, because here you have the means to contact people you may never get the chance to otherwise. Our independent LinkedIn consultancy team aims to help people leverage LinkedIn’s opportunities as much as possible through LinkedIn training courses.

With some LinkedIn training you can successfully leverage LinkedIn for all your networking needs

To network on LinkedIn, the first thing to do is to build up your connections as much as you can. I recommend the first step to doing this is making sure your profile is up to date. Fill out the main sections, such as education, experience and your summary, as fully as possible. Then fill in as many of the other relevant sections, such as causes and interests, as possible. Make sure you put in as much professional information about yourself as possible into your profile; you’re given a lot of flexibility in terms of how much to put on your profile and the layout of it. You can hire a LinkedIn expert though our independent LinkedIn consultancy professionals in order to aid you in profile development, including using SEO techniques to have your profile appear as high up on searches as possible.

So, you’ll want to search for connections in specific areas of work or with specific skills. This can be achieved by using LinkedIn’s advanced search feature, which allows you to search for sections such as keywords, job titles, company names, education and location. So you can hone in on anyone you want to connect to, and choose your contacts carefully. You can also hire a LinkedIn expert such as Dr Mark D Yates who can compile a list of leads in specific areas of your choosing for you to connect to and expand your network this way. Adding connections will have a ripple effect as you can add more by getting introduced to 2nd level connections (mutual connections) by your direct connections.

LinkedIn speaker Dr Mark D Yates will tell you how important joining groups is for gaining more connections on LinkedIn. You can add anyone in your group without hassle, and if you create and participate in group discussions then you’re likely to gain more connections easily. There are many groups on LinkedIn, which are created for specific purposes so you can bet that there will be people joining for similar reasons to you, so you’re highly likely to find one that suits your needs.

You can also buy InMail credits which allow you to send InMails to people that aren’t in your contact list, and that you don’t have the contact details of, allowing you to connect to them without the need to be introduced or be in the same group as them. InMails give you the opportunity to make good impressions on others, so you’re very likely to gain connections using this process. You can send your email address over with the message, and people can use it to connect to you.

So, now that you’ve got your connections, it’s important to keep them interested. You should do this by posting regular updates and responding to any and all InMails you receive and offering people advice and aid so that they’ll be more likely to offer you the same. Updates are important for advertising and gaining interest in your company. You can also get people interested in your content by talking about and sharing articles regarding trending topics. If they’re interested in what you have to say, then they’ll be likely to take more of an interest in you. Our LinkedIn training courses help you learn how to tap into the benefits of regularly interacting on LinkedIn, with the frequency, tone and type of updates being very important. You can also use sponsored updates, where you can pay to have your post appear in the activity feeds of people in specific locations or demographics.

So, here you have the chance to use LinkedIn to build up professional relationships, giving you a wonderful opportunity to be networking online, with much less hassle and a much longer reach. By building up professional relationships and advertising your business online, you’ll find new opportunities will come to you. Check out LinkedIn sign to help familiarise yourself with LinkedIn’s features you can get LinkedIn training to help you take full advantage of this.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

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