Egosystem vs. Ecosystem

November 8, 2016 |  by  |  Consultancy, Humour, Linkedin Blog

Whatever the pros and cons of each candidate in the US election, I can’t help think that both of them operate as an ego-system rather than as part of an ecosystem.

As part of an ecosystem the focus is to keep doing the right thing, whereas an ego-system is a one person show where the primary purpose is to control the opinion of others.

As a strategy to wins hearts and minds, showing up with authenticity is far more powerful than showing off.

The truth, your truth, is always strong, no matter how weak it looks.

It’s best to be in a position where you have friends who can defend you, but they never actually have to do so.

When the ego is lost, limitations are lost, and creativity is found.



Spaniel L. Jackson:

In the light of recent announcements by my local Police force that they no longer consider it necessary to attend the scene of domestic burglaries, I have taken down the St. George’s flag from beside the house and peeled the burglar alarm sticker off the front door.

We’ve taken down the CCTV cameras, disconnected our home alarm system, cancelled its connection to the security monitoring service and quit our Neighbourhood Watch.

Instead, I’ve bought two ISIS flags on eBay and raised them in the front garden, one at each end.

Now the local police, CID, MI5, MI6, the SAS and other UK Counter Terrorism agencies are all watching the house 24/7.

We’ve never felt safer and we’re saving £24.95 a month.


Live big & love deep.


Sunil Bali

As well as being a recognised authority on personal branding and peak performance, Sunil is a critically acclaimed author and blogger. His corporate experience includes roles as Head of Talent on behalf of Vodafone Group, Santander (UK) and Cable & Wireless Europe. Sunil has also run a multi-million pound recruitment business, and is a Non Executive Director. Sunil’s first degree in Sports Science and Psychology fuelled his passion for the psychology of human achievement and well-being. As well as possessing an MBA, he is a qualified Psychotherapist and Executive Coach.

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