Google Web Page SEO Secrets Of Listing On Google First Page

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Every business owner I consult with views a Google first page listing as the holy grail of online business marketing.

I recently read an article by a Linkedin group owner who stated that if you are not #1 on Google then you are No one.

Although I completely disagree with this Linkedin group owner it’s rare to discuss any business growth strategies without someone complaining they can’t get their products & services on the first page on Google.

The following ‘Google Web Page SEO Secrets Of Listing On Google First Page’ article outlines strategies for helping you achieve a search engine result placement on the first page of Google.

Mark D Yates

I consult for several different business across 44 different countries and I have noticed a definitive shift in conventional business marketing during the last three years. Business owners are becoming more comfortable with internet business and e-commerce trading. I have noticed a sharp increase in the number of conventional businesses making the transition to an online presence.

And why not. E-commerce offers all businesses a tremendous opportunity for exponential business growth by tapping into additional complimentary revenue streams that they could not access in a conventional business. Visit our Hire Us page  for an insight into how to achieve exponential business growth.

One should think of search engines as contemporary dinosaurs, i.e. huge monsters who dominate the world of online marketing. In reality Google is the biggest, meanest search engine in the land. This is why business owners and marketing specialists are keen to achieve a Google first page listing.

Google Web Page SEO Secrets Of Listing On Google First Page

# 1 Natural Organic Listing

A first page Google listing on the left side of the Google website page is what is referred to as a natural or organic listing. Whenever customers search for a product or service on the Google submit page and land on the Google results page they are 4 to 6 times more likely to buy from a search engine organic listing than from a sponsored link or Pay Per Click listing. In relation to first technology, the first page on Google is king.

Google Web Page SEO Secrets Of Listing On Google First Page

# 2 Pay Per Click PPC

One of the quickest ways to get on the first page of Google is to invest in a pay per click marketing campaign to run on the Google website page. In no time at all you can rise up the first page on Google by simply paying more than your competitors.

One of the best kept SEO secrets is that a new business can place higher on the PPC Google results page than a huge competitor who has been trading for many years. From a first technology perspective PPC advertising on the Google submit page offers many added value benefits for your online marketing campaign.

Google Web Page SEO Secrets Of Listing On Google First Page

# 3 Search Engine Optimisation SEO

SEO on the Google website page is one of the best kept SEO secrets. Unfortunately many online marketing companies exploit what is known as first technology; by this I mean many SEO specialists prefer to baffle conventional business owners with first technology black art terminology.

Some SEO marketing companies deliberately mislead non techie business owners by informing them they need a lead time of anything from 9 to 18 months to achieve a natural first page of Google listing for your products or services. In reality if you know a trust worthy SEO specialist, he or she can get you a natural organic SEO listing on the first page on Google in a week and sometimes less.

It is worth remembering that your trust worthy SEO content writer can also help you achieve a high search engine result return from

Google Web Page SEO Secrets Of Listing On Google First Page

# 4 Top 5 Listing

When business customers search via the Google submit page, a top five listing on the Google results page demonstrates a sense of confidence in online buyers. This is known in first technology parlance as positioning ‘above the scroll on pages Google.’ I am of course referring to a top 5 listing on the first page of Google for natural organic searches.

This same sense of buyer confidence can be achieved by having your Linkedin profile return as an ‘above the scroll’ search return.

Google Web Page SEO Secrets Of Listing On Google First Page

# 5 SEO Page Domination

If as already discussed, we know that online buyers are 4 to 6 times more likely to purchase products and services from a natural organic first page on Google. And we know that customers have more confidence in companies placing in natural search engine placement, then it makes good business sense to try and dominate the organic rankings.

The very best way to dominate the search engine rankings is to employ the services of a professional business writer who is trained and skilled at writing proven successful articles about business products and/or services which have proven successful at dominating the search engine natural organic listings.

These types of professional business search engine optimisation writers can be found at

Online SEO business writers agree that any article which places 3 times in the top 10 positions on any search engine search page dominates the SEO page.

If this writer can gain high placement on pages Google then it is likely he or she will achieve similar high placement and domination on the other main search engines like the one utilised by Linkedin.

It is worth mentioning that very, very few SEO marketing companies can achieve true SEO page domination despite the fact that most will tell you they can. It’s a highly specialised marketing skill.

Now if one places themselves in the mind-set of a prospective customer looking to buy products or services, then he or she can only be seriously impressed if you or your business products or services show up multiple times in a first page Google search.

Business growth specialists refer to this as Google SEO page domination.

It is worth mentioning that I am only advocating an ethical and legitimate method of dominating the organic rankings by virtue of specialised article writing and submission designed to appear multiple times on the Google results page.

Some SEO companies try to circumvent the search engine rankings by implementing unethical processes known in the SEO business as Black Hat marketing techniques. Attempting to implement any Black Hat techniques will result in all of the main search engines black listing your business.

It is exceptionally difficult to get your online business back on track once the search engines have black listed you.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email:, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at:

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