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This Is Our Linkedin Experts Business Growth Mantra

 More Business Decision Making Connections = More Business Opportunities

And Opportunities Multiply When You Leverage The LinkedIn Business Platform


Link Business Marketing are a global independent LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn speaker and a hire a LinkedIn expert consultancy group. We deliver dynamic LinkedIn business social media strategies for business owners seeking to grow profitable long term sustainable businesses at a cost effective price.

If you are reading this you are probably doing so for one of the following reasons…

You are conducting research, intelligence and/or due diligence before you retain us as either your…

  1. LinkedIn consultancy and business growth partner
  2. LinkedIn training provider
  3. LinkedIn speaker for your business or corporate eventAbout Us LinkedIn Sign Business Card
  4. You are a business Investor looking to identify & hire a qualified proven LinkedIn expert
  5. You are researching us because you want to receive exclusive LinkedIn training for your career
  6. You want to work for Link Business Marketing as a LinkedIn consultancy business growth executive
  7. You’ve been tasked by your business to hire a LinkedIn expert like Dr Mark D Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert
  8. You would like to identify the LinkedIn consultancy formula for achieving long term profitable business growth
  9. Or, you are one of our LinkedIn training or LinkedIn speaker business competitors checking us out and looking for a better LinkedIn consultancy business model to help grow your business

It doesn’t matter to us whether you fit one, or all of the above criteria. What’s important to us, is that you recognise the value we place on our LinkedIn consultancy credibility.

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Link Business Marketing Credibility

Here’s what we are, and what we do…


And Finally

Link Business Marketing consider good ethical practices are more important than increasing our profit.

This is why we will always under promise and over deliver.

This is important for us to mention this, because it means you can instantly recognise what sets us apart from our few real LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn speaker and Hire a LinkedIn expert business competitors.

It also means you and/or your business staff can now utilise our LinkedIn consultancy and LinkedIn training as part of your continuous professional development training. Furthermore you will receive a globally accredited diploma, issued by one of the world’s largest accredited agencies.

World class LinkedIn training delivered by a world class LinkedIn consultancy and accredited by a world class academic accreditation body. It just can’t get any better than that, can it?

If you want to view further information about our LinkedIn speaker or our hire a LinkedIn expert client service delivery, or to ascertain whether our LinkedIn consultancy or LinkedIn training will help you grow your business, then just visit and read some of our LinkedIn case studies  or our LinkedIn blog

About Us

 Here’s What We Don’t Do…


If you want to be ultra competitive online today, you need to be where your customers are, and not even the most networking phobic sceptics can deny that Linkedin is the world’s largest and most fertile business hunting ground.

 Just Think About This For A Moment

The LinkedIn platform has over 350 million business interested members on their global platform. LinkedIn considers approximately 57% of these people are business decision making members.

By tapping into our LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn speaker or our hire a LinkedIn expert skill sets how can you fail to increase your business, profits, sales, leads, referrals, opportunities, brand awareness, recruitment and your proactive communications channel, when there are over 350 million business people all hanging out in the same place?

And the beauty of this phenomenal business hunting ground, is that LinkedIn keep frequently over stocking it with two new business members every second, of every day, 365 days of the year.

It’s a fail-safe business growth LinkedIn consultancy resource…

Providing you know how to leverage it, and how to capitalise from it.

Most business owners don’t, and that is why we formed Link Business Marketing which quickly became the most professional LinkedIn consultancy and LinkedIn training group outside of the USA.

We are passionate about helping business owners grow their business in a profitable long term sustainable manner from leveraging the LinkedIn platform, and its millions of business interested members.

So by definition, in its most simple guise; the most critical aspect for any LinkedIn business owner selling services or products to accelerate their business growth on LinkedIn is, you have to be found ‘super quick’ by very specific business owners who can influence a buying decision from you.

However, rather than overload you with ‘technical how to do LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn speaker or how to hire a LinkedIn expert’ we’d like to present you with the following overview which succinctly sums up the Link Business Marketing ‘About Us’ Backstory

LinkedIn Training

Link Business Marketing Ltd (LBM)  – The Back Story

Evolution of LBM –

Prior to 1997, the Link Business Marketing (LBM) founder Dr Mark D Yates had established world-wide recognition as a high risk special forces security specialist after working in 44 countries. He provided dignitary VIP protection services for royalty, presidential, wealthy business clients, C-Level corporate executives and entrepreneurs.

