Buried in busyness …..

05/22/2017  |  No Comments

I got buried in busyness last week, completely lost my focus, and only regained it when I was reminded of... more

What Bill Gates learned from Warren Buffet …..

05/15/2017  |  No Comments

  When his name is mentioned, Bill Gates speaks in glowing terms about the man he calls his mentor, Warren Buffet. At... more

The Credible Hulk …..

05/08/2017  |  No Comments

Editor of Glamour magazine Kat Brown, recently described Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as one of the warmest and most engaging... more

Moan Utd …..

05/02/2017  |  No Comments

The Doc - aka my wife - says that I'm prone to bouts of Irritable Male Syndrome. My computer crashing,... more

Sir Richard Branson on the importance of not growing up …..

04/24/2017  |  No Comments

If you went to school in England, the chances are that you're familiar with the fact that King Harold of... more

A case of chronic constipation …..

04/18/2017  |  No Comments

In 1999, great things were predicted for golfer Sergio Garcia after he shot the lowest amateur score at the Masters... more

Confucius was a Daydream Believer …..

04/10/2017  |  No Comments

"All your dreams are made, when you're chained to the mirror and the razor blade," sang rock star, philosopher and... more

The cult of being average …..

04/04/2017  |  No Comments

At the age of 12, Todd Rose was a high-school dropout struggling to support his wife and two small children.... more

A horse and bull story …..

03/27/2017  |  No Comments

Rucci was born into a family of grape farmers, but was always much more interested in mechanics and engines.               Rucci realized... more

Running on plenty …..

03/20/2017  |  No Comments

At the age of 54, John B. Goodenough invented the lithium battery which powers all our smart phones, tablets and... more

The Tao of Bruce Lee …..

03/13/2017  |  No Comments

With his unique blend of martial mastery and metaphysical wisdom, coupled with his premature death at the age of 32,... more

Kill by mouth …..

03/06/2017  |  No Comments

During our lifetime, we spend more time speaking to ourselves than we do to any other person. Harvard psychologist Shawn Achor... more

The Professor of Play says …..

02/27/2017  |  No Comments

Cambridge University thinks that play is such an important component of creativity and emotional well-being, that it's hiring a Professor... more

Age like wine not milk …..

02/20/2017  |  No Comments

There seems to be an ever growing number of keyboard warriors on social media. Cyber bullies who are a colloidal carbuncle... more

Uncommon sense …..

02/13/2017  |  No Comments

Despite being very clever Jan was, by his own admission, a trouble maker at school and quickly dropped out of... more

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