Age like wine not milk …..

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There seems to be an ever growing number of keyboard warriors on social media.

Cyber bullies who are a colloidal carbuncle on the backside of humanity.












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How Does LBM Benefit You and Your Business?

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LBM Logo

Link Business Marketing’s aim is to help you leverage LinkedIn for successful and profitable business growth. Our team of LinkedIn specialists utilise all features that LinkedIn has to offer in order to help our clients businesses grow. We do this using different methods to gain the most traction possible for profitable and sustainable business growth.

LinkedIn ProfilesHow do we benefit you and your business-

LBM creates fresh, brand new LinkedIn accounts for your most senior-level workers, giving them high-quality, presentable and attractive LinkedIn profiles. With the information which you provide us, our LinkedIn specialists create the best possible scripts to upload onto the different sections of your profile. Scripts are sections of your profile which tell people all about yourself. Scripts can be about employment history, educational background, skill-sets etc.

LinkedIn profiles need to stand out against the rest. You want your profile to be the one that attracts other LinkedIn users to view it. You need your profile to sell yourself and sell the business which you work for. Did you know that 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions? Having that top profile may be the difference between making or losing the sale you were hoping for.

Key Words

When creating clients’ profiles, LBM’s LinkedIn specialists conduct research to discover what keywords would be most beneficial on your LinkedIn profile. Keywords maximise the chances of your profile appearing amongst the top search results on LinkedIn. The majority of people don’t even move onto the second page of results when searching online, so being right at the top of the first page will definitely increase the chances of potential business growth.

Over half (55%) of buyers search for the vendors they’re looking to buy from before making their final purchasing decisions. If they do their due diligence and cannot find your profile or your profile is only the bare minimum, some credibility might be lost and that is why it’s our aim to get your profile straight to number one.

Lead Generation

Businesses can’t run without clients and not all businesses have clients constantly rolling in. That’s why leads are sometimes needed as a way to start a potential business relationship. Our LinkedIn specialist utilise the advanced search function on LinkedIn to generate solid leads for you and your business, using only criteria you give us to find the right customers for you. These leads can open doors to brand new business opportunities, increasing your business growth.

Some businesses rely on leads to generate clients for business growth and use lots of different methods and tactics. LBM use LinkedIn’s premium service to get the most accurate and relevant leads for your business. 80% of B2B social media leads are generated using LinkedIn, so we know that it’s a reliable source for aiding business growth.

If you wish to create LinkedIn accounts for your business and employees or you just need some assistance with maintaining a current profile, LBM will be happy to help you.

Harrison Smith

Social Media Executive

Written for the Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert.


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Uncommon sense …..

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Despite being very clever Jan was, by his own admission, a trouble maker at school and quickly dropped out of college.








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You Learnt More From School Than Just Qualifications

February 9, 2017 |  by  |  Business, Consultancy, Linkedin Blog

Academic qualifications are impressive achievements. Many people spend years at college and university studying for their degree, which is the making of their career path. After school, I spent three years studying for a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and another two years studying for a Masters. But there is more to learn from school than just qualifications: social skills, self-control, motivation, focus and resilience, to name but a few.

My qualifications were some of my proudest life-achievements. But I know that they, alone, weren’t wholly responsible for moLBM Logoulding me as a person. Through school I learnt essential social skills, having an understanding of various types of people, knowing that everyone is different. I developed a sense of empathy, which gave me powerful communication skills, allowing me to communicate on different levels, as I know everyone is different. Facilitating interaction with excellent interpersonal skills is very valuable and very powerful – you can gain a lot from someone from an initial interaction, talking to someone on a personal, friendly level. To me, this also acts as respect. When you communicate effectively and you respect someone, you receive respect back – and that is a strong key to success.

In business, it is key to have good self-control. To be able to regulate your own thoughts, emotions and behaviour. I think that, when dealing with a variety of people: clients, customers, colleagues, high-end businesspeople, it is important to stay level-headed and in control of, not only the situation, but your own thoughts too. This is something that doesn’t come from a qualification. You learn this essentially from school, in interacting with different people in different classes. You would have felt under pressure for the first time in your life, which would have helped develop you to handle yourself, a maturity you can transfer to a professional level. An admirable attribute that will help you keep your cool, concentration and control your emotions in high-pressure situations.

