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The Tipping Point Of Business And Social Media Networking



by Mark D. Yates LinkedIn Black Belt POWER Networker


“Irrespective of your business background, some business networking groups are profitable gold mines just waiting for prospectors looking to mine for business leads, new and increased business opportunities and added value business contacts.”


In his Tipping Point book, Malcolm Gladwell states that trends related to social behaviour can spread through populations like an epidemic of contagious disease. When this spread takes on ‘wildfire proportions’ they converge in the tipping point.


All epidemics have tipping points and few can argue that business networking has hit this tipping point, so it’s wise to know the people involved in business social networking. At its core are five main groups of business people, Connectors, Mavens, Salespeople, Power Alpha-Hunters & Laggards. Each of these groups play a pivotal role in spreading the ‘word of mouth message’ required to drive a business trend to its tipping point.


For a message to provide forward momentum to others, it has to be dynamic, meaningful, memorable and most of all the message has to be able to make an impact. And the business networking message cannot be any simpler.



Business networking works…


 because more business connections = more business opportunities.



Ask any business marketing agent what the one most consistent form of successful marketing is, and he or she will probably tell you that ‘word of mouth appeals’ rein above the flood of other marketing strategies. In fact many I’ve consulted believe this is the only kind of persuasion most business interested people respond to anymore.


In business networking it’s usually the Mavens who spread the word.


Mavens are people who accumulate knowledge and seek to solve other people’s problems. But they are typically extremely proactive. They work hard to find out what the best deal is, & then they want to tell others about it.


Mavens have the knowledge, ability and drive to start viral word of mouth epidemics.


Contrary to popular belief, it is not just the Connectors who drive business social networking. Although by definition a Connector has to have lots of contacts, without the assistance of Mavens & Salespeople, a Connector will most likely fail to drive the trend to the tipping point.



Connectors are very good at spreading the word of mouth message identified by the Mavens.



Gladwell states: “The essence of salespeople is that on some level they cannot be resisted.” The very best salespeople can build a level of trust and rapport in five to ten minutes that most people would take half an hour to do.



Power Alpha-Hunters and Laggards also help drive the message & trend towards the tipping point.



Given the lack of time in most business networking circles, this is a critical factor to drive a trend to the tipping point.


All the above may be useful information, but how does the average business interested person begin to get a return on their business networking investment? Well in some respect it’s like the lottery, i.e. you have to be in it, to win it.



I believe the two key factors for success are:


1: To spread your own message, which others recognise has the potential to impact them or their business clients or customers.


2: Embrace business networking now. Don’t procrastinate and make the mistake of inadvertently becoming a business networking Laggard. i.e. someone who sees no urgent reason to change their business marketing modus operandi.


There is a maxim in business advertising, that an advertisement or message has to be seen six times before anyone will remember it. Keep your business message simple and memorable, because unless prospective customers and clients remember what you tell them, why would they ever change their behaviour and buy your products or services?



I have two simple messages I constantly promote via LinkedIn.



Both of these memorable messages promote me and my linkedin sales and business on linkedin business brand.


1: I am the number 1 Business Growth Specialist & #1 Business Development Director & #1 LinkedIn Expert from 175+ million LinkedIn members and I can help you grow your business on linkedin fast.



2: I am the British American Security Expert. I hold the number 1 positions on LinkedIn for Security Director, Security Expert & Security Consultant and I can help you grow your business on linkedin fast.


It doesn’t matter whether you love or loath business networking; you would be foolish to dismiss it out of hand. Especially if you are looking for personal growth or growth from new business on linkedin, or increased linkedin sales of your products or services. END OF ARTICLE:








Top LinkedIn Business Network Growth Tips For 2012 -2013



by Mark D. Yates LinkedIn Black Belt POWER Networker
1. 2013 will be the year of the ‘linkedin International Networker’ because business social networking is spreading with wild fire proportions & it continues to defy the global economic downturn.


TIP: We are beyond the Early Adopter stage, so 2012-2013 is the time to proactively embrace business social networking before you miss out on all the added value business benefits it offers, like more linkedin sales and increased business on linkedin.


2. As LinkedIn approaches 2013, it’s still experiencing huge growth. It’s now signing up two new accounts every second.


TIP: Finish and/or update your LinkedIn profile TODAY, as linkedin experts advise this is precisely what your proactive business competitors will be doing.


If you don’t know how, or you don’t have the time, then contact a specialist linkedIn help profile writer/consultant. Linkedin advice and linkedIn training is not as expensive as you might think.


3. More connections = more opportunities. To increase your business on linkedin many linkedin experts advise you need to connect with as many linkedin power networkers as possible – as soon as possible.


Most people are granted 3,000 linkedin invitations when they first join linkedin. Don’t be afraid of asking linkedin Power Networkers, linkedIn training specialists or linkedin experts for linkedin tips & linkedin advice or to connect with you as most of them are screaming out for new linkedin connections.


TIP: 2012 – 2013 will see many more proactive linkedin networkers achieve ‘Power Networker’ status. 2011 – 2012 has identified several new Professional linkedin Power Networkers who have carefully grown and nurtured global networks of professional business contacts, specifically to exploit the concept of more connections = more opportunities which really translates into more linkedin sales and business on linkedin.


