How a Seven Foot Green Alien Helped Grow Our Business

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Talk about close encounters. It was a day like any other at the office in mid April 2013. Minding my own business and pondering the Linkedin business growth service we were about to provide for the 11 new Linkedin clients we’d signed up the previous day.

Business growth, strategy and more effective communications were on my mind.

These new clients were from a sector that didn’t subscribe to the old-fashioned ‘Booted & Suited’ style of corporate business.

They were relatively young Mavericks from the specialised sector of mid management recruitment.

Bla OfficeOne of their directors mentioned he could not change his casual photo on his Linkedin profile to a more professional corporate style photo, because he feared his loyal client base would desert him for selling out.

He also mentioned that he had to always pre-contact companies he was pitching his business to, to identify the correct dress code for when he was attending their office HQ to present his business proposal.

Apparently many clients in his specialised area of recruitment, i.e. Digital Media, will not entertain corporate recruiters dressed in suits, shirts, ties and highly polished shoes.

Clearly I was going to have to revise my communications strategy if I was going to lead my Linkedin consultancy team to deliver profitable business growth for this agency client.

However as I advise all my client’s seeking profitable business growth, ‘Business Change Is Difficult’, but ‘Communications Change’ was clearly required to ensure success.’

Blowing the froth off my first Chocca Mocha of the day, I looked across the office. I could sense something was in the air. My 12 work colleagues were buzzing and I must have been the only one not privy to this unusual explosion of early morning verbal chatter.

The youngsters were talking to the old hands and vice versa, the Liverpool football supporters were chewing the fat with the Everton football supporters, and there was an unexpected sense of enthusiasm and excitement in the office.

People were unusually mobile and extremely animated.

Sherlock Holmes would have said there was a clue in the fact that the phrases ‘Area 52’ and ‘The X-Files’ were being discussed in the conversations.

However this went right over my head as I was reading a very enlightening blog article from a UK Linkedin C-Level Executive Adviser member Bob Evans, about how Cows Mooing cannot be understood by Ducks whose communication delivery is Quacking.

Then all of a sudden things just went really weird as a seven foot green Alien named Bla (Big Local App) burst through the office door right next to my desk.
Although Bla’s English was as about as good as my Klingon, his command presence was enough to engage everyone in the office. It was as if someone had flipped a switch and everyone’s focus was firmly on Bla.

Bla was in our office for a Green Screen business marketing video shoot to promote his ‘Earth Resident Sponsors’ new local business.

I watched in awe how Bla’s marketing communications unfolded for the hour he was in our office. This was no stuffed shirt, suit and tie presenter. This Alien didn’t verbalise in corporate consultancy speak, and yet his command presence held an audience of 12 fairly intelligent earthlings captive.

It was as I was finishing the last of my Mocha that an earth shattering Epiphany hit me like a bolt of lightning from… well from… planet… Zog… I’m not too sure if Bla was actually from planet Zog, or… Birkenhead, but it’s the only other planet name that springs to mind when referring to seven foot tall Aliens.

And then my Epiphany began to unfold.

I had already identified I had to change my communications strategy for some of my business social media clients, and I just realised that if I visit Old McDonalds Farm and Moo to an audience consisting of cows, dogs, ducks and chicks, only the cows will understand my communication strategy.

If you think this is getting a bit weird, then give me some latitude as I’ve never participated in silent brain storming session facilitated by a seven foot green Alien before. This was definitely a business ‘change’ for me.

Bob’s blog article alluded to the requirement of moving away from the concept of one communication method fitting all clients. He also stated the importance of communicating to a target audience with a message that both captivates and resonates with that specific business sector audience.

Okay the penny was beginning to drop with me. I need to moo to cows, bark at dogs, quack at ducks and tweet to chicks. God knows how I was going to get this concept past my wife who up until now had acted as my unofficially appointed business growth sounding board.

Wow this was deep thinking and I admit I was half expecting Bla to begin secretly implanting some form of telekinesis or psychokinetic powers into me and my fellow office workers. Fortunately by the time Bla left the office there were no official reports of the sub-conscious manipulation of any molecules, atoms or subatomic particles by any earthlings left in the office.
So how did Bla help me grow my Linkedin Consultancy business?

Well the next day myself and fellow business director Steve Mason pitched our services to a locally based company who provide their professional services to International clients. Their turnover is over £40 million pounds per year and I knew that as a niche business I’d have to adapt my communication delivery to focus on being business sector specific to their niche business.

Post presentation, and before we had got back to our office which was an hour’s drive, or thirty millionth of a nano second in Bla’s preferred mode of transport, the company’s marketing manager had emailed Steve and I saying how she was looking forward to working with us.

From a business growth perspective this is the precise type of client needed to help turbo-charge our business growth.

By some strange force of nature, or perhaps because of some form of external alien influence from Bla, this business pulls a very high percentage of their new business from professional recruiters and they mentioned they would want us to connect them to some serious professional management recruitment directors. I guess I know a couple of these guys.

Business growth at its finest and a win, win, win situation for all of us.

Strange how the planets sometimes align isn’t it… or is it?

In case you are wondering what became of Bla. Well he followed his predecessor ET’s exit strategy and ‘went home’.
Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla.

Follow this link to read Bob’s Moo, Bark, Quack or Tweet Article.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email:, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at:

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