As someone who works with words, writing content for LBM and our clients, I must keep my creativity going all the time. I could say I developed my creativity from studying English, but to be creative, you must also be focused. I had some good teachers in school and college, and they taught me to keep my focus while working on things. Put pen to paper, don’t get distracted, and using a kind of self-discipline to make sure the work gets done. This skill in focus is essential in the workplace, as businesses and even your own career (whatever that may be) will require a certain level of focus. Keep your eye on the goal and achieve what you set out to achieve. My qualifications didn’t set me up for that. I learnt that from my experience in the education environment, from my teachers, from working hard and paying attention from the beginning.

Other than qualifications, school gives you a certain resilience. It makes you tough. Gives you a thick skin. School isn’t always the happiest place for young people, it’s a time when you’d be uncomfortable and maybe a bit awkward, but it’s what came from that which matters the most. You would have learnt to be tougher, braver, confident and strong-minded than ever. That kind of ability can’t really be taught, but learnt and developed. It’s one of the best characteristics to have, to be strong in the face of adversity, unflinching in failure. This is why you learnt more from school than just qualifications, so you should always remember there are different experiences that make a successful person.

Michael Holloway

Lead Writer

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The life of Brian …..

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Whilst researching Supernovae as part of his post-doctoral research, 29-year-old Brian kept coming to the conclusion that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating.









But all the research at the time, by some of the world’s leading astrophysicists, came to the opposite conclusion, that the expansion of the Universe was decelerating.

So Brian spent the next few months trying find out where he had gone wrong, because as he says, “I was an apprentice astrophysicist with little experience, contradicting the best Professor’s on the planet. So I must have got it wrong.”

But try as he might, he couldn’t find a mistake.

So almost apologetically, Brian published his research, asking the world’s leading scientists to correct his conclusion.

However, despite years of trying, not one astrophysicist could dispute Brian’s conclusion.

In 2011, thirteen years after his research was first published, Professor Brian Schmidt was awarded the Nobel prize for Physics for “completely changing our understanding of the structure of the Universe.”

Brian now has his own group of research students and one of the first things he teaches them is the words of St. Augustine who some 1,200 years ago said, “Fallor ergo sum”, which translated is, “I err, therefore I am.”

Brian also tells his students that the most successful are not the cleverest, it’s those who are bold, not afraid to make mistakes, and who believe they are good enough.

So if you must doubt something, doubt your limits.



Here is one of the funniest scenes from the movie Life of Brian: Welease Woger













  • A Chinese man faked his own death, but his family were suspicious, they didn’t bereave him.
  • I tried to start up a chicken dating agency but failed, it was a struggle to make hens meet
  • The tiles, A, E, I, O, and U were discovered in a dead scrabble players stomach, vowel play is suspected.
  • A Mexican stuntman died while making a film, at the funeral his mother approached the director and said,
    “Jesus died for your scenes.”


Live big & love deep.


Moving minds l Transforming performance

How Does LinkedIn Benefit Young People?


According to research, the common demographic for LinkedIn are users between the ages of 30-49, with 27% of profiles accounting for this age bracket. This is a massive difference when compared to the percentage of users between the ages of 18-29, who only count for 15% of registered profiles.

As a young person, these figures don’t surprise me at all. Before my current position as a social media executive at Link Business Marketing, I had always assumed that LinkedIn was solely for big name businesspeople to talk and communicate amongst each other. I never knew about the potential that it could have for young people like myself.

When I got my job at LBM, the first thing I did was create a LinkedIn account; after all, I couldn’t work for a business that deals with it on a daily basis without having an account myself. The moment I created my account I learnt more about LinkedIn which gave me a better understanding of the business social media platform.

It instantly became apparent that it was more than just a platform for people to communicate and share content. LinkedIn can work as a full online CV which can be viewed by anybody whenever they want.

As a young person who had just left school, there wasn’t much information about myself that I could upload but could upload my full education history as well as a few other experiences that may aide my appearance to others who viewed my profile. I used my CV when beginning my profile to copy over some of the essential information onto my profile. I also took ideas from LinkedIn and added more information onto my personal resume.

