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LinkedIn is an incredibly useful tool for any professional purpose, although many people aren’t aware as to just how useful it can be, and it is for this reason that our independent LinkedIn consultancy team offers LinkedIn training courses to people who want to get the most out of LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Advice #1: Strong profile

As the first impression someone on LinkedIn is likely to have of you, it’s important to keep your profile up to date and to make sure it showcases as much professional information about you as possible. Write a summary section detailing what kind of person you are, and an experience section detailing your job and/or previous jobs. There are a number of other sections to your profile, such as causes you support and non-profit interests so fill in as many of them as you can so they you’ll be found easily on searches. Hire a LinkedIn expert such as Dr Mark D Yates to aid you with profile writing by using all of the techniques necessary to make your profile rank as high as possible on all relevant searches.

LinkedIn Advice #2: Connecting

One of the best ways to find new connections is through the advanced search feature. This feature allows you to conduct very specific searches, including the ability to search for particular locations, job titles, industries and skillsets. You can also choose whether to search for connections, 2nd level connections (mutual connections) and 3rd level connections (mutual connections’ connections). It might be a good idea to search for mutual connections to ‘get introduced’ to them easily by your connections. You can also hire a LinkedIn expert to compile a list of leads for you to connect to.

LinkedIn Advice #3: Updates

Always post regular updates to your connections’ activity feeds. This is to encourage interaction between you and your connections, important for whatever reason you’re on LinkedIn, whether it be for networking, job seeking, advertising or for any other professional use. It’s useful to post out links to your website as advertisements, or try to increase your followings on your other content such as blogs, and post out articles to start conversations about relevant or trending topics. Our independent LinkedIn consultancy professionals can also help you write and post out regular updates to your audience.

I recommend you also use sponsored updates as well, to have your advertisements show up in non-connections’ activity feeds. You can hone in on specific people, similar to the advanced search, with options such as gender, age, location, job title and industry to choose from.

LinkedIn Advice #4: Company page

For businesses, a business page can be one of the most useful things on LinkedIn for advertisement and engagement. You’re given the chance to showcase your company by writing a summary about it and detail the company’s specialities. You can also add a banner and your company logo to the page to make it more visually appealing. Gathering a following for this page will allow you to promote your brand to a large audience, and interact with them, building up relationships. Our LinkedIn training courses can aid you in learning how to make your company page stand out, both visually and in content.

LinkedIn Advice #5: Job postings

For job-seekers and recruiters, there’s a section dedicated to allowing you to post and search for vacancies. LinkedIn speaker Dr Mark D Yates recommends this as one of the best ways of finding the perfect job for you, or finding the perfect employee for a particular position. Recruiters can have their vacancy advertisement posted for up to 30 days, and responses are usually quick. Job-seekers can search for these vacancies by their industry, job title, location and seniority. They can then send their CV to the potential employer and also connect with them, creating the opportunity to interact with them before interview stages, providing them with a much more personal way to find people for vacancies.

LinkedIn Advice #6: University rankings

On LinkedIn, Universities are ranked on how good they are for getting people into specific career paths. LinkedIn does this by finding the top companies a person in that career works at and seeing which universities they went to, and then found out the percentage of former students from the university that have landed these top jobs. You can search for what you want to study, where you want to work and where you’d like to live, as well as what you want to do. LinkedIn then shows you the best universities for these search terms. You can then view the University pages and examine the University for yourself.

LinkedIn Advice #7: InMails

The premium feature of InMails is something you’ll probably find extremely useful. It gives you the ability to send messages to people who aren’t in your connections list; InMail credits allow one InMail each. So, you’ve got the chance to reach out to someone you’re not connected to and make a good impression. When sending InMails, it’s important to include your contact details so that they can connect to you or email you. You’re very likely to get a response from InMails, since it’s such a personal way of contacting someone.


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