Does The Law Society Want UK Legal Firms To Achieve Fast Business Growth?

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Some philosophers believe we can predict the future by looking back in history. I’m not a fully paid up member of this train of thought club. However I do believe that by implementing successful historical tactics we can significantly increase the chances of business success.

Sun Tzu was a 6th Century Chinese military genius who wrote the Art Of War military leadership handbook. This book is still widely regarded as essential reading for any number of successful entrepreneurs looking to master the art of business strategy.

Sun Tzu’s Art Of War strategies have also been religiously studied by many of the most successful military leaders.

It is from a business perspective for UK legal firms that I will take some of Sun Tzu’s strategies and apply them to any law firm services seeking to achieve fast business growth.

It is clearly in the best interest of the law society for UK legal law firms & individual lawyers and solicitors to achieve long term sustainable fast business growth. Especially during recent years when the UK legal profession & UK legal firms are subject to significant changes in the way British law firm services are delivered. The Law Guru advocates all law firms retain specialised consultants training services in sales, marketing & business growth.

Law Guru UK Legal Firms Fast Business Growth Strategy # 1

Know Your Environment

In any business, especially law firm services and legal business training, it is imperative for all legal law firms to know your environment. By this I mean that all lawyers and solicitors need to understand that in order to grow their business practice, they have to understand the business market they are operating in. Furthermore any outsourced consultants training in sales, marketing and business development has to cover cultural and environmental nuances that apply.

Failure by anyone in the UK legal profession to address these issues, or getting them wrong will prove costly to your business reputation, and your financial bottom line. A classic example of this is the blue chip corporation of Kellogg’s. Recognised worldwide as a respected business brand they tried to crack the Indian market place for sales of their breakfast cereals.

Kellogg’s were enticed by a population of 1 billion plus people of which their economists believed 25 per cent were potential customers. However Kellogg’s didn’t really know their environment, because nearly all Indian people start their day with a breakfast of hot vegetables. Kellogg’s also failed to identify that even if they could convince Indians to eat cereals, less than 10 per cent could afford to buy them.

Kellogg’s were consumed by a high population residing in a new market and the financial upside blinded them to the actual realities of the environment.

The law society is a great example of an organisation which clearly understands its environment.

Law Guru UK Legal Firms Fast Business Growth Strategy # 2

Foster Leadership Virtues

Many years ago I worked in the United States of America with a US Air Force Intelligence officer. His job before, during and after the Gulf War was as the team leader of General Norman Schwarzkopf’s personal protection team. Given that the General and his enemy Saddam Hussein were the two most likely targets for assassination, this officer had a very difficult job.
His work environment changed on an hourly basis. He could start the morning in the dessert, and then fly half way around the world to an arctic climate. His work station also changed frequently at short notice. One meeting would take place aboard a ship, then aboard an aircraft, then in an armoured vehicle, then in a vehicle motorcade. Danger was ever present and the Captain had to foster leadership virtues in all his subordinate leaders.

In terms of the UK legal profession, lawyers and solicitors should understand that leadership is a combination of strategy and character. General Schwarzkopf was quoted as saying, “if you must be without one, be without the strategy.”

All legal law firms providing law firm services and legal business training should ensure anyone leading any of their company’s business growth plans has the virtues of wisdom, sincerity, benevolence, courage and the assertiveness to ensure the success of the plan.

Leadership and project management skills should be incorporated into any consultants training delivered to lawyers and solicitors employed in the UK legal profession.
Once again the importance of fostering leadership virtues is clearly understood by the law society.

Law Guru UK Legal Firms Fast Business Growth Strategy # 3

Control The Game

In relation to lawyers and solicitors employed in the UK legal profession, the game I refer to is the game of exponential business growth and increased profitable turnover. Although the sales and marketing skills required to propel legal law firms into increased business growth do not fall under the remit of the law society, law firms do need to take whatever action is required.
Given the provision of law firm services are set to change in the UK, it is even more imperative for all legal business training to spend some time on identifying how to control the game. Outsourced consultants training often include this in the same section as leadership training.

To control the game, lawyers and solicitors have to master the art of discipline. For example, discipline has to be policed within the legal law firms personnel, their leadership and the financial expenditure being invested in achieving business growth. Failure in this endeavour means failure to develop the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Law Guru UK Legal Firms Fast Business Growth Strategy # 4

Run With Opportunities

Many business owners circle their wagons in times of financial hardship and economic downturn. This despite the fact that many opportunities for business growth and increased profitability present in times of economic crisis.

Organisations like the law society understand about grabbing opportunities. However in a business growth environment lawyers and solicitors servicing the UK legal profession should take a leaf out of the business consultants training manual on seizing opportunities.

Few businesses are presented with as many new opportunities as legal law firms. Law firm services by definition offer so many opportunities for up-selling, cross selling and back selling products and services that they are the envy of many businesses from other sectors.
Offering a specialised service in sales, marketing, business growth and development and legal business training are just a few of the business opportunities available to legal law firms.

Law Guru UK Legal Firms Fast Business Growth Strategy # 5

Ensure Your Big Picture Is Possible

Before any lawyers and solicitors from any legal law firms consider trying to position their law firm services for fast business growth, they need to ensure the big picture is possible.
Take the Kellogg’s cereal expansion plan into India mentioned above as an example of no one checking to see if the big picture was possible. In Kellogg’s case it clearly wasn’t, not in India anyway.

The UK legal profession is changing, and the conventional business set up for UK legal firms is also changing. Many new opportunities will present to the marketplace and savvy lawyers and solicitors must avail themselves to these fresh opportunities.

When outsourced specialists deliver consultants training into anyone employed in the UK legal profession, they should ensure that adequate time is spent on exploring, identifying and managing new opportunities. The law society understands the relevance of careful preparation and pre-planning.

However in the real world of commerce, opportunities often present through an opportunistic medium. Legal business training should cover the concept of I-A-O, i.e. improvise, adapt and overcome. By doing so lawyers and solicitors will be better placed to ensure the bigger picture is possible.

It should be clear from the above that effective leadership is crucial to achieving fast business growth. Achieving fast growth is only the beginning, maintaining it to create long term business growth and sustainability is the ultimate key to success.

In order to accomplish fast business growth, lawyers and solicitors and law firm services leaders should understand that the belief that one’s own view of reality is the only reality, is the most dangerous of all delusions.

Probably one of the very best options for UK legal firms to grow and prosper is by outsourcing their entire sales, marketing and business development to a specialist marketing and training company. Sadly there are only one or two of these professional companies in the UK who specialise in servicing legal law firms.
As I am sure the law society would agree, it is wise to conduct rigorous due diligence before committing to hiring one of these companies to deliver any services including legal business training or consultants training.

Hire the right company and you should attain fast business growth at Mach 10 speed.

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