With a full resume uploaded onto LinkedIn, I began to explore and navigate through the different features it offers. I discovered the option to follow lots of different people and businesses. I ventured through the lists and followed who and what I found interesting. As well as seeing posts from my own business, LBM, my feed is now also full of updates from companies I am interested in, keeping me up to date with any information they upload online.

Before my employment at LBM, I was signed up to numerous jobs agencies and organisations to help me get on my feet after leaving school. I never knew about LinkedIn’s job searching functions. You can search for positions in any area of work or any vacancies in companies of your choice. If you find a job you’re interested in, you can simply click to apply. It works very similar to the job websites mentioned, but personally I felt that it was more useful.

There are lots more features on LinkedIn which young people can use for their own benefit, but I thought that I would highlight some of the more important ones that I wish I had known about before my current position at LBM. It has limitless potential for young people but unfortunately, it’s only seen as a platform for businesspeople.

I never imagined that I would create an account back when I was in school, but now that I have I can certainly say that I will definitely keep it and use it throughout the rest of my working life.

Harrison Smith

Social Media Executive

Written for the Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert.


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OK Buster …..

January 30, 2017 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

Buster had a very big problem.









A Mike Tyson uppercut had just sent him crashing to the canvas at the end of the 8th round. Having staggered to his feet at a count of nine Buster was saved by the bell.

Coming in to the fight Tyson was an overwhelming favourite with an undefeated record of 37 wins with 32 knockouts.

The bell rang for the start of Round 9 and the world waited for the inevitable and another Tyson knockout. But despite a barrage of vicious hooks and uppercuts, Douglas somehow managed to stay on his feet, survive the round and land some blows of his own.

Miraculously, the tide was turning, and in the 10th round Douglas unleashed a heavy four punch combination which knocked Tyson down and left him unable to beat the referees count.

Douglas was crowned the heavyweight champion of the world.

In his post-fight conference Douglas revealed that he had made a promise to his mother on her death bed that he would win the fight. His mother had died 23 days before the fight. Despite Tyson’s intimidating record, Douglas said. “I didn’t know how I was going to win the fight, but I knew I was going to win because I had promised my mom.”

Research by the author and neuroscientist Professor Richard Restak, shows that when we have an all-consuming purpose and reason for doing something, the limbic part of the brain overrides the neocortex. The neocortex rationalizes that it’s time to stop being punched in the face, and wants you stay on the canvas and be defeated, but the limbic brain evokes a dominant fight response.

Also, the adrenalized nature of a purpose driven limbic response means that we’re far less likely to see problems and feel pain, and are more likely to see possibilities and potential.

Hence a mother running back into a burning building to save her child, and a daughter lifting up a one-and-a-half-ton car a few inches so her trapped father can escape.

When your “why” resonates with your soul, the “how” tends to appear.



  • I thought it was the tumble dryer that shrank my clothes. Turns out it was the refrigerator.













  • An old couple are at church, when the wife leans across to her husband and whispers,
    “I’ve just let out a silent fart, what should I do?”, to which he replies, “change the battery in your hearing aid”.
  • The writer of ‘The Hokey Cokey” song has died.
    It was a struggle getting him in the coffin.
    They put his left leg in, then the trouble started.


Live big & love deep.


When Are the Best Times to Publish on Social Media?

January 26, 2017 |  by  |  Business, Consultancy, Linkedin Blog


When using social media websites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, you need to regularly post out content for your audience so that you can frequently engage with them and spread brand awareness.

However, there is no point in posting content when nobody is going to see it. Every social media site has their own peak times when posts will get the most views and engagements. Therefore, we at LBM have worked out using various sources the best times to post your content online.

The following are only guidelines for when to post content but Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert has greatly benefitted from scheduling his posts in relation to the research carried out.


LBM recommends posting content onto LinkedIn at around 5pm in the UK. It has been found that a peak time for LinkedIn usage is near this time.

This is because at 5pm, workers in the UK will be getting ready to leave work. As the day draws to a close, some employees will check their LinkedIn feed whilst they still have the working mind-set, and then won’t check it again until the next day when they are in work.

If you’re aiming for a wider reach, 5pm is also the best time to be seen by people across the pond in the US. With the UK/US time difference being 5 hours, when we post on social media before we leave work, Americans will have begun their lunch, another popular time for people to be checking their social media accounts.