Five major TV documentaries were filmed and broadcast about his special forces training while protecting business owners in politically unstable countries. Being in close proximity to business owners and entrepreneurs in extremely stressful environments for long periods of time, enabled him to learn how business owners grew their businesses in super quick time frames.

It also provided him with valuable insights into identifying business owner’s needs in multiple business sectors, and how to service those needs from a business growth perspective. He quickly became business culturally aware and something of a business growth specialist.

His job was fraught with personal danger as he frequently locked horns with terrorists, organised criminals and mafia groups who regularly targeted him and his clients.

The American FBI recorded several credible death threats against him prior to his appearance as the chief prosecution witness in the world’s first post September 11th terrorist trial. al Qaeda targeted him for execution, as did the Russian Mafia and a Mexican drug cartel.

Despite being shot three times, surviving two improvised explosive attacks and numerous physical assaults, he never lost a client, or had a client under his protection injured or embarrassed.

He Attributes His Success To Five Things

1: Establishing a proactive global business contact network. – similar to LinkedIn consultancy networking.

2: World-class training. – similar to LinkedIn training.

3: Achieving ‘Expert Status’ in his sector. – similar to hire a LinkedIn expert

4: Staying ahead of business & market change/s. – similar to LinkedIn speaker roles.

5: Understanding risk and conflict associated with fast business growth.

In 1997 he was Head Hunted to become the CEO of a law enforcement, military & security special forces corporation in Alabama USA.

His company provided special forces training for dignitary protection teams world-wide. His personal speciality was protecting business owner clients in dangerous and hostile regions.

During this time he received his Doctorate in professional business studies and wrote two books and several one year training programmes. His articles were widely published internationally and he was broadcast through hundreds of global TV, media and radio stations.

He returned to the UK in 2003 to focus more on providing his special forces tactics to business owners looking to grow their businesses.

Coincidentally 2003 is the year that Linkedin was founded, and Mark quickly realised that this was a useful tool to help business owners grow and expand their business if they learnt about LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn speaker and how to hire a LinkedIn expert.

In 2008 he pitched to the BBC Dragons Den. The BBC presenter stated that Mark commanded the full respect of all 5 Dragons. During the pitch, all of the five Dragons suggested he take his enviable list of global business contacts and his business growth expertise, and form a business growth consultancy business. Two of the Dragons stated they would have invested in him if he had pitched his consultancy idea.

The seed for LBM’s LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn speaker and how to hire a LinkedIn expert was carefully planted on the back of this advice.

Later in 2008 Mark was approached by a former entrepreneurial client who was the director of a global executive jets company. He knew of Mark’s expertise in facilitating business growth from tapping into his business connections. He retained Mark to build a similar business social media platform to Linkedin, which he wanted to seek investment for, once fully operational.

Mark invested 18 months full time service to this speculative business opportunity. He spent several hours every day reverse engineering the Linkedin consultancy platform and bringing the specialist business management teams together.

It was midway through this period that Mark had an earth shattering Epiphany. Although Linkedin was growing with wild-fire proportions, no one appeared to be leveraging the millions of business owners to facilitate profitable business growth.

And no one appeared to be really focussed in investing in a professional independent LinkedIn consultancy to deliver LinkedIn training, a LinkedIn speaker or how to hire a LinkedIn expert type of consultancy service.

Mark spent the next few years laying the foundations for LBM to enter the business market place and thrive.

Link Business Marketing was founded as a UK LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn speaker and how to hire a LinkedIn expert business growth consultancy company in late 2012 .

The LBM owners invested heavily in finance, resources, human resources and world-class staff and LinkedIn training. After 12 months trading it had gained significant LinkedIn consultancy business owners as clients and the work-force rose to 11+ full time LinkedIn training and LinkedIn speaker staff members in the UK office alone.

Partly due to visionary nature of the business and by focussing in on providing business growth from leveraging Linkedin consultancy and LinkedIn training, it also quickly gained first market mover advantage.

At LBM we like to practice what we preach, so everything you need to know about LBM and our staff can be found in our Linkedin speaker profiles including references, testimonials & LinkedIn training case studies.

Our staff all rank highly in several business sectors on the Linkedin platform.

