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Defining Expert Status By Dr. Mark D. Yates The Independent LinkedIn Expert’s Expert

Before you even consider conducting research, or due diligence to hire an Independent LinkedIn expert or a LinkedIn speaker or a LinkedIn training provider, I respectfully recommend you read the following LinkedIn consultancy overview.

Hire An Independent LinkedIn Expert

I kind of know what you are thinking. Not another self-professed LinkedIn expert? Seems like you can’t move an inch without bumping into another LinkedIn training or LinkedIn speaker expert. And the world of business and social media appears to be the latest business sector saturated with less than credible LinkedIn consultancy experts.

Hire a LinkedIn Expert

Visit Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn platform & a Tsunami of experts flood across your radar screen.

Although every one of these contemporary sectors are completely different, and as Hire a Linkedin Expert Dr Mark D Yatessuch, the skill sets to gain maximum leverage from them are so diverse, there are still tens of thousands of experts harassing you for your consultancy fees.

Fortunately unlike social media websites, business social media platforms offering LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn speaker or LinkedIn training are far more complex. Especially if the hire a LinkedIn expert consultancy group is providing you, or your business with a long term profitable business growth service.

This dictates the race to the LinkedIn consultancy expert finishing line is far less crowded than the Face book or Twitter finishing lines.

I admit to occasionally feeling somewhat uncomfortable when a new prospective client contacts me because they need or want to hire a LinkedIn expert and they’ve identified I’m recognised as the LinkedIn expert’s expert. Mainly because most savvy business owners I meet are initially either cynical or sceptical about paying for LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn speaker or they are looking to hire a LinkedIn expert.

When contemplating the hire of a LinkedIn expert many business owners tell me they think the LinkedIn expert’s expert title was bestowed on me after I developed Link Business Marketing and positioned it as the most professional LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn speaker and LinkedIn training group in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Others tell me I carry the LinkedIn expert’s expert title after writing two LinkedIn books, and then authoring the world’s first and only academically accredited LinkedIn training business growth programme.

And others mention it’s because I was the major feature in 5 high profile TV documentaries about my LinkedIn consultancy services and because of my hire a LinkedIn expert service delivery in various countries.

LinkedIn Expert Dr Mark D Yates

In reality I believe if you wear a title that’s specifically relevant to someone looking to hire a LinkedIn expert, then you need to have earned it in a genuine way.

All told I’ve personally invested close to 12 years in developing my LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn speaker and LinkedIn training business.

This includes spending nearly two years full time 7 days a week 52 weeks of the year, building and managing a business social media platform which was very similar to the LinkedIn consultancy website.

My role was to effectively reverse engineer the entire LinkedIn business model and their global website. I learnt so much that I almost became a LinkedIn training Instructor and LinkedIn speaker without even realising it.

This phenomenal LinkedIn consultancy experience allowed me to then develop Link Business Marketing and recruit the finest LinkedIn training and LinkedIn speaker talent to be ready for when a business owner is looking to hire a LinkedIn expert.

Global clients began to retain me as either their LinkedIn consultancy specialist or as their LinkedIn speaker or LinkedIn training provider. Other LinkedIn experts began to realise I had acquired enviable LinkedIn consultancy skill sets and they began to promote me as the LinkedIn expert’s expert.

Whenever anyone seeks to retain me as a LinkedIn expert’s expert, I’m extremely conscious that as a reputation driven CEO of a professional LinkedIn consultancy, client’s expectations of us are high.

It doesn’t matter whether we are delivering LinkedIn training, LinkedIn consultancy, or because I have been retained as a LinkedIn speaker, I make it my business to always under promise and always over deliver.

In my fascinating journey to become the first choice for anyone looking to hire a LinkedIn expert or to retain me as their LinkedIn speaker I have consulted with clients and/or delivered LinkedIn training in 44 countries. I’m always conscious that an increasing number of new LinkedIn experts are entering the marketplace and the reason for this is simple. It’s because more and more business owners are looking to hire a LinkedIn expert.

Clearly not every LinkedIn speaker or LinkedIn expert is going to over perform for their business clients, and it is on that basis that I counsel caution whenever you are looking to hire a LinkedIn expert.

In reality, expert status in any sector requires years of deliberate practice and hands-on persistent application.

As the CEO of a professional LinkedIn consultancy I inform every new prospective Link Business Marketing client I meet of the following.

I’ve never found anyone other than Malcolm Gladwell and Dr. K. Anders Ericsson who have really nailed the Hire a LinkedIn Expert Tree Imageconcept of expert definition.