Facebook & TwitterSocial Media Publishing Times

LBM has found that posting times for content onto Facebook and Twitter are somewhat similar. Whilst it is suggested to upload updates onto Twitter at 12pm, Facebook posts appear to get the most responses at 1pm.

Social networking sites get increased visitor numbers due to it being lunchtime. Whist people are having their lunch and taking breaks, they will be scrolling through their feeds. This is the perfect opportunity to send out your post so that it can be seen during this user high.

As the day continues the next best time for content publishing is mid-afternoon, around 3pm. 9-5 workers will normally take breaks during the hump of their working sessions, which happens to be near 3pm. Posting content during this hump will help reach the wider audience of users that are all checking their Facebook or Twitter at the same time.

The infographic provides a clear guide as to when to upload your content onto sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. For more information regarding how you could use LinkedIn successfully, feel free to contact Link Business Marketing.

Harrison Smith

Social Media Executive

Written for the Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert.

I can’t hear you …..

January 23, 2017 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

Psychologist Dr. Oliver James said, “If you want to live a full and fulfilled life, do your own thing on your own terms.”

The reality, however, is that the vast majority of people want us to confirm the validity of their beliefs by conforming to them. This is particularly true of most bosses.

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One night at a time …..

January 16, 2017 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

It’s been proven that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is very good for the body, but now research at The Human Performance Institute in Florida has shown that Zero Intensity Interval Training (ZIIT) is very good for the mind.


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5 Things Successful People Do Differently

January 11, 2017 |  by  |  Business, Linkedin Blog


Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert, didn’t get to where he is today with luck and waiting around. He has been committed to pushing
his way to the top, working hard every step of the way in order to become the successful MD of Link Business Marketing. Along with many other successful people, Dr. Mark D. Yates follows a few basic rules which have got him to where he is today.


  1. Set Goals

You wouldn’t drive without knowing your final destination, so why would you begin work on a business without aiming towards a specific outcome at the end?

Many successful people started with a simple goal that they aimed to achieve. They started with a vision of where they will be in the future and worked towards that vision. If you have no true goal to aim for, you will find yourself stumbling forward with no real sense of direction.

Dr. Mark D. Yates has a clear goal he aims towards, helping him make informed decisions regarding his business. He knows what needs to be done, and how it can be accomplished, avoiding any regrettable, ill-informed decisions.


  1. Prioritise

Have you ever had so much to do but you don’t have the time to do it all? Do you rush everything to try and get it all done but to a lower standard? Put off the work for another day?

The best course of action when you find yourself in this scenario is to prioritise your workload. Analyse the work you have and organise it in order of how valuable it will be towards the goals you have set yourself.  Many successful business owners follow the 80/20 rule. This is the rule where by 80% of your business success, comes from a small 20% of your work.

When looking at his workload, Dr. Mark D. Yates analyses what will benefit his business the most, and work towards that 80/20 rule. He focusses on completing one large task in one day instead of completing lots of smaller tasks in the same time period as it is more beneficial to him and his business.

  1. They Aren’t Afraid To Say No

It can feel awkward or rude to say no to somebody. But it’s counter-productive, saying yes to every offer, pitch or sale you are presented with? That can overwhelm you with things you will cannot handle. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to say no.

I’m not saying that you should say no to every offer you are given, just that yes isn’t always the best choice for everything. Take your time when considering your next business move. Being successful means that you have to trust your gut instinct, which means if something doesn’t seem right to you, just say no.

Throughout his career, Dr. Mark D. Yates has had to say no to numerous offers, applicants and projects. He does this because when they would not benefit him and business towards success. Saying no may seem harsh, but sometimes it’s the best course of action.


  1. Take Care of Themselves

How many times do you take your laptop home with you and work through to the early hours of the morning? Have you ever skipped your lunch in order to finish the work you were doing in the morning? These can take your energy and ultimately affect the quality of the work you are producing. What is the point of working all day if the work is not the best it can be?

Successful business people always make sure that they have their down-time in order to relax and regain their energy. They understand the importance of looking after themselves, giving themselves the ‘me time’ that they deserve. Working too much can really affect all aspects of your life, you can end up feeling fatigued, stressed or demotivated due to the massive workload you set yourself.

Dr. Mark D. Yates never overworks himself, knows when to take breaks, and how to look after himself. He makes sure that he has plenty of time to himself to rest and do things other than work. If you want to be successful, you need to be in the right mind-set in order to work to the best of your ability.


