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On the 22nd of September 2015, GMB Euston, London’s GMB office, will be hosting Link Business Marketing’s LinkedIn event. The event is called ‘How to Retain New Consultancy Clients’ and is aimed at business consultancies and business owners, and it seeks to show them the best ways not only to obtain more interest in their business, but how to retain their new clients. LBM’s CEO, Dr Mark D Yates, is a well-established LinkedIn expert and LinkedIn speaker and he will be running this event. He understands the importance of client engagement and is an expert in the field of using social media, especially LinkedIn, to do this effectively.


It is well known that long-term clients, while they may require patience to retain, are well worth it because they’ll be much more likely to spend more than someone who has just discovered your company. Studies often show that people are willing to spend more if it means getting a higher standard of customer care, and it’s even been shown that people are around four times more likely to turn to a competitor instead if the problem is service related, rather than price or product related.

LBM is a business growth and LinkedIn consultancy that offers clients the ability to hire a LinkedIn expert who will create and/or maintain their LinkedIn profile for a period of 12 months. Of course, the client’s profile will be kept to the highest standards and they can expect its ranking to increase significantly over the 12 month period. LBM also offers LinkedIn training to businesses who want to learn how to leverage LinkedIn’s features for business growth. This means using LinkedIn for business exposure and gaining new clients, and engagement to retain these new clients’ loyalty by building up trust – remember that people are much more likely to buy from other people than a faceless company.

This event is only running once, for one day only, and there’s only a limited number of places available. So, business consultancies and decision makers within companies, book now and don’t miss out on this exclusive event! More information on LBM’s LinkedIn consultancy business and July’s LinkedIn event, as well as the option for online booking, is available on LBM’s website, LinkedIn sign. You can also contact us by phone on (0151) 647 1716 or by email on to book your place.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email:, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at:

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