5 Top Secrets To A Successful Rosy Business

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Much has been written about the attainment of success for businesses, however many business related personnel have never heard the business management consultants phrase of ‘Rosy Business’.

In its basic format, this phrase is consultancy jargon for a newly developed business, or one which has been trading for typically less than 3 years.

A rosy business is one which has obviously survived the very high percentage of failed businesses and has attained some level of profitable business growth.

Many owners of rosy businesses have found that promoting their business via the medium of business social media networking helps maintain their aim of long-term sustainability.

Business Growth

Linkedin is without doubt the world’s largest and most powerful online business networking organisation with nearly 200 million members world-wide. With over a million Linkedin business sector related groups the opportunity to promote your business has never been easier or greater.

Typically in relation to business development, many business consultancy firms suggest that a rosy business generally finds itself positioned very firmly at the financial tipping point. Most businesses blocked at the tipping point generally seek outsourced consultancy expertise to drive their business into exponential business growth.

Historically most businesses strive for rapid growth in sales and profitability and therefore continuously look for business development and growth opportunities. With the availability of resources such as the Internet and proactive business groups like Linkedin, the world has literally shrunk into a global village and businesses have a tremendous potential to market their products to the entire world.

However, in order to succeed, every business organization needs to ensure that business performance parameters which reflect the overall condition of the business are healthy, or rosy in other words.

Many small and medium business enterprises today have an opportunity of working with large global business corporations which select their suppliers and business partners based on various business parameters which reflect the true picture of the business. Being a rosy business is all about maintaining healthy business parameters like financials, employee satisfaction, quality certifications and quality performance, commitment to protection of environment, safety etc.

It is necessary that the business organization is capable of demonstrating its commitments and efforts on all these fronts to its client organizations. Only those businesses that demonstrate their ability and commitment to maintaining healthy business parameters and continuous improvements in all business areas will succeed in growing their businesses.

A large number of business organizations engage the services of business management consultants for strategic business consultancy improvement initiatives which frequently include marketing strategies pushed through the Linkedin platform. Frequently they also get their management teams to go through different business training courses to ensure their teams remain business current and updated. Business consultancy firms provide vital inputs to business organizations in many different areas such as product and process quality improvement plans, lean manufacturing, lean supply chains and other important business functions.

Many business consultancy firms place increased emphasis on continuous improvements and process reengineering which has helped many small and large business corporations improve their business parameters to the levels comparable with those of the top world class corporations.

Rosy Business Top 5 Secrets To A Successful Business

#1 Business Vision

Most business consultancy firms and business management consultants suggest that without a business vision it is unlikely that the business would have achieved rosy status in the first place. Irrespective of the prior business vision it is wise to understand that if you have contracted an outsourced business or Linkedin consultant because you find your business is blocked at the financial tipping point, then you need proven business development and successful business management skills.

One of the first things a proven Linkedin growth consultancy specialist will outline is that the original thinking which got your business to where it is today, is unlikely to be the same thinking required to grow your business beyond the financial tipping point. One aspect to be considered for your senior staff is the provision of business training courses.

Rosy Business Top 5 Secrets To A Successful Business

#2 Business Growth

Implementing any aspects of business development and business growth is a major undertaking and one which should only be implemented after serious research and consultancy advice from one of the proven business consultancy firms.

If you are using www.linkedin.com then it’s wise to understand that not every business consultant is skilled in achieving business growth or the successful business management skills required to manage that growth.

Many professional business management consultants and Linkedin business growth specialists advocate that every member of the business team attend business training courses directly related to the business growth strategies planned for the business.

www.elinked.eu run specialist training programmes for business owners looking to achieve long term sustainable business growth by capitalising on the endless leads, referrals and business growth opportunities available via Linkedin.

Rosy Business Top 5 Secrets To A Successful Business

#3 Business Development

The provision of business training courses and the participation of every employee in the business, grants a bottom up, top down insight into the businesses new growth vision. Business consultancy firms and Linkedin business management consultants understand the difficulties of business development and the subsequent issues involved in successful business management.

Every business consultant providing business development consultancy knows that one of the most difficult aspects of turning a rosy business into a truly successful business is the change factor. Many directors and employees find change very difficult to cope with. This is widely accepted in Business consultancy firms, as taking people out of their comfort zone is always problematic.

Rosy Business Top 5 Secrets To A Successful Business

#4 Business Training Courses

Many business owners wince when business consultancy firms or business management consultants recommend business training courses. A number of small to medium business managing directors feel there is no need for business training courses, because they have personally never attended any business related training programmes themselves.

This is often a huge barrier to business development and company growth for a business consultant who probably knows that approximately 97% of all small to medium size business managing directors have received no business, or no academic business management training.

Many of these MD’s feel threatened by the fact that their workforce may become more qualified than them. Consultancy may map out your strategic business growth plan, but without providing professional industry specific business training courses and business social media training programmes for Linkedin they may be unable to provide ongoing successful business management.

Rosy Business Top 5 Secrets To A Successful Business

#5 Successful Business Management

It’s a fact that it is no use outsourcing to the best business consultancy firms or contracting the finest Linkedin business management consultants who deliver the most professional business training courses to kick start your business development, if your business does not retain a proven business consultant to implement successful business management strategies to ensure long term sustainable business growth.

Although consultancy is a great help in achieving business growth beyond the financial tipping point, it is no substitute for having a proven expert nurturing your successful business management.

Think of building the world’s greatest ever cruise liner, investing millions of pounds in the research, planning construction, fitting out and staffing the liner. Then stocking up on food and drink required for high fee paying customers, and then sourcing these customers. Finally after years of hard work and millions and millions of pounds investment the harbour master pilots the ship out of the harbour and then hands over control to a captain who has never sailed a ship before. It’s clearly a plan that is pre-programmed for failure; in fact it’s almost one of Titanic proportions.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

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