  1. Take Risks

Do you ever wish you had responded differently to a situation, wondering to yourself where you would be now if you had acted differently? Perhaps it’s time that you take a few risks to help progress you towards your goals.

Not every business venture you take is going to be successful. But how do you know that unless you try? Whilst you might not be sure what direction to move in, sometimes you need to take the risk and see what happens. To be successful risks need to be taken, otherwise you will be stuck where you are with no means of progression. Of course some risks may not work out for the best, but you will still gain the experience which you can reference for later decisions.

Dr. Mark D. Yates needed to take risks in order to develop LBM as a business. If risks weren’t taken to target specific clients or start particular projects, I may not be writing this article now. Risks are what’s needed to add a competitive edge to a business and develop them as a whole.lbm-logo

Dr. Mark D. Yates didn’t become a successful LinkedIn Expert’s Expert overnight. He worked hard, following these simple rules to get him to where he is today. You can do that do. Take knowledge of what you have read and you too can be successful.

Harrison Smith

Social Media Executive

Written for the Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert.

Nauseatingly vacuous …..

January 9, 2017 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

The New Year has brought with it the usual tsunami of nauseatingly vacuous motivational quotes, banal self-help clichés and inane personal development truisms.









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How to Grow Your Business by Levering LinkedIn

December 21, 2016 |  by  |  Business, Linkedin Blog

It’s always important I meet new people. I’ve always been able to network, since I was in university meeting authors and editors, and in work meeting managing directors and marketers. The best way I’ve found to connect to these people and keep hold of that relationship is through leveraging LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Advisors will tell you about the importance of putting the effort into making a LinkedIn profile, as it acts as an online resume. This is business social media, where your profile is made for a specific reason: to grow your business. According to a recent study, 40% of users check LinkedIn daily, so it’s definitely worth the time and effort to create and update your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Corp. logos are arranged for a photograph in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, Oct. 28, 2013. LinkedIn Corp. is expected to release earnings figures on Oct. 29. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A LinkedIn Expert will build their LinkedIn connections to 500 or more and you should too. This isn’t just about credibility, but it’s the best way to utilise LinkedIn’s 1st and 2nd level connections to find more people relevant to you and your business. The average CEO has 930 connections, which just shows how important these connections are. Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn expert’s expert, has saturated his connections with a total of 30,000. As a LinkedIn expert, he can use these connections to search for potential business partners and clients through his connections.

The skills and endorsements section of your LinkedIn profile is where you get to show off your talents and expertise to whoever views your profile. A person who lists their skills on their profile can get up to 13 times more views that people who do not. LinkedIn allows its users to upload up to 50 skills onto your profile. If you’re having trouble thinking of 50 skills, LinkedIn Advisors will give you tips and advice for the best response from other LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn Endorsements from clients or those you’ve previously worked with are an essential part of your LinkedIn presence. These are genuine credibility from other people saying how good you are at certain skills you have uploaded. In total, there have been 1 billion endorsements on LinkedIn by October 2016 and prospective clients are likely to read your endorsements before reading your entire Profile.

You can grow your business by also using your LinkedIn Home Page to share valuable information with connections. This is the main form of social media interaction for LinkedIn. LinkedIn Experts suggest sharing information about your company or simply posting articles onto your homepage. These promote your business and its overall personality in a positive way.

For further information regarding leveraging LinkedIn for your own business growth, please contact Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn expert’s expert.lbm-logo

Michael Holloway

Lead Writer & Social Media Executive

Written for the Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert.


Warren Buffet’s advice for 2017

December 19, 2016 |  by  |  Humour, Linkedin Blog

Worth over $75Billion and considered to be one of the world’s most successful investors, Warren Buffet was asked what his advice is for being successful in 2017.

His answer was to say that Xmas cards should not just be for Xmas but should be for the whole year.








You see, Buffet writes a letter or a handwritten note most days which typically includes a line of gratitude, or a few words of praise.

Buffet says that whether its business or pleasure, ultimately everything is personal.

And it’s the businesses and people who endear themselves to others, that are the ones which will endure.

Mike Flint – Buffet’s personal airline pilot – says that Buffet loves deep conversations and is more interested in hearing about your childhood, what makes you mad, what makes you laugh and what makes you cry than talking all things investment.