4. Ask your current & previous clients to post you a business recommendation on your LI profile page.


TIP: At the very least you should have 3 linkedin recommendations, as this helps complete your linkedin profile. However linkedin recommendations add credibility & kudos to your linkedin profile, so more is better, especially as many more business owners use linkedin as their first step in making a buying decision, many cite that many professional linkedin recommendations gives them increased buyer confidence in the Linkedin connection.


• 2012 maybe the year of the Dragon, but watch out for linkedin Black Belt POWER Networkers who eat Dragons for breakfast.


TIP: The linkedin group of Black Belt POWER Networkers consists of the next wave of linkedin Power networkers all looking to leverage their extensive list of business contacts.


If you have over 500 linkedin connections you automatically qualify to join this proactive LI group.


• Business social networking follows the adage of: ‘use it or lose it’. 2012 – 2013 will present many opportunities for more linkedin sales especially sales of business products & services, but if you don’t proactively use linkedin to generate new business on linkedin, you will simply lose the added value benefits it brings.


I leave you and your clients with the following thought. If your business has not increased profitably, & you’ve been a linkedin member for the last 12 months, then you are not maximising your full linkedin potential for increased linkedin sales and exponential growth from new business on linkedin. END:








by Mark D. Yates LinkedIn Black Belt POWER Networker




10 Interesting Snippets About Linkedin



1. It took 494 days for LinkedIn to reach its first 1 million users.


2. It currently takes LinkedIn 12 days to gain 1 million new users.


3. 50.8% are male members & 49.2% are female members.


4. 68% of LinkedIn users are 35 or older.


5. 74% have a college degree or better.


6. 39% make more than $100,000 a year.


7. In 2010 LinkedIn had more than 2 billion people searches.


8. Over 50% of LinkedIn’s 120 million members live outside the USA.


9. In 2011 Executives from every Fortune 500 company could be found on LinkedIn.



10. 1% of users are responsible for 34% of Linkedin’s web site traffic.



My Best Networking Tip: Join Linkedin group Black Belt POWER Networkers TODAY.



Mark D. Yates The British American Security Expert END:








by Mark D. Yates LinkedIn Black Belt POWER Networker



LinkedIn Business Intelligence Snippets



If you are seeking linkedin sales or business on linkedin, or jobs or work in the business sector, or you are offering jobs as a recruitment agent, then it is no longer simply acceptable to be competitive online today. Linkedin experts advise you need to be where your customers are, and they are in ‘Linkedin Social Media.’


I hope that the following linkedin free business networking intelligence from linkedin international will prove useful to you.



1. Over 60% of LinkedIn users access LinkedIn from home rather than from work. *


2. It’s estimated that over 90% of recruitment or talent agents have a LinkedIn account.



3. 92% of journalists have a LinkedIn account, 85% Facebook & 84% Twitter.


4. 26% of LinkedIn users are aged 18-34. *


5. 38% of LinkedIn users are aged 35-49. *


6. 32% of LinkedIn users are aged 50+. *



The number one city in the world from where visitors came to LinkedIn in early 2012 was London England. *


* Quantcast is used by 9 of the top 10 media agencies because they quite accurately quantify Internet audiences.


I believe that business networking thrives when people help each other. On that basis please accept my copyright permission to re-publish this linkedIn help, linkedin tips, linkedin advice, linkedIn training and linkedin merchandise information in your blogs, web sites and/or newsletters. You may also post this to your friends, clients and business associates if you feel they might benefit from it. END:








by Mark D. Yates LinkedIn Black Belt POWER Networker



5 Frequently Used Linkedin Acronyms Explained



1. IDK. I don’t know. Your LinkedIn account can be restricted if too many people you have invited to connect with you respond to LinkedIn by stating, I Don’t Know You.


2. LION. Leading International Open Networker or, LinkedIn Open Networker. An open networker’s members group. You will often see the LION acronym at the top of some proactive networker’s profiles.


3. BBPN. Black Belt POWER Networker. A specialist LinkedIn group for people with over 500 connections. Anyone can join if they have 500 or more LI connections.


4. ON. Open Networker. Someone who is open to invitations from people unknown to them. Open Networkers generally never IDK people to LinkedIn.


5. OOI. Out of Invitations. LinkedIn members who have used up their LI allocation of invitations. LI customer service representatives can in some cases issue you with more invitations, usually on a fixed amount of invites basis. END:








by Mark D. Yates LinkedIn Black Belt POWER Networker



6 Types Of Professional Business Networker. Which Type Are You?



Choose one from categories 1 to 3 & one from categories 4 to 6 to identify your specific type.



1: Connector: What makes a business networker a Connector? In his Tipping Point book, Malcolm Gladwell states. The most obvious criterion is that Connectors know lots of people. By keeping a foot in so many different business sectors they have the effect of bringing them all together.


2: Maven: Is a Yiddish word which means one who accumulates knowledge. Business marketplaces depend on up to date information and many economists believe that the people with the most information i.e. the Mavens are the most important.


