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It’s no great secret that Linkedin has been rolling out significant changes to it platform recently. Many of my client’s inform me they are really struggling to keep pace with these changes.

I advise all of my business growth Linkedin consultancy clients and customers that proactively utilising the 50 Linkedin groups each member can join, is a really savvy sales and marketing strategy. The reason why, is because once you master Linkedin groups, it’s so easy to leverage them and their members to help fuel your profitable business growth.


Sadly many of the Linkedin platform changes appear to be implemented in order to maintain Linkedin’s business growth which continues with wildfire proportions. As an independent Linkedin Speaker I fully understand this corporate growth mind-set.

Conversely many of these changes are implemented without any form of prior consultation with the Linkedin membership. We all know most people are ‘change resistant’ and whenever Linkedin rolls out changes, many of the members get frustrated and become verbally angry. One only has to view some of the negative discussion threads posted about Linkedin changes on numerous electronic platforms to recognise that many of the members concerns are genuine.

I guess after delivering independent Linkedin training for a lot of years I recognise that most Linkedin consultancy members invest a significant amount of time to familiarise themselves with the platform. Most who have voiced concerns to me about changes, seem to subscribe to the, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ train of thought. And that’s okay in some mediums, however Linkedin is the world’s largest and most professional business social media platform operating at the cutting edge of the constantly evolving Internet.

By definition this dictates Linkedin has a responsibility to its members, its staff and it’s investors to stay ahead of the cyber space curve and maintain its market leading position.

During one of my recent Linkedin training sessions some of the attendees asked me questions about why and how Linkedin appears to have targeted its groups for recent changes.

Linkedin Training Question1: Can You View Your Linkedin Group Statistics & Analytics?

Unfortunately the quick answer is that from early July 2015, group owners, managers and moderators can no longer view the group statistics and analytics in the simple ‘drop down menu’ way that Linkedin has always previously provided.

On the 7th July 2015 I contacted Linkedin customer services asking why this very valuable intelligence gathering service had been withdrawn. This was my precise question. “How can you view the statistics and analytics of a group that you own? The drop down menu has disappeared and I am looking to find out information such as the number of new members etc.”

Linkedin customer services responded to my Linkedin Speaker enquiry with the following: “Hi. I’m glad to hear you’re using LinkedIn Groups and that you took the time to contact us about the recent changes. Our goal is to provide a simple and useful group experience. We’ve taken a close look at how group features are being used by our members and made some changes based on our findings.

– Group Stats – Group Stats has been removed from the group profile.

Linkedin Training Question2: What’s Happened To The Hero/Cover Image?

Linkedin customer service informed me in July 2015 that the hero/cover image has been removed to make it easier to read the most relevant discussions.

Linkedin Training Question3: Why Has The Popular Group Managers Choice Service Been Changed?

July 13th 2015 Linkedin states: Managers will now pick just one Manager’s Choice post to showcase the most important discussion and it will be displayed at the top of the feed.


Linkedin Training Question4: Why Are Some Of My Group Discussions Being Automatically Transferred To The Group’s Job Or Promotion Section?

Linkedin advised me in July 2015 that to keep discussions on-topic, all groups now automatically filter Job or Promotion posts. Also, when group members flag a post as inappropriate, it will be removed more quickly.

When I specifically raised the question about why this was happening to my Linkedin consultancy discussion posts, Linkedin responded on July 23rd 2015 stating the following: Thanks for contacting us about this. What you’ve encountered is a known issue and I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. Our engineering team is working on it but there’s no estimate as to how long that might take. We’ll do our best to keep you posted.”


Linkedin Training Question 5: I Write & Post Lots Of Discussions In All Of My Linkedin Groups – What Happened To My Status As A Linkedin Top Contributor?

From early July 2015 Linkedin’s “Top Contributors” has been removed to encourage more participation from all group members. Personally, as both a professional independent Linkedin Speaker and a proactive Linkedin consultancy specialist I was extremely disappointed when Linkedin removed this valuable promotional service.

Linkedin Training Question 6: I Can’t Seem To Access My Settings Anymore

Linkedin advised me in July 2015 that your settings can now be accessed by clicking the gear icon (formerly an “I”) in the upper right position of your group page.


Linkedin Speaker Top Tip

Even Linkedin recognise the need for membership feedback in order to stay ahead of the curve. At the tail end of their Customer Experience Advocate’s response to my Linkedin Consultancy query to them he listed the following statement. If you have ideas for how we can further improve groups, just let us know by clicking “Feedback” on the right-hand side of your Profile. We’re always happy to hear your opinions and ideas!”

This is a really useful feedback tool for all Linkedin Consultancy members.

Linkedin Speaker Call To Action

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