A case of chronic constipation …..

April 18, 2017 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

In 1999, great things were predicted for golfer Sergio Garcia after he shot the lowest amateur score at the Masters and turned professional.

Virtually all the leading golf commentators predicted that Sergio would win several Majors during his career.

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How The Editing Process Works

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If there is a piece of writing, it’s almost certainly gone through some sort of editing process afterwards. It’s just as important as the initial content writing process, as it forms everything together in good structure and form.

The editing process, for me, can begin during the writing process, self-critiquing as I go to make sure the sentence makes sense. To break things down, as I write I’m thinking of the best word possible to deliver the message and read well.

LBM provide professional business social media management, and it’s my role as the Lead Writer to write good, readable content. Editing the work is important in this case to ensure the written work is of a high quality and put together well.

The editing process involves the following…

  • Editing
  • Drafting
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Identifying theme
  • Establishing purpose
  • Proofreading
  • Structure
  • Fact checking and research
  • Revising for readability

Once the piece of work has been looked over and checked for little things, such as spelling and grammar, it is my duty as the Lead Writer to decide what to remove. A good editor must be able to see good writing – to know what good writing is and know how to remove a line in order to improve the piece of work.

If the writer is a builder, the editor is the architect, looking over blueprints and making sure everything is structurally sound and fits together well.

Most companies require good quality content writing for their websites, brochures, internal magazines, or other pieces of copy. Therefore, it’s very important the writing is not only proofread and grammatically correct, but also factually correct. In business, when portraying yourself online, it’s extremely important to tell the truth, be correct and consistent. When handling clients’ data, it’s also very important to get it right the first time. Copywriters do more than write. They research and spend a lot of time doing this, delving into different industries to have a better understanding. The editing process involves making sure the research is correct so it can be good enough for the world to see.

The editing process works essentially by ensuring good writing is perfect writing. Mistakes are normal human errors and sometimes they are unavoidable. Editing the work afterwards will recognise these errors, fix them, make sure it all makes sense and is factually correct. To be a good editor you need an eye for both good writing and bad writing to be able to critique, and subsequently end up with a good piece of work to represent the brand as a whole.

Michael Holloway

Lead Writer

Written for Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert

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Confucius was a Daydream Believer …..

April 10, 2017 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

“All your dreams are made, when you’re chained to the mirror and the razor blade,” sang rock star, philosopher and Ivor Novello award-winning songwriter Noel Gallagher.









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Why Customer Service Is All About Personality

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Customer service usually makes you think of the banal interaction of buying and selling. The action of selling a product requires someone to interact with a customer, and essentially “serve” them. However, what puts the “service” in “customer service” is personality.

I spent seven years in the retail industry, providing excellent customer service every day. But it didn’t come naturally to me. Not at first. What I thought I knew about serving customers was far too basic and simple that it made my job boring and the customers’ experience uneventful. When I started my position in late 2011, I was nervous and had little to no idea of what to do or say to these people – essentially strangers to me – who were only there to purchase something. In a way, it all seemed so surreal an environment I could easily have been put off due to this clinical way of thinking of customer service.

I used to say Hello, just being polite, scan the items, bag them, take their money, give them their change, and say Bye. Simple enough, but the repetitiveness became robotic and boring and it wasn’t really going anywhere. It was just doing the job and nothing more. There was something missing. Something that I had already but wasn’t conveying: my personality.

When I say “my personality” I mean my personality, not just any old type of personality. I think that makes the difference. Everyone is different, and because there are myriad personalities, it makes meeting new people a good thing, a positive encounter, which ensures a fantastic customer service experience all round.

Some of the things I’ve learnt over the years which helped with my way of thinking…

  • Almost anything/anyone is interesting
  • The problem that happened might not be a big deal
  • No one’s out to get you/catch you out
  • We’re all kind of in the same boat together
  • Calm down and enjoy the day

These little tricks in how I think has helped me stay calm under pressure. It a necessity to remain calm in a customer service environment because so much is going on all at once and so many people will be vying for your attention. I’ve seen people working in the retail environment crack under the pressure, they panic and become very stressed. My trick was to stay calm and enjoy the day – if you lose enjoyment in the job, you end up hating your job. Most problems will eventually get resolved, so you should understand it’s not the end of the world. Because I remained calm for the majority of my tenure as a sales assistant, my personality shone through as someone who was professional, knew what I was doing and enjoyed the job.

My personality could be described as friendly with a blunt sense of humour, but I was always able to think on my feet. I think this conveys both the type of person I am and the ability to do the job. When I began utilising this and becoming aware of myself in my working environment, my personality shone through.

My interaction would still be Hello, but I’d talk to them and listen. I’d have a conversation and show genuine interest. Of course, it’s all down to selling the product. But if the customer had a good experience and basically liked me, they’d more likely come back and purchase again. That’s something I learnt while working in retail.