As Buffet says, “Trust grows not from reason, but from the heart. How people feel has more binding power than how they think. Besides, life is so much fun when you’re trusted and worthy of trust.”

So don’t just communicate, connect.


  • It’s so cold outside I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets.
  • I’m seriously contemplating marrying me ex-wife. I hope she won’t realize that I’m just after my own money.
  • I grew up in a rough part to town.
    The local yobs used to cover me in chocolate and cream then put a cherry on my head.
    Life was tough in the gateau.













And finally, thank you so much for letting me into your Inbox this year.

I’m truly humbled and grateful that my musings are worthy of your attention.

See you on 7th Jan.

Have a very,














Live big & love deep.


Quay Business Forum – 14th December 2016

December 15, 2016 |  by  |  Business, Consultancy, Linkedin Blog











Early one December, Wednesday morning while it was still dark, I met my colleague, Chris, outside 4748 Hamilton Square before Dr. Mark D. Yates’ talk on how leveraging LinkedIn can help with business growth. It was one of those mild mornings – dark, wet – five minutes from the LBM office, and I was conscious of first being too early, then too late, after the parking meter swallowed up £2 without a ticket, but we walked in at exactly 8:00am as the clock tower gonged.

We met Mark as we walked in and there were already people standing around, talking, drinking coffee. I collected my name badge. MICHAEL HOLLOWAY – LINK BUSINESS MARKETING. There was a definite atmosphere in the room: professionals, business people, IT, Accountants, etc. It was interesting to meet so many people, handshake here, handshake there, and showing my own knowledge of LinkedIn to the old adage: ‘No one really uses LinkedIn. I use Facebook though.’

I said, ‘Well, LinkedIn is the best form of social media for business owners. One of the best social media for individuals is Twitter because it’s personal and direct, but Facebook is mainly for small social groups, which makes it hard to expand outwards. LinkedIn is the best form of social media for businesses because it’s mainly for people looking to do business.’

Chris, Mark and I meandered through the crowd and walked outside, across a patio, and into a detached building where about 50 – 60 chairs were set up with a screen projecting LBM and Quay Business Forum’s logos and a long, white table-clothed table at the back (where the coffee and bacon sandwiches would later go).

Ten seconds into the talk everyone was on the edge of theirs seats and holding their breath. That’s because Mark told everyone to do that – edged forward and holding their breath for ten seconds – there was laughter and the atmosphere eased. A good ice-breaker. I could see from the back everyone was still slightly edged forward, listening to Mark speak. Who, he asked, has actually made money from utilising LinkedIn? Six hands went up. But, he then pointed out, that’s 6 out of 40 people in the room. It shows that 85% of people in the room can benefit from LBM’s services, and that it can definitely be done. He stated that 61% of business users utilise LinkedIn for leverage. LinkedIn is the largest B2B & B2C platform.

Several questions popped up on the PowerPoint projected on the screen in front. Some of them were…

Q.1 Why haven’t I made money from using LinkedIn?

  1. You must have an understanding of what you do. Which is an obvious statement, but necessary. If you get right down to the specifics of what it is you do to be able to talk about it on an individual profile and direct it towards people who would be directly interested, changes will begin to happen.


Q.2 Why should I embrace LinkedIn?

  1. It’s an investment. You need to allocate some time and money into something to gain it. LBM make LinkedIn work for businesses and we make it work really well. But you have to invest in it first to see the potential. To see your business grow.


Q.3 How can I achieve long-term, sustainable growth?

  1. Focus. That’s one of the main keys to this. If you focus on who you’re targeting, you’ll achieve much more. Which is why LBM exists – to help businesses achieve this. Mark then made an analogy: if you chase two rabbits, they’ll escape. If you focus your time and energy on one, you’ll get it and succeed.


After the talk, we all headed to the back where the coffee and bacon was. I met several people and promoted LBM on a more personal level. I’m the Lead Writer, I told them, and talked about how I write the profiles and the creative process I enter whilst writing these profiles for our clients.

Once the morning was over, we headed back to the LBM office, five minutes away, around the corner.

We strongly recommend any businesses in the Merseyside area contact us on 0151 647 1716.


Michael Holloway

Lead Writer & Social Media Executive

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