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Irrespective of how many LinkedIn (LI) connections you currently have, it’s never too late to take one-step backwards to gain two steps forward.

In 2013 you should look at developing your own personal ‘Action Plan’ for significantly increasing your business connections up to the 30,000 limit imposed by LI.

I’m the first to admit that having the maximum of 30,000 business connections on Linkedin is not for everyone.

However a large percentage of Linkedin users would gain significant added value benefits from establishing a network with many thousands of business connections.

Growing Linkedin ConnectionsWhy?

Two reasons.
1: Because Linkedin is right on track for pushing through the 200 million business member barrier in the first quarter of 2103. As the world’s largest and most powerful online business networking organisation it has by default also become the most fertile new ‘business hunting ground’ on the planet.
2: Because everything, every business owner needs to grow a long term sustainable business is available on Linkedin.
The biggest problem is that 99.9% of Linkedin members aren’t exploiting this fantastic business hunting ground by leveraging it for profitable business growth.


Because very few people have mastered how to leverage Linkedin. Most of the 187 million members treat Linkedin as a place to post their basic resume.

Getting to the magical 30,000 Linkedin connections is achievable in a year or less, provided you are able to invest significant amounts of daily time, effort, passion, energy and finance.

It’s difficult and fraught with obstacles and hurdles, and it’s not for the feint hearted. I only recommend embarking on such an arduous marketing task if you have a clearly defined marketing plan for what to do when you get 30,000 new business connections.

Even so not everyone will get to 30,000 LI connections in less than a year, and as already mentioned not everyone will want to. However if you embrace my following tips you will certainly increase your LI connections.

The following are a few of the tips that helped me turbo-charge my LI connection growth. They are not offered as an alternative to your own current marketing strategies, they are offered as an aid to your existing strategies to help you grow your connections base.

1: Develop Your Own ‘Increase Your LI Connections Action Plan.’

Keep it simple & keep it achievable. Add time related-key performance indicators (KPI’s) to ensure you remain focussed and on-track. i.e. Month one: I want to achieve 1,000 new connections. Plan your marketing strategies to help you achieve this KPI.

As you succeed, increase the number of monthly connections you want to connect with you. As you master your techniques it is possible to achieve 2,500 new connections every month.

Don’t even think this is impossibility because you don’t have enough time. Make the time. We all share one common denominator, and that is we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Try to master your time management a bit more effectively and learn to work smarter not harder.

Keep a daily diary of the number of your LI connections. I update my diary EVERY morning.

2: Be Persistent And Be Consistent. Don’t Be A LinkedIn Binge Networker

The only difference between someone who is getting 500 LI connections per month, as opposed to 2,500 LI connections per month, is a lack of persistence and consistency.

Monday to Friday. Get up one hour earlier and add one extra hour at night to Dedicate this time solely to working on your ‘Increase Your Linkedin Business Connection Action Plan.’ No distractions.

Send out your ‘Invitation to Connect With You’ posts via all the Black Belt POWER Networkers.

and other LI Top Linked, LION & Open Networker groups posts. I post to 30 threads TWICE a day, EVERY DAY to gain maximum global coverage due to different time zones.
I receive a consistently high number of LI connections from this marketing strategy.

Be a consistent LI networker and not a Binge Networkers. Because Binge Networking is by definition, pre-programmed for failure.

3: Don’t Believe People Who Tell You That No One Works On LI At The Weekends

Work on LinkedIn every weekend, Saturday & Sunday for one year. Go through the ‘People I might Know’ connections on LinkedIn. In one weekend I invested one hour on Saturday and one hour on Sunday and received 231 connections.

I consistently do this every weekend. If you do this for just 1 year you could gain a WHOPPING extra 12,000 connections in just 52 weeks.

4: Don’t Chase Two Rabbits, Because If You Do, Both Will Escape

To become a true ‘Professional Business Networker’ it is best to become a ‘Master’ of one business network, than a ‘Jack’ of all networks and a master of none.

I keep my eye firmly on the pulse of LI, especially LIONS, Open & Power Networkers. I’ve witnessed that the ones who are more successful in getting large numbers of connections are those who only advertise their desire to connect via LI.

In the main, those who advertise or post invitations for people to connect with them on LI, and then list 4 to 10 of their other networks they want people to connect with them on, like Facebook, Twitter, XING etc, are chasing two rabbits, and when you do this both will escape.

Far better to stay focussed on one network. Become a Master of LinkedIn. The when you have over 27,500 LI connections you can contact your connections and ask them to connect with you via your other social media groups.

It took me 247 physical working days to get to the magical 30,000 connections. It was a long hard, full time slog, with lots of hurdles, but I remained completely focussed and maintained meticulous connection growth records in my daily diary.

Was it worth my one year Investment?

You bet. In 2012 over 90% of all of my new business leads, referrals and opportunities came from Linkedin and so can yours with a little help from an independent Linkedin expert at

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email:, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at:

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