Five Ways to Write Well: The Art of Selling Yourself Through Words

05/18/2017  |  No Comments

As the Leader Writer for LBM, it’s my responsibility to write and oversee all written content within the company. It’s... more

How The Editing Process Works

04/13/2017  |  No Comments

If there is a piece of writing, it’s almost certainly gone through some sort of editing process afterwards. It’s just... more

Why Customer Service Is All About Personality

04/06/2017  |  No Comments

Customer service usually makes you think of the banal interaction of buying and selling. The action of selling a product... more

The Importance of Making Connections and Meeting People

03/30/2017  |  No Comments

In any industry, you’ll more than likely meet many new faces on a day to day basis. Most people don’t... more

Connectile dysfunction …..

07/26/2016  |  No Comments

Japan's bullet trains can move people more quickly into its major cities, than any other country in the world. Japan also... more

LinkedIn Business Growth – If At First You Don’t Succeed, Up Your Game Plan

01/14/2016  |  No Comments

With LinkedIn being the most popular business social networking site for business professionals, it’s no surprise that more and more... more

How to delete your LinkedIn account

09/26/2015  |  No Comments

So you want to delete your LinkedIn account and I am sure you have you reasons to be doing so.... more

LinkedIn Courses

09/22/2015  |  No Comments

Many “LinkedIn Specialists” (people who specialise in LinkedIn) offer “expert advice” or training deigned to help beginners learn how to... more

Linkedin expert’s expert level recipes

09/16/2015  |  No Comments

A LinkedIn profile is like a good cake. Decorate it properly and everyone would like a slice. The best cakes... more

How to choose a LinkedIn Consultant

09/12/2015  |  No Comments

Deciding which LinkedIn Consultant to work with is a difficult yet significant business decision. A good LinkedIn consultant can add... more

60 Seconds With the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert – LinkedIn Business Account

08/30/2015  |  No Comments

The LinkedIn business account is a very useful tool for marketing on LinkedIn. The Business account allows you to place... more

60 Seconds Tough Talk with the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert – The First LinkedIn Superhero……From Liverpool

08/19/2015  |  No Comments

As you scroll down the profiles you can see that they need some help, in fact some really need saving.... more

60 Seconds Tough Talk with the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert – Self Employed? A LinkedIn Consultant Is Just What You Need

08/13/2015  |  No Comments

As you might already know, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for those who are self-employed to expand. But if... more

Slave heart or Braveheart …..

08/11/2015  |  No Comments

Friedrich Nietzsche said that "When a hundred men stand together, each of them loses his mind and gets another one."   Nietzsche’s... more

60 seconds Linkedin expert tough talk – LinkedIn Advertising is a small price to pay

08/09/2015  |  No Comments

LinkedIn is a highly targeted communications channel, it offers marketers great opportunity because you can reach up to 300+ million... more

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