Customer service is all about personality because both the sales assistant and customer will have a positive experience of the interaction. This will make it more than just a banal exchange of product and money, but an actual human interaction that’ll grow from the employee’s personality to the company’s personality.

Michael Holloway

Lead Writer

Written for Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert

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The cult of being average …..

April 4, 2017 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

At the age of 12, Todd Rose was a high-school dropout struggling to support his wife and two small children. He was on state benefits and had worked his way through ten minimum wage jobs in two years.






Todd remembers his report cards at school which had a common thread and read, “He’s a little hyperactive and finds it difficult to fit in.”

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The Importance of Making Connections and Meeting People

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In any industry, you’ll more than likely meet many new faces on a day to day basis. Most people don’t realise how important these meetings can be, an initial connection can lead to many kinds of success.

Making connections and meeting people is a great way build yourself as a brand and allow businesses to grow. As a writer, it’s important I connect with many people in order to establish myself within the creative industry. Twitter is a good tool to use, as I can get hundreds of like-minded people to follow me and essentially know who I am, I can become very visible online where just about anyone can find me.

This is why social media is a fantastic method of making connections, and at Link Business Marketing (LBM), we do just that. Leveraging LinkedIn, LBM writes and manages these social media accounts for clients, making connections and eventually gaining successful business leads. LBM strive to reach and maintain profitable and sustainable business growth for all their clients.

Making just a small connection can grow into something else entirely. When I submitted a short story to a magazine, I was very happy to see my work in print. However, I noticed a spelling mistake. It wasn’t a big problem, but it just annoyed me because something like that can be easily prevented. I simply commutated back to them that I spotted this mistake in case they could amend it, but they then offered me a spot on their team as their proofreader. If I hadn’t made that connection with them, I wouldn’t have acted as their proofreader and would have missed out on some invaluable experience.

Many people don’t realise how important it is nor see the value in making connections and meeting people, as they just want to get on with their job and do what they do without any unnecessary distractions. Most of the time it won’t lead to much, but meeting just one person could potentially be life-changing. You just don’t know yet. It could lead to a new friendship, relationship, career or business opportunity.

The importance of making connections and meeting people is all about raising your profile and making yourself known to as many people as possible. You don’t know everyone. You don’t automatically know what they can offer you or what you can offer them. The main thing you can do is to make a good impression and get yourself out there, promoting yourself as a brand. I’ve always thought my name is an important aspect to me as a writer. The more content I produce, the more I’ll be known to people. The more people I meet, the more likely I could meet someone who could offer me a great opportunity or someone I could work with to produce something fantastic. If I can potentially build this for myself, by the time my career is ready to succeed to the fullest, I’ll be in a good position to achieve to the best of my abilities. Similarly, this works well with businesses, because as long as a business carries on making good connections, their success will reach the highest point possible.

LBM’s prerogative is managing and maintaining professional LinkedIn profiles for fantastic business social media via expert online visibility and eventually gaining good business leads. What we do is write professional profiles and make your online visibility the best it can be. This is the same logic as meeting people, as social media is the networking of the 21st century. It’s important to make these connections and build on relationships and networks online for businesses to achieve sustainable and profitable business growth.

This is why LBM offers a service provision to optimise online visibility to achieve sustainable business growth. By understanding the importance of making connections, we can help other clients reach that level of visibility and eventually good profitability.

Michael Holloway

Lead Writer

Written for Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert

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A horse and bull story …..

March 27, 2017 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

Rucci was born into a family of grape farmers, but was always much more interested in mechanics and engines.









Rucci realized that the productivity of his farm would be far higher if he had a better, more reliable tractor. So he decided to build one.

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How Volunteering Can Strengthen Your Position in Business

March 23, 2017 |  by  |  Business, Consultancy, Linkedin Blog

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Volunteering can strengthen not only your CV and LinkedIn profile, it can also strengthen who you are as a person, and subsequently your position in business. Among the abundant number of skills you will gain from volunteer work, it will give you the opportunity to make a difference in society while developing invaluable leadership qualities.

There are so many volunteering activities to take part in, either relevant to you as a person or something completely new. You could volunteer with children, the elderly, the disabled, you could help the homeless or help clean up public parks.

The volunteering I chose in late 2014 was to be a classroom helper at a primary school. As a writer who has worked several editorial and customer service roles, and having never worked with children before, this was completely out of my comfort zone. The reason I took this was, at the time, when I was debating on what career to take, I wondered whether I could make it as a teacher. So I did it. My experience there allowed me to make a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of these children; to manage my time in the structure of classes; to gain confidence; and to develop excellent leadership qualities.