Gladwell states that what sets Mavens apart is that once they figure out how to get the deal, they want to tell you about it as well. This makes Mavens very effective networkers. Many linkedin experts and linkedIn training specialists are Mavens.


3: Salespeople: A true linkedin sales networking specialist can build a level of trust and rapport in a fraction of the time it takes most other people to achieve. This is an important consideration when considering linkedin sales from new business on linkedin.



LinkedIn Networkers 2011. Quantcast * breaks down visitor traffic into three categories:



4: Passers By: users who visit a site or interact with media once per month. The 66% of LinkedIn ‘Passers By’ account for 24% of visits to the LinkedIn web site.



5: Regulars: those who visit a site or interact with media more than once but less than 30 times per month. The 33% of LinkedIn ‘Regulars’ account for 51% of visits to the LinkedIn web site.



6: Addicts: those that interact with a site 30 or more times per month. The 1% of LinkedIn ‘Addicts’ account for 25% of visits to the LinkedIn web site.



I’m a Connector/Addict. Which type are you?



* Quantcast is used by 9 of the top 10 media agencies because they quite accurately quantify Internet audiences. END:









by Mark D. Yates LinkedIn Black Belt POWER Networker



12 Mafia Business Networking Tips For Growing Your LinkedIn Connections



Just a light-hearted reference for increasing your linkedin network connections



Quotations Taken From The Godfather Movie – Don Corleone Family



1. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” The Godfather Don Corleone.


In professional linkedin business networking your friends are your business connections and your enemies are your competitors. LinkedIn (LI) allows you the opportunity to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.



2. “Just when I thought I was out, they keep dragging me back in again.” The Godfather Michael Corleone.


Every time I think I have completed my multi business sector global business network on LI and I step out of the sheer intensity of Power Networking, a client from a new business sector pulls me back in again.



3. “The promise is, the deal will be so good we can’t refuse.” Sonny Corleone.


As a proactive LI networker you will be inundated with e-mails offering you all kinds of fantastic business deals which the author suggests are so good you can’t refuse them. Guess what? Most scams are based on the premise of greed and sold on the basis that you shouldn’t refuse the deal.



4. “Without your father’s political contacts and personal influence, the Corleone business loses half its strength.” Tom Hagan Consigliere to The Godfather.


If you are not seriously connected to major contacts and/or people of influence on Linkedin then you should connect with as many Linkedin POWER networkers as possible. Find many in the Linkedin Black Belt POWER Networkers group.



5. “My business methods are as safe as these things can be, about five per cent loss. The risk is nothing, the profits enormous.” Sollozzo Turkish Gangster arch enemy of the Godfather.


As you build your Linkedin contact base you will be contacted by many unscrupulous spammers offering you unlimited earnings from joining their outrageous business schemes. Guess what? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then there’s a very high probability it’s a duck.



6. “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” The Godfather Don Corleone.


If you are going to stick your neck out and offer you business contacts an offer they can’t refuse, then make sure it’s a genuine offer, otherwise your Linkedin business contacts will desert you in their droves.



7. “The Godfather never asks a second favor when he has been refused the first. Understood?” Tom Hagan Consigliere to The Godfather.


It’s a sad, but true fact that most inexperienced Linkedin business networkers take far more than they give, and it is this single factor that prevents high volumes of people connecting with them on Linkedin.


Occasionally I’ll ask a business favour of someone on Linkedin. If they refuse or ignore my request I’ll flag them as a ‘negative’ contact and never ask them for another favour.



8. “I need a friend who has people in high places.” Sollozzo Turkish Gangster arch enemy of the Godfather.


See point 4 above.



9. “Never let anyone outside the family know what you are thinking.” The Godfather Don Corleone.


Every professional Linkedin Power Networker I know works to their own carefully crafted business networking growth plan. These plans contain ideas, tactics, goals and key performance indicators. Many Linkedin Power Networkers belong to elite niche groups or families. I’ve never known any Linkedin Power Networker share their growth plans with anyone outside their family.



10. “It will cost.” Tom Hagan Consigliere to The Godfather.


All forms of professional business networking cost you something. Linkedin has cost me time, effort, energy as well as finance. If you want to create and leverage a professional Linkedin business network, then these are the foundation blocks of your Investment.



11. “Blood is a big expense.” Sollozzo Turkish Gangster arch enemy of the Godfather.
Ever heard the phrase, ‘sweating blood?’ If you have aspirations of building your professional Linkedin network to between 25,000 to the Linkedin maximum of 30,000, then be prepared to sweat buckets of blood on a daily basis.



12. “We’ve known each other for years, but this is the first time you come to me for help.” The Godfather Don Corleone.


Most professional Linkedin business networkers fail to fully leverage their business contacts. The real reason a Linkedin Power Networker operates is to help others 90% of the time, with a 10% expectation of a return. Never be afraid to ask your Linkedin contacts for linkedIn help, linkedin tips, linkedin advice, linkedIn training, or information about linkedin merchandise. You will often be pleasantly surprised.



Why the Mafia reference in this short article?



Type Mafia into the LinkedIn ‘Advanced Search’ option and see who is LinkedIn’s number 1 returned Mafia search result. END:



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