Does Social Media Really Get You Noticed?

07/20/2017  |  No Comments

Social media is used by approx. 2.51 billion people worldwide, as of 2017.[1] Because so many people use it (in... more

LBM Weekly – 19/07/2017

07/19/2017  |  No Comments

With our highly skilled team of LinkedIn experts, LBM are here to help you make the most out of your... more

James Cordon on cutting corners …..

07/17/2017  |  No Comments

In between the success of "Gavin and Stacey" and "Carpool Karaoke," Late Late Show host James Corden suffered several career... more

6 Ways LinkedIn Helps You Develop and Achieve Success

07/13/2017  |  No Comments

LinkedIn is one of the most fertile hunting grounds for business people, searching for success and making beneficial B2B connections.... more

LBM Weekly – 12/07/2017

07/12/2017  |  No Comments

Link Business Marketing are a business growth consultancy based in the North West of England. We specialise in helping businesses... more

Steve Jobs killer question …..

07/10/2017  |  No Comments

"That's brilliant. You must have worked very hard," I said to my 13 year old son Aran, upon learning that... more

How to Build a LinkedIn Network

07/06/2017  |  No Comments

LinkedIn is all about business. As a B2B platform, LinkedIn is used for building up business networks that can be... more

What is Digital Marketing and Who Does it?

07/04/2017  |  No Comments

Digital Marketing is a necessary component of businesses in the 21st century. It has become more and more common in... more

One buttock players …..

07/03/2017  |  No Comments

  In his book "The Art of Possibility", Benjamin Zander - one of the world's leading orchestra conductors - talks about... more

Doormats and people pleasers ….

06/26/2017  |  No Comments

When asked how much input their audience's had in the development of Cirque du Soleil, Head of Marketing, Mario D'Amico... more

LinkedIn Profile Week

06/22/2017  |  No Comments

On our social media pages, LBM having been helping you make the most out of your LinkedIn profile. With lots... more

Sitting with a pretty girl …..

06/19/2017  |  No Comments

When he was asked to explain his theory of relativity in simple terms, Einstein replied, "Sit with a pretty girl... more

Who Calls the Shots? – Teamwork in the Workplace

06/15/2017  |  No Comments

Every business has a team of some sort and to ensure good organisation and functionality, there should be dedicated leadership.... more

Space, the final frontier …..

06/12/2017  |  No Comments

Martina Navratilova was once asked, "How do you maintain your focus and manage to keep playing at the age of... more

Good morning or good mourning …..

06/05/2017  |  No Comments

Soon after the success of The Office in the USA, Ricky Gervais said, "Every morning I woke up I was... more

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