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I’ve never found anyone other than Malcolm Gladwell and Dr. K. Anders Ericsson who have really nailed the concept of expert definition.

Gladwell wrote about defining Expert Status, in particular he outlined the ‘ten thousand hour rule’ based on research conducted by Dr. K. Anders Ericsson from Florida State University USA.*

Dr. Ericsson identified that to reach ‘Expert Level Performance,’ requires on average 10,000 hours of ‘Deliberate Practice’ to achieve.

10,000 hours = 8 hours of Deliberate Practice every day for approximately 3½ years with no breaks, no weekends off and no vacation time away.

Assuming a standard 260 working days per year, with no distractions, that’s a full time job for approximately 5 years. That’s providing you spend 100% of that time, exerting 100% of your energy and effort.

For comparison, most world-class performers in ultra-competitive fields like music performance and professional sports can only manage the energy for 3½ hours of ‘Deliberate Practice’ every day.

This means it can take ten years or more to develop a skill to mastery.

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*From the book: The First 20 Hours – How To Learn Anything Fast by Josh Kaufman. ISBN: 978-0-670-9291-1.


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