Dr. Yates is recognised world-wide as the Linkedin Expert’s Expert. He has the maximum number of 30,000 1st level connections and 39+ million 2nd & 3rd level business connections. He has over 325 LinkedIn consultancy and LinkedIn training client, customer and associate written recommendations, and over 15,000 endorsements posted on his Linkedin speaker profile.

He is ranked on the Linkedin Advance Search facility as #1 Business Development Director, #1 Business Growth Specialist, #1 Linkedin Expert & #1 Security Expert from over 332 million Linkedin business members.

International clients fly Mark world-wide to provide either Linkedin consultancy, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn speaker services. Some global clients fly their staff members to the UK to consult with Mark on a hire a LinkedIn expert basis.

LBM have developed their own global email data base of over 1,200,000 Linkedin consultancy business members.

About Us

 Outlining Our Value Added Service                                                                                              

The primary focus of LBM is that of a business growth LinkedIn consultancy and LinkedIn training company. We have a laser focused approach to leveraging profitable business growth from the increasingly popular business social media platform of Linkedin.

Based on the principle of ‘old marketing methods won’t open all the new business doors’ LBM utilise smart stealth marketing tactics to help business owners achieve exponential business growth.

  1. Through our LinkedIn consultancy we identify new business leads, referrals and new sales opportunities available from leveraging Linkedin that many business owners are currently missing.
  2. Through our LinkedIn training we help reduce your business costs by utilising smart tactics to reduce your staff recruitment costs.
  3. If you retain our hire a LinkedIn expert, we can steer you towards joint venture & strategic business alliances to help expand your business.
  4. A LinkedIn speaker can best position you for a profitable ‘Exit Strategy.’
  5. If your business requires financial Investment, then a Linkedin speaker can offer lots of options.
  6. We promote your brand awareness after providing you with our LinkedIn training.
  7. Partner with a hire a LinkedIn expert and we’ll position you as one of the top specialists in your business sector.
  8. We position your business as an extremely attractive proposition to prospective customers.
  9. With our LinkedIn training we’ll increase traffic to your web site.

We provide all of our LinkedIn consultancy and LinkedIn training on a regional, national or International basis. Or all three if required.

LBM operates to Dr. Yates special forces operational ideology of establishing contact with major business decision makers and people of business influence, who can fuel a business owner’s growth. Every member of the LBM support team have been highly educated in our own LinkedIn training to an ‘expert proficiency status’ in business growth consultancy and LinkedIn consultancy business social media sales & marketing.

LBM understands that most business owners have no desire to move away from their business strengths to focus on achieving business growth from leveraging Linkedin consultancy. This is why LBM provide a fully managed LinkedIn consultancy and LinkedIn training service run over a 12 month period.

Everything that needs to be done for each business owner is carefully researched, developed, quality tested and managed by one or more of the LBM hire a Linkedin expert.

This commences with a one to two hour business growth LinkedIn consultancy session with Mark to identify elements of your bespoke business social media marketing plan. Particular emphasis is placed on identifying your current business needs and growth pains.

This is followed up by a one hour consultation with a qualified LBM LinkedIn speaker or LinkedIn research employee with each member of your business whose Linkedin consultancy profiles we are developing as part of your business growth plan.

Over 90% of all new LBM business is coming from Linkedin and we’d like to help you leverage it too.

I can tell you that everything, and everyone you need to grow a profitable business exists on Linkedin, and as the very best Independent Linkedin consultancy and LinkedIn training specialists in Europe and North America LBM we can lead you to profitable business growth at a very affordable price.

Here’s A FREE Business Social Media Tip For Business Owners & Marketing Managers

Whenever anyone visits you or your company and informs you that they provide a full business social media consultancy service for all the social media platforms, i.e. LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, You Tube, XING, USHI etc, etc…

WATCH OUT & TAKE A PACE BACKWARDS… because multiple ‘red flags’ will soon start slapping you in the face

You are most likely talking to a ‘Jack of all Trades’ and a ‘Master of None’.

It’s just not possible to provide the laser focus approach required to facilitate profitable business growth from tying to service multiple social media and other digital media platforms. Unless you have a multi million pound marketing budget.


If you and your business are looking for the most professional business growth consultancy to help you grow a long term sustainable business from leveraging LinkedIn then YOU’VE FOUND US.

Remember: This Is Our Linkedin Experts Business Networking Mantra

More Business Decision Making Connections = More Business Opportunities

And opportunities multiply when you leverage the LinkedIn business platform

Hire a LinkedIn Expert

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