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Do you know what a Linkedin HIT LIST is? Or how joining one can turbo-charge your business decision making connection base?

The truth is out there!

The quickest fix you can get for connecting with about 250+ top quality Linkedin networkers is to try & join a professionally run HIT LIST of Linkedin members.

I started the original HIT LIST a few years ago on Linkedin, not as a Linkedin group, but rather as a very select elite group of open networkers who would accept all invitations from, and help fellow Linkedin members.

I’ve been very selective in adding people to my HIT LIST which currently has approx’ 260+ Linkedin professional networkers, but I can honestly say I have refused HIT LIST inclusion to many thousands of aspiring members.

The main reason I’ve refused entry to so many is because, the applicants were clearly ‘takers’ and not ‘givers’.

For a professional HIT LIST to operate effectively, the leader has to factor for quality, rather than quantity. I make it clear to those I accept, that the key to business growth success on Linkedin is to give 90%, in order to receive a 10% return.

You may be aware of the explosion of Linkedin open networker mass email lists which dominate some of the Linkedin group posts and discussion threads.

You may have even been targeted by spammers who list your email address without your permission within their spammy mass emails.

Prior to acceptance every member of my HIT LIST has to provide me with their written permission to include them in my HIT LIST, and agree to me promoting their email address within my HIT LIST promotions through other Linkedin groups and discussion threads.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so it’s nice to see so many other HIT LISTS on Linkedin.

Every member of my HIT LIST reports they have received a substantial increase in their number of Linkedin connections since joining my HIT LIST.

If you would like to be considered for my HIT LIST then email me and add HIT LIST Enquiry in your email subject title. drmarkdyates@aol.com

Tough Talk – Cautionary Note:

Be advised although some of the HIT LIST, Open or LION lists circulating on Linkedin are legitimate, a great many are hijacked lists run by bogus recruitment agents and other types of spammers.

Top Linkedin Tip:

The easiest and most cost effective way to change your outlook and improve the effectiveness of your Linkedin business networking, is to embrace some professional training. Take a look at www.linkedinswat.co.uk for the most dynamic and definitive Linkedin business growth training programme in the world.

Best Linkedin Group To Join:

ONA ~ Open Networkers Alliance

Business Page Of The Week

The Walt Disney Company

You can click on the Follow this company link on the business page.

Best Three Networkers To Connect With:

julieyates57@gmail.com, karlweydig@gmail.com, ilanaeberson@yahoo.com,


When The Going Gets Tough – The Tough Get Going.

See you next time.

(You can join the Linkedin SWAT Corporate Programme at www.linkedinswat.co.uk

Connect with me Dr. Mark D. Yates at Linkedin

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