Gladwell wrote about defining Expert Status. In particular he outlined the ‘ten thousand hour rule’ based on research conducted by Dr. K. Anders Ericsson from Florida State University USA.*

Dr. Ericsson identified that to reach ‘Expert Level Performance,’ requires on average 10,000 hours of ‘Deliberate Practice’ to achieve.

10,000 hours = 8 hours of Deliberate Practice every day for approximately 3½ years with no breaks, no weekends off and no vacation time away.

Assuming a standard 260 working days per year, with no distractions, that’s a full time job for approximately 5 years. That’s providing you spend 100% of that time, exerting 100% of your energy and effort.

For comparison, most world-class performers in ultra-competitive fields like music performance and professional sports can only manage the energy for 3½ hours of ‘Deliberate Practice’ every day.

This means it can take ten years or more to develop a skill to mastery.

If you want to hire a LinkedIn expert here’s food for thought

At the time of writing i.e. January 23rd 2014, LinkedIn is only 11 and a half years old.

Although I’m not a gambling man, I’d place a bet that there are currently not too many genuine LinkedIn experts in the business growth marketplace.

Not convinced your Linkedin expert or your LinkedIn speaker, or your business growth expert, is actually an expert? Then contact me personally, or anyone of my proven full time LinkedIn expert business growth consultants at Link Business Marketing. Europe’s largest Independent LinkedIn business growth consultancy for further advice. drmarkdyates@aol.com or visit: www.elinked.eu

*From the book: The First 20 Hours – How To Learn Anything Fast by Josh Kaufman. ISBN: 978-0-670-9291-1.

I first became aware of LinkedIn when it originally founded in America. I was the CEO of a USA corporation and I immediately recognised its long term potential for business owners seeking profitable business growth.

For the last six and a half years I have lived and breathed my LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn speaker and LinkedIn training business every day, including weekends. If you get a sense that I’m passionate about LinkedIn consultancy, then you won’t be wrong.

It’s very rewarding to know we’ve established a fantastic reputation as the ‘go to guys’ for any form of LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn speaker or LinkedIn training.

It’s also nice to know whenever a business owner is looking to hire a LinkedIn expert, that we are recognised as market leaders in the LinkedIn consultancy world.

LinkedIn Sign LaptopI’m also conscious that to continue delivering profitable growth for business owners, we need to train up the next wave of LinkedIn experts. I’m very proud that Link Business Marketing appears to be the first company in the world to have trained 8 Independent LinkedIn consultancy apprentices.

Business clients are already factoring for this when they get to the hire a LinkedIn expert stage to fuel their business growth.

Our LinkedIn training apprentices work full time in our business and they are receiving 2 years of mission specific LinkedIn training and LinkedIn speaker experience supported by the British Governments apprenticeship scheme.

This includes full accredited LinkedIn training in college one day per week, every week.

If you are ready to hire a LinkedIn expert then rest assured I can already identify the next wave of LinkedIn experts from our own LinkedIn consultancy work-force.

The purpose of writing this information was to provide you with an informed LinkedIn expert’s expert overview in case you have a need to hire a LinkedIn expert, or a LinkedIn speaker.

Hopefully I provided you with enough information to minimise your business growth investment risk.

Hire A LinkedIn Expert Summary

LinkedIn Expert Dr. Mark D. YatesI’m recognised as someone who likes to help business owners, so if you ever find the need to hire a LinkedIn expert or a professional LinkedIn speaker then feel free to contact me. I provide a one hour FREE, no obligation LinkedIn consultancy or LinkedIn training consultation service for a selective number of new prospective clients each month.

If you are interested in the process of how to hire a LinkedIn expert then it doesn’t matter where you and your business are geographically located. Client’s fly me all over the world to consult with them.

Nor does it matter how niche your business sector is. In fact the more niche the better. We’ve yet to identify any business sector that will not benefit from leveraging LinkedIn and its millions of business decision making members.

But you know what?

If you are really serious and want to hire a LinkedIn expert then nothing I’ve written
above includes any reference to one of the greatest added value benefits of retaining our LinkedIn consultancy.

So I’ll let you in on a big secret…

Even our most expensive 12 month fully managed LinkedIn consultancy service, is cheaper than paying a full time office junior for the year to manage your LinkedIn business social media service.

That’s right, even though we consider ourselves the most professional independent business growth LinkedIn consultancy in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, we are still cheaper than hiring your own office junior.

Now hopefully that in itself is a strong enough call to action to persuade you to contact us if you want to hire a LinkedIn expert.

So contact us. Not NOW, but RIGHT NOW

Dr. Mark D. Yates

CEO Link Business Marketing LinkedIn Consultancy CEO


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