How to Copy > Paste “LION” Emails to grow your Linked In network FAST

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Here are brief instructions on how to copy and paste emails into Linked In to send bulk requests to connect.

Note, you should ONLY send invitations to people that you know


People that have indicted they would like

unsolicited requests to connect (LION’s).

         (below are details of some places you can find plenty LION of emails)

If you send to strangers, they are entitled to report your request to Linked In. Once you have been reported a number of times, restrictions will be placed on your account that make it more difficult to send invitations.

The one area that people broadly choose not to apply that rule is sending invitations to “LION’s”, or “Open Networkers”. These people have decided that there is a lot to benefit from growing their network as fast as possible and are happy to accept invitations from strangers.

LION’s typically include something in their profile or tile, like:


Never IDK (never I Don’t Know) ie> they never report unsolicited invitations to Linked In

Invitations Welcome

Welcome to connect

Accept all invites

5k + (or other similar figure) ie> they have “however many” thousand direct 1st level connections and want to grow a larger network

The good news, is that you can easily find LION’s. As well as stating LION or similar in the title or even name of their profile they are heavily populated in one or more of the many LION and Open Networking groups in Linked In as well as on separate sites.

One option is of course to click on each person, follow through to their page, click on connect, follow through to the next page, and so on.

Even if have lightning quick internet, it would probably get a little slow and tedious.

Also, if you carry the habit of clicking on strangers “connect” button from LION groups to other parts of LI, you may find yourself blocked from sending invites very swiftly.

With that in mind, following are step by step instructions for possibly the fastest way to grow your network.

Before you can start you need to Prepare your email list

Some LION’s and some groups will publish lists, or you can capture emails from your email programs, etc

NOTE> Make sure they are on a “LION list” or someone you actually know. If you feed a general data base of emails into Linked In, you will get restricted very quickly!

You can follow steps for LI to go through your email program and send to all, but some people may not be keen on that.

Alternatively you can copy and paste emails from the LION groups into a word document, or excel file.

Dr. Mark D. Yates is active on some of the groups, has a significant list and of course is open to connections.

There is also a list growing on China Open Networking

1. Click on “Add Connections” in Linked In

There are various ways to do that.

At the very top, just left of your own picture is a “+person” pictogram. If you click on that it will bring you to the screen for adding connections.

Alternatively, if you click on the “connections” tab, just to the right of the “home” tab, and select “add connections” you will get to the same page.

2. Click on “Any Email”

There is row of email logos.

The far right is a plane envelope.

If you click on that, more options will drop down at the bottom of the page.

3. Click on “Invite by individual email”

The lowest link on the page under “More Ways to connect” is one.

Click on “Invite by individual email”

4. Paste your email list

A box appears with instruction to “Type email addresses below, separated by commas”.

You can type them in, or simply copy and paste.

If you have saved the emails “line by line” in a document or excel file, you will not need to add commas, as long as they show, line by line in the box.

Otherwise, you need the comma.

NOTE> You can only post a maximum of 10 per day! See more information in the post “Why your invitations may be getting lost”.

5. Click Send Invitations

Once you click on the “Send Invitations” button, the system will “think” for as long as it takes for you’re the internet and the LI server to do what is needed.

The screen with refresh to “add connections” page.

Across the top a green banner will appear briefly to advise how many invitations have been sent.

6. Watch for your new connections

It will often take some time for most of the connections to roll in. Some users are more active than others, there are time zone differences, etc, etc. Some will appear almost instantly, some may turn up months later.

There are various ways to keep track of your new connections.

One is via “Notifications” (flag icon), second left your picture in top right sometimes appear with a white number in a red box.

It signifies a notice of some type, which can include other people posting on a discussion you are following, endorsements, and so forth.

It will also show new connections, if that is of interest to you.

Particularly if you like many people like to send a “welcome”, “thank you” or “introduction” message to new contacts.

7. Is your profile ready for connections?

You really should have checked this already.

If you are not sure, it is worth double checking that you have:

  • “Select who can send you invitations” set to “anyone on Linked In (recommended)” under “Privacy & Settings/Communications”
  • A reasonably good photo displaying on your profile. The grey default icon repels connections
  • A “welcome to connect” message, or simply “LION” in your title

For more information visit The easiest way to achieve passive growth of connectionsand Power Users – Tricks, Tips and Wish List

If you are looking for LION emails to send invitations to, there is growing list of emails of LION’s who would like to grown their network on China Open Networking

Note, if you are looking for new connections, make sure you include a “welcome to connect” message in your title. It will allow people to connect with you, using the easiest connection portal in Linked In. You can read more about that in The easiest way to achieve passive growth of connections.

Finally, it goes without saying that I am growing my network, so happy to accept invitations to connect on Linked In.

All LION’s and business professionals, are welcome to connect. Here is my link for your convenience:

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Originally from Sydney, Australia, Helmut has been based mainly in China for over a decade. His work focuses on Quality Control and Procurement, providing a safer way for third party clients to source product from Asia. Appreciating the value of Linked In as a business tool, Helmut has been a member since its formative years. A significant feature is that Linked In is accessible in China. (All other major western online platforms, such as Twitter, FB, You Tube, etc are blocked, leaving only Linked In, and a proliferation of local Chinese platforms).Helmut recognizes the value of a greater reach within LinkedIn and welcomes new connections. He is also happy to help less experienced members, leading to a number of blogs and posts here and in "Power Users – Tricks, Tips and Wish List"

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