Some of the main skills you can gain from a volunteering role can include…

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving and adaptability
  • Communication
  • Planning and prioritising work
  • Time management
  • Confidence
  • Interpersonal skills

Volunteering can help you gain confidence by giving you the chance to try something new and build a real sense of achievement. The actual sensation of achievement can come about from the fact that you’re not being paid to do it. It’s all in your power to choose to do it and gain something other than monetary payment. This makes it easier to see what you’ve gained from the role.

Many companies hire people on their experience and qualifications, but a key factor is also your other skills and abilities from your personal interests. This is a way for companies to suss you out and find out who you are as a person. Therefore, volunteering can fit in this section and will show you as someone who has gone out there and got things done but also with a good work ethic. Many companies who see that you’ve volunteered will see you in a positive light: someone who is willing to work, willing to help, and willing to forfeit monetary payment for the sake of the work, which they’ll see as someone who is willing to go the extra mile for the company.

Volunteering is a good way to strengthen who are as a person and your moral compass, and subsequently your position in business. Volunteering allows you to make a positive difference in society and have a real and valuable positive affect on people, communities and society in general. Meeting a variety of people means you’ll essentially be guided through to your position in business and ultimately strengthen it.

If volunteering can strengthen you as a person, it most certainly will strengthen your position in business. You’ll be able to challenge yourself, experience something new, learn new skills, and achieve a set goal. In this way, you’ll be putting your skills to use while developing new ones, strengthening yourself personally while placing yourself higher up on the career ladder.

Michael Holloway

Lead Writer

Written for Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert

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Running on plenty …..

March 20, 2017 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

At the age of 54, John B. Goodenough invented the lithium battery which powers all our smart phones, tablets and laptops – as well as electric cars.

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Success for Client of LBM: MSB Solicitors Staff Numbers Grew 30% in 2016

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Link Business Marketing (LBM) worked with MSB solicitors in 2015 – 2016 with regards to professional business social media – writing and managing their LinkedIn profiles. After a successful period where we researched SEO keywords, wrote the profiles and managed the accounts throughout the term, LBM strived, as usual, for sustainable business growth through leveraging LinkedIn.

This is why the team at LBM were pleased to hear MSB have appointed 5 new partners after their staff numbers rose by more than 30% in 2016, from the article in the Liverpool City Region Business Post (March 2017).

Our professional writer wrote 12 profiles for them and we managed them over the course of 24 months to ensure we gave them fantastic online visibility, while connecting to other members of LinkedIn relevant to the company.

Founded in 1988, MSB are a team of professional solicitors with a wide selection of expertise, ranging from serious crime to domestic violence and children’s issues. As the company grew, they’ve also seen an equal gender partnership with 7 female partners and 28 female solicitors, which is an excellent working environment for women.

LBM are a successful business growth consultancy who have worked with multiple clients from several different sectors. So, this is a fantastic achievement for MSB, and after LBM worked with MSB, we wish to extend our congratulations to them.

At LBM, we continue to strive for excellent business growth through expert business social media management and we are very pleased to have done business with them.

If you, your business or someone you may know would also like to benefit from LBM’s track-record of success in sustainable business growth through the leveraging of LinkedIn, then contact us and we’ll be happy to speak with you and offer you a consultation.

Michael Holloway

Lead Writer

Written for Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert.

LBM | 0151 647 1416 | t.s@elinked.eu | Tarran Road, Tarran Industrial Estate, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 4TU

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Should You Hire an Apprentice?

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It can be a difficult decision for employers deciding whether or not they should take on an apprentice and whether it will be a good investment for the business. The word “apprentice” is defined as “a person who is learning a trade from a skilled employer, having agreed to work for a fixed period at low wages”. If we break down this definition, we can analyse the pros and cons of hiring an apprentice.

“A person who is learning a trade”

Statistics show that 56% of apprentices are between the ages of 16 and 24. People at this age will usually have less experience in the working world, as they may have recently left school or college. An apprenticeship is a great way to get into the working environment while still remaining in further education. They will gain the experience of full-time employment, while studying for a course of their choosing. Apprentices will usually start their new position with limited knowledge of the sector they are working in but most are eager to learn.

However, on the other side of the coin, employers may see this as a risk. Employing a new staff member with little to no experience may seem like a liability for the business. Hiring an apprentice is a luck of the draw, while some may be more willing to learn and develop their skills, others are only there because they “have to be”. This can usually be prevented early in the interview stages so problems like this will occur very rarely.

“Agreed to work for a fixed period”

Not every apprentice is the same. While some are eager to learn and will work their hardest for the business, there may always be those few who aren’t putting the effort in. That is why apprenticeships are usually agreed for a certain period of time, usually one or two years. After the apprenticeship period, employers have the choice to either hire them again as a proper member of staff or move on without them. Employers are not obliged to offer a job at the end of the apprenticeship. In extreme cases, the employer will be able to let the apprentice go before their time, but this would have to be discussed with the apprentice’s agency beforehand.

