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Most people believe the word ‘abracadabra’ is a word used by conjurors and magicians when performing a magic trick. In truth, abracadabra is an Aramaic term which means, I will create what I say.

In its core format ‘Abracadabra Linkedin Business Growth’ is a very powerful concept. However achieving business growth from leveraging Linkedin and its 330 plus million business members is an elusive skill-set mastered by very few specialist Linkedin business growth consultants.

Given that Linkedin is the largest and most fertile business hunting ground on the planet, many business owners incorrectly feel that achieving profitable long term business growth without investing any real business social media marketing effort is okay.

In reality our Linkedin consultancy business does generate in excess of 90% of all our new business sales, leads, referrals, opportunities and 100% business growth brand awareness from Linkedin.

However this is only possible because we invest heavily in all of our Linkedin consultancy and Linkedin training services which we proactively promote via the Linkedin platform. We have 12 Linkedin business growth specialists working full time on our online marketing strategies and those for our business clients.

We attribute our Linkedin consultancy business growth success to the following…

Abracadabra – we create what we say.

95% of the new prospective Linkedin consultancy and Linkedin training clients I meet tell me they are either cynical, or sceptical, about whether this new-fangled business social media can help them achieve profitable business growth.

As I drill down through my initial Linkedin consultancy or Linkedin training consultation, which consists of 95% listening and 5% speaking, it inevitably  becomes apparent that most of the business owners are actually both cynical and sceptical in equal proportions.

And that’s okay as far as I’m concerned. I attribute this to the fact that they ‘just don’t know what they don’t know’ about Linkedin business social media. In much the same way as despite me researching every client I visit, I ‘don’t know what I don’t know’ about every clients specialist or niche sector business.


First reality check.

Linkedin is not some new-fangled concept. It’s been around for 11 years and continues its growth with wild-fire proportions.

Guess what the real reason for their huge global business success is?

You guessed it,… Abracadabra – they create what they say.

Linkedin have created the most powerful business network and business growth platform ever produced on planet Earth and they tell everyone that it is there for business owners to leverage.

Irrespective of which sector your business falls into, or how much of a niche sector it is, or where it is geographically located, everything and everyone you need to help you grow your business exists on the Linkedin platform.

However a very high percentage of business owners just don’t have the skill sets or Linkedin consultancy expertise to power drive their profitable business growth. Hence the need to retain a professional Linkedin consultancy or Linkedin training consultant.

Most clients tell me the following: “I’m on Linkedin and have been for some time. I know my business competitors are capitalising from it, but I don’t have the time, effort, energy or skill sets to mount a proactive business growth sales and marketing campaign. I just need a professional Linkedin consultancy or Linkedin training consultancy to develop and fully manage this service for me.”

These clients buy into our Linkedin consultancy fully managed service because of our Abracadabra mind-set. Therefore it’s essential for us to ensure, we will create, what we say.


Because providing any kind of business growth strategies aligned to Linkedin consultancy or Linkedin training is very much reputation led.

If you are a business owner, Investor, entrepreneur, business consultant, or a business growth advisor seeking cost effective proven business growth sales and marketing strategies, then you need to be aligning yourself with a Linkedin consultancy or Linkedin training specialist.

Or if you are just looking to increase your sales, referrals, business leads, visibility, brand awareness, or to identify complimentary new income streams, just adopt this one new business growth strategy for 2015 and Abracadabra…

Linkedin business growth will quickly materialise.


Dr. Mark D. Yates the CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd is considered a global business growth specialist & #1 Linkedin Expert from over 330+ million members’ world-wide. He helps business owners leverage Linkedin for profitable business growth & would like to help you grow your business. Contact him at: Tel: UK (0) 203 390 2013 or at: drmarkdyates@aol.com 
You can view his Linkedin profile at: uk.linkedin.com/in/drmarkdyates  
Dr. Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a global #1 LinkedIn consultancy business growth specialist, LinkedIn speaker, LinkedIn Sign & LinkedIn training instructor & CEO of Link Business Marketing Ltd. If you need to hire a LinkedIn expert to help you gain profitable business growth, contact him. Tel: UK 0203 390 2013 Email: drmarkdyates@aol.com, connect with him on LinkedIn & Twitter You can view & download his dynamic independent LinkedIn training program at: linkedinswat.co.uk.

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