At low wages”

One of the key advantages that employers consider when taking on an apprentice is the decreased cost. Apprentice wages are significantly lower than the minimum wage for standard employees, with apprentice wages being around half of the minimum wage. Apprenticeship costs are decreased due to employers normally having to pay some money into providing the education required, but in some circumstances the government are willing to pay the education fees. Even with the initial education costs for a business, hiring an apprentice will still be cheaper overall.

Above are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of bringing an apprentice into a business. While there may be a risk that they may be unproductive, they may in fact help to progress. So to answer the question at the top of this page, should you hire an apprentice? That’s entirely up to you…

Harrison Smith

Social Media Executive

Written for the Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert.

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The Tao of Bruce Lee …..

March 13, 2017 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

With his unique blend of martial mastery and metaphysical wisdom, coupled with his premature death at the age of 32, Bruce Lee is one of those rare cultural icons whose ethos and appeal remain timeless.

Many of Bruce Lee’s pearls of wisdom have their roots in Lao Tzu’s classic text, The Tao Te Ching which was written in 6BC.

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Kill by mouth …..

March 6, 2017 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

During our lifetime, we spend more time speaking to ourselves than we do to any other person.

Harvard psychologist Shawn Achor says that the most important conversations we ever have, are the ones that we have with our self. Primarily, because the relationship we have with our self influences the relationships that we have with others.

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Tips for a Top LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is known as the leading social network for B2B professionals. It is used to maintain an online business presence and communicate with people within your own business and other businesses. As the UK’s leading LinkedIn business growth consultancy, LBM know a thing or two about creating a top LinkedIn profile. Having a profile at such a high standard will help boost your search rankings straight above everybody else on LinkedIn. Here at LBM, we have compiled a few tips which, if followed, will send your profile straight to the top.

First ImpressionsTips for a top LinkedIn profile (1)

First impressions are everything. People always judge the book by the cover, so make sure that yours is attractive and inviting and the best that it can be. How your profile is initially seen could be the difference between being viewed and dismissed.

Always include a profile photo on your account, making sure that it looks professional. A professional photo can get you up to 14 times more views as business owners are not going to want to interact with people who keep themselves anonymous. Located next to your profile photo and name is your LinkedIn headline. Your headline is one of the first things that will be read as they appear in search results next to your name and job positon. You should use them to sell yourself and your skills, but remember, you only have 120 characters to use.

Having so much information about yourself online is useless if there is no way people can act upon it. Always remember to include your contact details on your profile. If somebody is interested in you and your services, they may want to get in touch as soon as possible.

The Devil is in the Detail

Once you have convinced somebody to actually view your profile, they’re going to want to have a look around before making any solid decisions. Only the best business people will carry out full due diligence before embarking on any business venture. They are going to want to learn more about who you are as a person and what experiences you have had in the past, as past experiences can indicate what type of person you are and influence decisions.

Your previous work experiences and educational history will give more insight as to who you are and may be that pushing factor that gets somebody to send you that connection request. Always try to have as much information on your profile as possible, despite how small and minute you might think it is. Just try not to make your profile a wash of text. Lines of text makes your profile look daunting to read over.  Adding media to your profile makes it more appealing for whoever views it.

If you add your skills onto LinkedIn, you can also increase your profile views by up to 13 times. Here you can showcase all your expertise to everyone. Once skills are added, aim to gain endorsements onto those skills. Endorsements add credibility from outside sources to vouch for your skills.

Connections Count

Certain members of LinkedIn will look at the number of connections that you have on your profile. If you have less connections, you are seen as having less credibility. Having 500+ connections helps to boost your chances of appearing nearer the top of search results.

If you grow your connections on LinkedIn, you will start to develop a professional network. These can be used to spread your reach across the platform, as you will have a larger number of 2nd and 3rd level connections. On LinkedIn, the average CEO of a company will have around 930 direct connections. Counting 2nd and 3rd levels that can equal a professional network of a couple of thousand.

If you’re looking to grow your network, using LinkedIn’s advanced search feature can help you find people in specific industries or positions that you may be able to work with. Narrow down your search even more by investing in LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator.

We hope that we have helped you understand how you could improve your LinkedIn profile. LBM know lots more about leveraging LinkedIn successfully for profitable, sustainable business growth, so feel free to contact us using the details below.

Check out our accompanying Slideshare presentation for more information.

Harrison Smith

Social Media Executive

Written for the Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert.               LBM Info

The Professor of Play says …..

February 27, 2017 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

Cambridge University thinks that play is such an important component of creativity and emotional well-being, that it’s hiring a Professor of Play.









Research shows that a playful mindset at work, free of the burden of office politics and inauthetic hierarchical posturing, significantly enhances creativity and problem solving.

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